The Private Journal of the Marquess of Hastings, Volume 2


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Pagina 391 - RECOLLECTIONS of a WINTER CAMPAIGN IN INDIA, in 1857—58. By CAPTAIN OLIVER J. JONES, RN With numerous illustrations drawn on stone by Day, from the Author's . Sketches. In 1 vol. royal 8vo, 16s. TWO YEARS IN SYRIA. Ry T. LEWIS FARLEY, Esq., Late Chief Accountant of the Ottoman Bank, Beyrout. 12s. DIARY of TRAVELS in THREE QUARTERS OF THE GLOBE. By an AUSTRALIAN SETTLER. 2 vols, post 8vo, 21s. MOUNT LEBANON and its INHABITANTS : A Ten Years...
Pagina 326 - A time not very remote will arrive when England will, on sound principles of policy, wish to relinquish the domination which she has gradually and unintentionally assumed over this country, and from which she cannot at present recede.
Pagina 331 - Scindiah would not only be a great pecuniary gainer by the exchange, but that he would acquire a tract which actually connected itself with his old possessions, and would be exclusively his, the Maratha negotiator denied that the circumstance of sole occupancy could be an advantage to his master equal to what the maharajah enjoyed by his copartnership in the Boondee district.
Pagina 326 - The cause lies in this, that the perpetrator has no conception of the atrocity of the act. Let this be the answer to those who contend that it is unwise to disseminate instruction among the multitude. Absence of instruction necessarily implies destitution of morality. God be praised, we have been successful in extinguishing a system of rapine which was not only the unremitting scourge of an immense population, but depraved its habits by example, and inflicted necessities, while it stood an obstacle...
Pagina 124 - Sahib was not difficult to be worked upon. He is confirmed in his legitimate power, and he is ensured against the adoption by my professing to consider Parsoji incapable of the volition necessary to the act.