A Practical Treatise on Urinary and Renal Diseases: Including Urinary Deposits

Henry C. Lea, 1866 - 548 pagina's

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Pagina 5 - MEDICAL LEXICON"; A Dictionary of Medical Science: Containing a concise explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Hygiene, Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Surgery, Obstetrics, Medical Jurisprudence and Dentistry...
Pagina 1 - The printed prices are those at which books can generally be supplied by booksellers throughout the United States, who can readily procure for their customers any works not kept in stock. Where access to bookstores is not convenient, books will be sent by mail postpaid on receipt of the price...
Pagina 5 - The object of the author from the outset has not been to make the work a mere lexicon or dictionary of terms, but to afford, under each, a condensed view of its various medical relations, and thus to render the work an epitome of the existing condition of medical science.
Pagina 196 - Take of this bran powder three ounces, three new-laid eggs, one and a half ounces of butter, and about half a pint of milk; mix the eggs with a little of the milk, and •warm the butter with the other portion; then stir the whole well together, adding a little nutmeg and ginger, or any other agreeable spice.
Pagina 7 - Examiner in Physiology and Comparative Anatomy in the University of London. PRINCIPLES OF HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY; with their chief applications to Psychology, Pathology, Therapeutics, Hygiene, and Forensic Medicine.
Pagina 1 - In asking the attention of the profession to the works advertised in the following pages, the publisher would state that no pains are spared to secure a continuance of the confidence earned for the publications of the house by their careful selection and accuracy and finish of execution. The...
Pagina 13 - DR. WILLIAMS, FRS PRINCIPLES OF MEDICINE: An Elementary View of the Causes, Nature, Treatment, Diagnosis, and Prognosis, of Disease. With brief Remarks on Hygienics, or the Preservation of Health. The Third Edition. 8vo. cloth, 15s.
Pagina 13 - FRS, & EDWARD H. SIEVEKING, MD Assistant Physicians and Lecturers in St. Mary's Hospital, London. A MANUAL OF PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY. First American Edition, Revised. With three hundred and ninety-seven handsome wood engravings.
Pagina 13 - ELEMENTS OF PATHOLOGICAL ANATOMY. Third edition, thoroughly revised and greatly improved. In one large and very handsome octavo volume, with about three hundred and fifty beautiful illustrations, of which a large number are from original drawings.

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