29. At St. George's, Hanover-square, esq. of Marlston-house, Berks, to the hon. Geo. M. Fortescue, second Mary Diana, dau. of Welsh Hamilton, son of earl Fortescue, to lady Louisa Bunbury, esq. of Cranavona, co. CarEliz. Ryder, youngest dau, of the earl low, of Harrowby.

31. At Carham, J, Hodgson, esq. of Elswick, Northumberland, to Isabella, dau. and co-heiress of the late A. Compton, esq. of Carham Hall.

Lately. At Paris, Francis Baring, esq. M.P. to Mademoiselle Clair, daŭ. of the duke of Bassano.

At St. James's, F. Angerstein, esq. to the hon. Charlotte Sophia Blayney.


1. The viscount Dillon, to Lydia Sophia, dau. of P. L. Storey, esq. of Tusmore House.

2. At the British Embassy, the right hon. Geo. lord Rivers, to the hon. Susan Georgiana Leveson Gower, eldest dau. of viscount Granville, ambassador to France.

4. At Newton Kyme, the rev. Thos. Hart Dyke, second son of sir Percival Hart Dyke, bart. of Lullingstone Castle, Kent, to Eliz. second dau. of Thomas Lodinston Fairfax, esq. of Newton Kyme, Yorkshire.

5. At Woolborough, P. Pearce, esq., solicitor, of Teignbridge-house, Devon, to Amy, dau. of the late rev. R. Bradford, of Newton-abbot.

7. The


Edward Higgins, of Kingsland-rectory, to Georgiana Esther, eldest dau. of the late G. Meredith, esq. of Nottingham-place, Marylebone, and of Berrington-court, Worcestershire.

12. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Rich. Sanderson, esq. of Belgravesquare M. P. to Charlotte Matilda Manners Sutton, eldest dau. of the right hon. Chas. Manners Sutton, speaker of the House of Commons.

21. At Brighton, the hon. and. rev. Horatio Powys, rector of Warrington, to Miss Percy Gore Currie, dau. of the late W. Currie, esq. of East Horsley-park, Surrey.

23. Major W. F. Forster, assistant adj-gen., to Caroline, youngest dau. of the late right hon. Hugh Eliot.

The Baron de Biel, of Zierow, in Mecklenburgh, to Mary, eldest dau. of Wm. Blake, esq. of Danesbury, Herts.

27. At Dover, H, Mill Bunbury,

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2. At Walthamstow, Chas. Carpenter, esq., only son of vice-adm. Carpenter, to Sophia, only child of T. Wilson, esq.

7. At Hockwold, Norfolk, rev. E. Bowyer Sparke, rector of Feltwell, son of the bishop of Ely, to Cath. Maria, only dau. of the rev. Wm. Newcome, of Hock wold-hall.

8. At Cheltenham, R. S. Wardell, esq., 5th dragoon guards, to Emily, dau. of the late very rev. Joseph Palmer, dean of Cashel

18. At Langham church, viscount Torrington, to Miss Astley, dau. of sir John Dugdale Astley, of Langhamplace.

21. At Marylebone church, H. G. Wells, esq. to Charlotte, eldest dau, of sir Thos. Baring, bart, of Strattonpark, Hampshire.

28. At St. Mary's, Marylebone, the hon. Thos. Robert Keppel, to Frances Barrett Lennard, dau. of sir Thos. Barrett Lennard, of Belhus, Essex.


31. At Lewisham, E. Ross, esq. Anne Mayon, eldest dau. of the right hon. Thos. Peregrine Courtenay.

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surviving dau. of Rob. Edward, 9th dau. of the rev. Dr. Warren, of Portlord Petre, and niece to the duke of Norfolk.

18. The rev. Edward Cookson, second son of Isaac Cookson, esq. of Gateshead-park, Durham, to Eleanor Sabina, third dau. of the late Geo. Strickland, esq. of Newton and Chesnut-grove, York.

25. At Clinthead, Langholm, W. Bargett, esq. of the Old Jewry, London, to Jane, eldest dau. of lieut.-col. sir James Malcolm.

At Youghall, G. F. Brooke, esq., son of sir H. Brooke, bart. of Colebroke, co. Fermanagh, to the lady Arabella Georgiana Hastings, third dau. of the late earl of Huntingdon. 27. At St, George's, Hanover-square, the hon. Felix Tollemache, second son of the late lord Huntingtower, to Frances Julia, youngest dau. of the late Henry Peters, esq. of Betchworthcastle, Surrey,

30. At Salisbury, the rev. C. B. Pearson, rector of Chiddingford, Surrey, and eldest son of the dean of Salisbury, to Harriet Eliz., dau. of the late John Pinkerton, esq., and niece to the bishop of Salisbury.

At Cheltenham, Clement Wolseley, esq., only son of the late major John Wolseley, to Elizabeth, eldest dau. of the late Peter Van Homrigh, esq. M.P. for Drogheda.

At Abbeyleix, Patrick John Nugent, esq. to the hon. Catherine Vesci, only dau. of viscount de Vesci.

[blocks in formation]


20. At Paris, the Baron Louis de Maricour, of Vieux Maisons en Champagne, to Frederica, dau. of the late capt. Fred. Leicester, royal staff corps.

23. At St. Pancras New Church, Edmund Lloyd, esq. of Thornbury, Gloucestershire, to Cath. Eliz. fourth dau. of Joseph Hume, esq. of Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square.

26. At Munich, count Potemkin, ambassador from the Emperor of Russia at the court of Bavaria, to Eliza Mary Rose, eldest dau. of E. M. Grainger, esq. of Twysog, Denbighshire.

28. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the rev. H. W. Nevill, nephew to the earl of Abergavenny, to Frances, youngest dau. of sir Edmund Bacon,

Premier bart.

30. At Trinity church, Marylebone, Geo. Knollis Jarvis, esq. eldest son of colonel Jarvis, of Doddington hall, Lincolnshire, to Emily, eldest dau. of the rev. G. T. Pretyman, and grand-dau. of the late bishop of Winchester.

At Dover, Wm. Deede, jun. esq. to Emily Octavia, dau. of Edw. Taylor, esq., late of Bifrons.


1. At Castleane, W. Villiers Stuart, esq. second son of the late lord Henry Stuart, to Catherine only dau. of Michael Cox, of Castletown, co. Kilkenny, esq. and niece to the lord Dunalley.

5. At St. George's Hanover-square, Thomas H. Kingscote, esq. of Kingscote, Gloucestershire, to the hon. Harriett Bloomfield, eldest dau. of lieut.-gen. lord Bloomfield, G.C.B. and G.C.H.

7. The grand duke of Tuscany to the Princess Marie Antoinette, sister of the King of Naples.

11. At Marlborough, H. Harcourt Lyons, esq. of Tenby, to Anna Margaretta, dau. of sir Geo. Griffies Williams, bart.

14. At Soberton, the rev. R. Denny, brother to sir Edw. Denny, bart. of Tralee, co. Kerry, to Sarah, dau. of T. Grant, esq.

18. At Abbot's Ripon, the rev.


Geo. Cheere, to Harriet Emily, eldest dau. of J. B. Rooper, esq. M.P.

At Elveden, Suffolk, sir Mark Wood, bart. to Eliz. eldest dau. of W. Newton, esq.

20. At St. George's Hanover-square, sir T. Barrett Lennard, of Belhus, Essex, bart. and M.P. for that county, to Georgiana, relict of H. D. Milligan, esq., and dau. of the late sir Walter Stirling, of Faskine, N.B., bart.

22. At St. George's. Hanover-square, Lloyd Vaughan Watkins, esq. M.P. to Sophia Louisa Henrietta, dau. of sir G. Pococke, bart. of Bransgorehouse, near Christchurch.

25. At Florence, Alex. Bower, esq. to the countess Plagie, dau. of the count Corwin Kossakowska, Poland.

29. At Marylebone-church, John Wm., only son of sir J. W. Lubbock, bart. of St. James's-place, to Harriet, dau. of the late col. Hotham, of York.

- At Trinity church, Marylebone, the hon. Lloyd Kenyon, eldest son of Lord Kenyon, to the hon. Georgiana de Grey, youngest dau. of lord Walsing



2. At St. James's, capt. Chas. Crespigny Vivian, eldest son of sir Hussey Vivian, bart. to Miss Scott, niece of the earl of Meath.

4. At Exeter, the rev. Richard Stephens, of Culver-house, Devon, to Maria, second dau. of the lord bishop of Exeter.

5. At Blairvaddoch, Chas. Forbes, esq. second son of the late sir W. Forbes, bart. to Jemima Rebecca, dau. of the late col. Ranaldson Macdonell, of Glengarry.

6. At St. George's Hanover-square, lord Albert Conyngham, second son of the late marquis Conyngham, to the hon. Henrietta Maria, fourth dau. of the late lord Forrester.

11. At St. George's, Hanover-square, Henry Kingscote, esq. to Harriet, eldest dau. of C. T. Tower, esq. M.P. of Weald-hall, Essex.

15. Sir David Thurlow Cunyngham, of Milncraig, bart. to Anne, third dau. of lieut.-gen. the hon. Robert Meade.

22. At St. Margaret's, Westminster, Ambrose Brewin, jun., esq. of Tiverton, Devon, to Caroline, youngest

dau. of John Heathcote, esq. M.P. of Tiverton.

23. At All Souls, Langham-place, R. A. Cloyne Austin, esq. eldest son of sir H. Austin, of Shalford-house, near Guilford, to Maria Eliz., only child of lieut..col. H. Godwin.

At St. George's, Hanover-square, the hon. John Gray, son of lord Gray and Kinfauns, N.B. to Mary Anne, dau. of the late lieut.-col. C. P. Ainslie, 4th light dragoons.

25. At St. George's, Hanover-square, count Christian Danneskiold Samsoe, to the lady Eliz. Brudenell Bruce, youngest dau. of the marquis of Ailesbury.

- At Berne, Caledon George, eldest son of James Du Pre, esq. of Wiltonpark, Bucks, to Louisa, third dau. of sir W. Maxwell, bart. of Monreith Galloway.

-At St. Mary's, Bryanstone-square, Ambrose Lisle Phillipps, esq. eldest son of C. M. Phillipps, esq. M. P. for Leicestershire, to Laura Maria, eldest dau. of the late hon. Thos. Clifford.

At Ferntower, the hon. W. H. Drummond, eldest son of viscount Strathallan, to Christina Maria Herzey Baird, dau. of the late Robert Baird, of Newbyth, esq.

At Matlock, the right hon. lord Barham, to lady Frances Jocelyn, dau.

of the earl of Roden.

[blocks in formation]

4. At Dublin, lieut.-col Arbuthnot, to Charlotte Eliza, eldest dau. of sir Hussey Vivian, bart.

6. At Trinity church, Marylebone, capt. E. G. Douglas, of gren. guards, brother of the earl of Morton, to Juliana Isabella Mary, eldest dau. of G. H. Dawkins Pennant, esq. of Penrhyn-castle, Caernarvonshire.

- At Marylebone church, capt. J. N. Hibbert, to Jane Anne, only dau. of sir R. Alexander, bart.

9. At St. George's, Hanover-square, the right hon. lord Garlies, eldest son of the earl of Galloway, to the lady Blanche Somerset, seventh dau. of the Duke of Beaufort.

12. At Crawley's-hotel, Albemarle


street, the right hon. lord viscount Hare, esq. to Lucy Anne, second dau. Lake, to Anne, dau. of the late adm. of sir J. T. Stanley, bart.

sir. Rich. Onslow, bart.

15. At St. George's, Hanover-square, lord viscount Milton, to Selina Charlotte Jenkinson, second dau. of the earl of Liverpool.

-At St. George's, Hanover-square, capt. C. Hamlyn Williams, R. N., second son of the late sir J. H. Williams, bart. to Harriet, dau. of the late sir Nelson Rycroft, bart.

At West Wratting, co. Camb., Alex Cotton, esq., lieut. R.N.. grandson of the late sir J. Hynde Cotton, bart. to Marianne, dau. of sir Charles Watson, bart.

21. At Ham-house, the marquis of Ailesbury, to Miss Maria Tollemache, youngest dau. of the hon. Charles Tollemache, and grand-dau. of the countess of Dysart.

27. At Pimlico, Henry earl of Uxbridge, to Henrietta Maria, third dau. of the right hon. sir Charles and lady Bagot.

29. At the British Legation, at Munich, Charles Woodmass, of Montagu-square, esq. to the hon. Harriet Erskine, seventh dau. of lord Erskine.

- At Bognor, Sussex, the rev. lord Thomas Hay, youngest brother of the Marquis of Tweeddale, and rector of Rendlesham, Suffolk, to Harriet, dau. of the late sir Alexander Kinloch, of



3. At Grendon, sir John Hanmer, of Hanmer and Battisfield-park, co. Flint, bart. M.P. for Shrewsbury, to Georgiana. youngest dau. of sir Geo. Chetwynd, bart. of Grendon-hall.

7. At Iwerne Minster, Dorset, H. Corbet Singleton, esq. of Aclare, co. Meath, to Jane Perceval Loftus, youngest dau. of the late gen. and the lady Eliz. Loftus.

14. At Goathurst, Somersetshire, capt. Kemmis, gren. guards, to Henrietta Anne. dau. of col Tynte, of Halswellhouse, Somersetshire, M.P. for Bridg


17. At Chalfont, St, Peter's, Bucks, R, Du Pre Alexander, esq., son of sir R. Alexander, bart., to Eliza Nembhard, dau. of the late B. B. Nembhard, esq. of Jamaica.

24. At Alderley, co. Chester, M. T.


1. At Courtyrala, sir T. R. Salusbury, bart. of Llanwern, Monmouth, to Eliz. Mary, dau. of the rev. Lynch Burroughs, of Offley-place, Herts.

3. At Calbourne, I. W. the hon. W. H. Ashe A'Court, eldest son of eldest dau. and co-heir of the late sir lord Heytesbury, to Eliz. Worsley, Leonard Worsley Holmes, bart.

lord viscount Fordwich, eldest son of 8. At St. James's Piccadilly, the eldest dau. of the earl de Grey. the earl and countess Cowper, to the

bart. to Letitia, third dau. of the 10. Lieut.-gen. Sir R. H. Vivian, late rev. J. A. Webster, of Colebroke, Fermanagh.

17. At Southweald, capt. Pulteney, C. T. Tower, esq. M. P. of Weald-hall, 12th lancers, to Emily, third dau. of

co. Essex.

19. At St. James's, London, lady Georgiana Paget, dau. of the marquis of Anglesey and the duchess of Argyll, to lord Crofton.

hon. John Sinclair, youngest son of the 22. At Mamhead, Devonshire, the late earl of Caithness, to Maria Petronella, third dau. of the late John Church, esq.

28. At South Stoneham, Hants, Charles Badham, M.D. to Caroline, eldest dau. of the late vice-adm. sir Edward James Foot.

At Wath, lieut. -col. Ashworth, to Harriet, only dau. of sir Bellingham Graham, bart.

At Topsham, capt. W. I. D'Urban, son of major gen. sir B. D'Urban, to Mary Eliz. Stewart, only child of the late Samuel Mitchell, esq. of Newport, Devonshire.

Lately. At St. Peter's, Dublin, Crofton Thomas Vandeleur, esq. 34th regiment, to Eliz. eldest dau. of the right hon. Maurice Fitzgerald, kt. of Kerry.


2. At Bridlington, Yorkshire, H. Boynton, esq. eldest son of sir H. Boynton, bart. to Louisa, youngest dau. of Walter Strickland, esq. of Cokethorp-park, Oxfordshire.


5. At Madron, Cornwall, J. Peel, esq barrister-at-law, eldest son of R. Peel, esq. of Wyndbourne house, co. Lancaster, to Ann, dau. of Thomas Peel, esq. of Penzance.

7. At Hampstead, J. Heron Maxwell, esq. second son of the late sir John Maxwell, bart. to Caroline, sixth dau. of the hon. Montgomerie Stewart, and niece to the earl of Galloway.

- Rich. Robertson, esq. to Josepha Mary, eldest dau. of the rev. W. St. Andrew Vincent, preb. of Chichester, and vicar of Bolney.

Rev. H. E. Manning, rector of Lavington, Sussex, to Caroline, third dau. of the late rev. J. Sargent.

At Cheltenham, the rev. J. de Courcy O'Grady, of Kilbally Owen, co. Limerick, to Eliza, dau. of J. Peel, esq. of Burton-on-Trent.

12. At Gresford, Randle Wilbraham, jun. esq. to Sibella eldest dau. of the late W. Egerton, esq. of Gresfieldlodge, Denbighshire.

14. At St. James's, J. Atholl, eldest son of sir Evan M'Gregor, bart. to Mary Charlotte, youngest dau. of rearadm. sir Thomas Hardy, bart

B. H. Cumberland, esq. capt. 96th 25. At All Souls, Langham-place, regiment, to Margaret, dau. of the late gen. Fanning.

26 At Paris, George Marton, esq. only son f col. Marton, of Capernwray-hall, Lancashire, to Lucy Sarah, dau. of the late right hon. lord chief justice Dallas.


10. At Doddington, Gloucestershire, H. Lannoy Hunter, jun. esq. of Beach Hill, Berks, to Charlotte Octavia, dau. of sir C. Bethel Codrington, bart.

At Culzean-castle, Ayr, N. B. Rich. Oswald, esq. of Cavets, to lady Mary Kennedy, second dau. of the marquis of Ailsa.

At St. James's, Charles H. Pigot, esq. of Great Marlborough st., nephew of sir G. Pigot, bart. to Leonora, second. dau. of sir W. Russell, bart. of York-place, Portman-square.

17. Lady Catherine Grimston, second dau. of the earl of Verulam, to Mr. Barham, son of the late lady Caroline Barham.

19. At Manchester, capt Philip Hill, 53rd regiment, brother of sir Rowland

Hill, bart. M.P. to Charlotte Emma Katherine, eldest dau. of J. G. Norbury, esq.

23. At St. George's, the hon. G. A. Craven, brother to the earl of Craven, to Georgiana, dau. of the late Walter Smithe, esq. of Bambridge-house, Hants.

26. Horatio Ross, esq. of Rossiecastle, M.P. to Justine Henrietta, dau. of Colin Macrae, esq. of the Grove, Nairnshire.

27. At Corfe Castle, Arabella Margaretta, fourth dau. of the late right hon. J. Calcraft, to capt. Rochfort, R.N.




be lord of his majesty's bedchamber in
5. Lord Adolphus Fitzclarence to
ordinary. Captain Francis Hugh Sey-
mour to be groom of the robes in ordi-
nary to his majesty.

chamberlain to her majesty.
14. The earl of Denbigh, to be lord

George Granville, marquis of
Stafford, to be duke of Sutherland.

William Harry, Marquis of Cleveland, to be baron Raby, of Raby Castle, co. Durham, and duke of


Charles Callis Western, esq. to be baron Western, of Rivenhall, Essex. The dean of Hereford, to be deputy clerk of the closet to his majesty; and the rev. T. F. Foord-Bowes to be supernumerary clerk.

19. George, Earl of Munster, to be governor and captain of the castle of Windsor; also constable and lieutenant of the said castle.

Lord Fred. Fitzclarence, col. in the army, to be lieutenant of the tower of London, vice the Earl of Munster.

22. Knighted, rear adm. Edward Durnford King, K.C.H.

23. Adm. sir Geo. Martin, to be rear-admiral of Great Britain and Ireland, &c.

Joseph Phillimore, LL.D. Wm. Empson, esq. and Andrew Martin, esq. to be commissioners of French claims. 25. Admiral sir D. Gould, to be a


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