Games and Bereavement: How Video Games Represent Attachment, Loss, and Grief

Transcript Verlag, 2018 - 273 pagina's
How can videogames portray love and loss? Games and Bereavement answers this question by analyzing five videogames and conducting a participatory design study with grievers. Sabine Harrer offers both theoretical and practical perspectives on videogames and grief and suggests a design model for videogames to include grievers into game development. Overall, she explores how videogames can be used as a contemporary medium for personal storytelling.

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Over de auteur (2018)

Sabine Harrer teaches game design at the University for Art and Design (BTK) in Berlin. As a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, she has created experimental games and performative play experiences since 2014. Previously, she worked as a lecturer in media and game studies at the University of Vienna and at the IT University of Copenhagen. She was also a research fellow at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. In her work, she blends cultural studies and game design to explore the workings of human experience, social power, and modes of intimacy.

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