Parliamentary Papers, Volume 58


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Pagina 382 - An Act to give to Trustees, Mortgagees, and others certain Powers now commonly inserted in Settlements, Mortgages, and Wills.
Pagina 92 - ... by the Act passed in the session holden in the twenty-third and twenty-fourth years of the reign of Her present Majesty, chapter one hundred and...
Pagina 286 - Act, 1863," and the Acts amending the same. LXXXII. An Act for confirming certain Provisional Orders made by the Board of Trade under The General Pier and Harbour Act, 1861, relating to Alum Bay, Dartmouth, Ilfracombe, Penrvn, and Walton-on-the-Naze.
Pagina l - Expences which may have taken place or been paid, granted, received, or incurred, for and in respect of all Officers and Persons belonging to or employed in or by or in the Service of...
Pagina 510 - Account of the Number of VESSELS, with the Amount of their Tonnage, and the Number of...
Pagina xviii - Orders made by the Board of Trade under the General Pier and Harbour Act 1801 relating to Anstruther Deal Hunstanton and St.
Pagina 433 - Ireland may, at their discretion, with the consent of the commissioners for administering the laws for relief of the poor in Ireland...
Pagina 237 - March 1865, to the account of Her Majesty's Exchequer at the Bank of England and...

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