The Naval History of Great Britain: From the Earliest Times to the Rising of the Parliament in 1779. ... By Frederic Hervey, ... and Others. In Five Volumes. ...

William Adlard, 1779

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Pagina 122 - Much more, sir, is he to be abhorred, who, as he has advanced in age, has receded from virtue, and becomes more wicked with less temptation ; who prostitutes himself for money which he cannot enjoy, and spends the remains of his life in the ruin of his country.
Pagina 408 - Colonies in America, and to prevent the Erection of any Mill or other Engine for slitting or rolling of Iron, or any plating Forge to work with a Tilt Hammer, or any Furnace for making Steel in any of the said Colonies...
Pagina 396 - An Act to explain and amend an act made in the twenty-second year of the reign of His late Majesty King George the Second, intituled, ' An Act for amending, explaining, and reducing into one Act of Parliament the laws relating to the government of His Majesty's ships, vessels, and forces by sea...
Pagina 46 - ... the sinking fund would again amount to above a million yearly, which would be sufficient for paying them off, and freeing the nation entirely from all its encumbrances.
Pagina 223 - Spanish officers were seen running about with great assiduity, to prevent the desertion of their men from their quarters : but all their endeavours were in vain ; for after having, as a last effort, fired five or six guns with more judgment than usual, they...
Pagina 446 - ... with great and gallant Actions,' but ever accompanied with adverfe Gales of Fortune, that the brave, the worthy, and the good Man meets not always his Reward in this World. Fifty-eight Years of faithful and painful...
Pagina 221 - As he had not hands enough remaining to quarter a sufficient number to each great gun in the customary manner, he therefore on his lower tier fixed only two men to each gun, who were to be solely employed in loading it, whilst the rest of his people were divided into different gangs of ten or twelve men each, who were continually moving about the decks to run out and fire such guns as were loaded.
Pagina 84 - June following he was created a peer of Great Britain, by the title of Viscount Whitworth, of Adbaston, in the county of Stafford ; and in August succeeded the Duke of Richmond as viceroy of Ireland.
Pagina 450 - How eminently those were displayed, With what vigilance and spirit they were exerted In the various services wherein he had the honour to command, . . And the happiness to conquer, Will be more properly recorded in the annals of GREAT BRITAIN.
Pagina 301 - Willes, think ourselves obliged in honour, as well as justice, to make him satisfaction as far as it is in our power. And, as the injury we did him was of a public nature, we do in this public manner declare, that we are now satisfied...

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