Treatise on Clock and Watch Making, Theoretical and Practical

John Fairbairn, 1826 - 476 pagina's

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Pagina 471 - Eclaircissements sur l'invention, la théorie, la construction et les épreuves des nouvelles machines proposées en France, pour la détermination des longitudes en mer par la mesure du temps...
Pagina 471 - Traité des horloges marines ; contenant la théorie, la construction, la main-d'œuvre de ces machines, et la manière de les éprouver, pour parvenir, par leur moyen, à la rectification des cartes marines, et à la détermination des longitudes en mer.
Pagina 316 - Before the introduction of railways, people used to set their clocks by the sun. But owing to the obliquity of the ecliptic and the eccentricity of the earth's orbit around the sun, the intervals between successive passages of the sun are not exactly equal. The consequence is that, if a clock keeps exact time, the sun will sometimes pass the meridian before and sometimes after twelve by the clock. When this was understood, a distinction was made between apparent...
Pagina 470 - Traite' d'Horlogerie, contenant tout ce qui est nécessaire pour bien connaître et pour régler les pendules et les montres, la description des Pièces d'Horlogerie les plus utiles.
Pagina 470 - Règle artificielle du Temps ; Traité de la Division naturelle et artificielle du Temps ; des Horloges et des Montres de différentes constructions ; de la manière de les connaître, et de les régler avec justesse.
Pagina 271 - Put a quantity of the best olive oil into a phial with two or three times as much water, so that the phial may be about half full. Shake the phial briskly for a little time, turn the cork downwards, and let most part of the water flow out between the side of the cork and the neck of the phial.
Pagina 164 - To three times the square of the radius of its base add the square of its height; multiply this sum by the height and the product by 0.5236.
Pagina 178 - Of late, another candidate for the application of the pendulum to a clock has been brought forward by such respectable authority, that leaves little or no room to doubt of its authenticity. Mr. Grignion informs us, " that a clock was made in 1642, by Richard Harris of London, for the church of St. Paul's, Covent Garden, and that this clock had a pendulum to it.
Pagina 471 - Les Longitudes par la Mesure du Temps, ou Méthode pour déterminer les Longitudes en Mer, avec le secours des Horloges marines...
Pagina 231 - There is only one way to do this, and that is by transferring all state power to the Soviets of Workers', Soldiers' and Peasants' Deputies both in Russia and in other countries.

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