Early English Poetry, Ballads, and Popular Literature of the Middle Ages: The Canterbury tales of Geoffrey Chaucer

Percy Society, 1848

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Pagina 131 - Or call up him that left half told The story of Cambuscan bold, Of Camball, and of Algarsife, And who had Canace to wife, That own'd the virtuous ring and glass, And of the wondrous horse of brass, On which the Tartar king did ride...
Pagina 174 - My brother shal be warisshed hastily; For I am siker that ther be sciences By whiche men make diverse apparences Swiche as thise subtile tregetoures pleye; For ofte at feestes have I wel herd seye That tregetours withinne an halle large Have maad come in a water and a barge, And in the halle rowen up and doun.
Pagina 193 - Bare of thy body (and dweltest maiden pure) The creatour of every creature. " Assembled is in thee magnificence With mercy, goodnesse, and with...
Pagina 261 - Thanne peyne I me to strecche forth the nekke, And est and west upon the peple I bekke, As dooth a dowve sittynge on a berne. Myne handes and my tonge goon so yerne That it is joye to se my bisynesse.
Pagina 264 - Thay daunce and play at dees bothe day and night, And ete also, and drynk over her might ; Thurgh which thay doon the devyl sacrifise Withinne the develes temple, in cursed wise, By superfluite abhominable. Her othes been so greet and so dampnable, That it is grisly for to hiere hem swere. Our blisful lordes body thay to-tere ; Hem thoughte Jewes rent him nought y-nough ; And ech of hem at otheres synne lough.
Pagina 104 - Mercuric, And of the songes that the Muses songe! To smal is bothe thy penne, and eek thy tonge, 1736 For to descryven of this mariage.
Pagina 162 - Thanne was he bothe in lordshipe and servage. Servage? Nay, but in lordshipe above, Sith he hath bothe his lady and his love; His lady, certes, and his wyf also, The which that lawe of love acordeth to.
Pagina 293 - litle canstow devyne The curious bisinesse that we have. For of us chapmen, al-so God me save And by that lord that cleped is Seint Yve! Scarsly amonges twelve, ten shul thryve, Continuelly, lastinge un-to our age. We may wel make chere and good visage, And dryve forth the world as it may be...
Pagina 134 - Accordant to hise wordes was his cheere, As techeth art of speche hem that it leere. Al be it that I kan nat sowne his stile...
Pagina 108 - But nathelees, considereth this," quod he, " Ther nys no werkman, what so evere he be, That may bothe werke wel and hastily. This wol be doon at leyser parfitly...

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