The Poetical Works of Nicholas Rowe, Esq

E. Curll, 1715 - 371 pagina's

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Pagina 37 - ... plain, And see me laid low in the ground. The last humble boon that I crave, Is to shade me with cypress and yew ; And when she looks down on my grave, Let her own that her shepherd was true. "'Then to her new love let her go, And deck her in golden array, Be finest at every fine show, And frolic it all the long day; While Colin, forgotten and gone, No more shall be talk'd of, or seen, Unless when beneath the pale Moon, His ghost shall glide over the green.
Pagina 15 - CONGREVE. Though the gay Sailor and the gentle Knight Were ten times more my joy and heart's delight; Though civil persons they ; you ruder were, And had more humours than a dancing bear: Yet, for your sake, I'd bid them both
Pagina 13 - While in your early days of reputation, You for blue garters had not such a passion ; While yet you did not use (as now your trade is) To drink with noble lords, and toast their ladies ; Thou, Jacob Tonson, wert, to my conceiving, The cheerfullest, best, honest, fellow living.
Pagina 33 - What he has been, though present praise be dumb, Shall haply be a Theme in times to come, As now we talk of ROSCIUS, and of Rome. Had you with-held your favours on this night, Old Shakespear's Ghost had ris'n to do him right.
Pagina 20 - And fwiftly through the yielding air To 'Damon thee their goddefs bear, Worthy to be thy flave, and fit for thy command. Noble, and graceful, witty, gay, and young, Joy in his heart, love on his charmirg tongue.
Pagina 18 - Amidst his wants, a wretched life maintains; If thy rich juice his homely supper crown, Hot with thy fires, and bolder grown, Of kings, and of their arbitrary power, And how by impious arms they reign, Fiercely he talks with rude disdain, And vows to be a slave, to be a wretch no more.
Pagina 29 - When firft you took us from our father's houfe, And lovingly our intereft did efpoufe, You kept us fine, carefs'd, and lodg'd us here, And honey-moon held out above three year ; At length, for pleafures known do feldom laft, Frequent...
Pagina 24 - Mind. Whether the Tragic Mufe infpires thy Thought, To emulate what moving Otway wrote : " Or whether to the Covert of fome Grove Thou and thy Thoughts do from the World re("move, Where to thy felf thou all thofe Rules doft fhow, That Good men ought to praftice,or Wife know.
Pagina 5 - Back'd by his friends, th' invader brought along A crew of foreign words into our tongue, To ruin and enflave the free-born...

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