28. Col. J. Ready, to be lieut-gov. col. John Boscawen Savage, R.M., of the Isle of Man.

[blocks in formation]

GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 4. Knighted, right hon. Chas. Rich. Vaughan, G.C.H.

The earl of Denbigh and earl of Munster sworn of the privy council.

5. 8th light dragoons, lieut.-gen. sir W. Keir Grant, to be col.-Garrisons, major-gen. sir J. Bathurst, to be gov. of Berwick.

7. J. Lyons Nixon, esq. to be lieut.governor of the islands of St. Christopher, Nevis, Anguilla, and the Virgin Islands. Capt. sir C. M. Schomberg, R.N. to be lieut.-governor of Dominica. 13. Major-gen sir Lionel Smith, to be governor of the islands of Barbadoes, St. Vincent, Grenada, Tobago, and their dependencies.-Major-gen. Middlemore, to be lieut.-gov. of the island of Grenada.-Capt. Tyler, R.N. to be of St. Vincent.

16. Sophia Russell, wife of John Russell, commander R.N. and eldest co-heir and representative of Edward

C.B., and K.C.H.; capt. Richard Spencer, R.N., C.B., and K.H.; and Henry Ellis, esq. K.H. principal librarian to the British Museum.

26. Lieut.-gen. J. Sullivan Wood, to be lieutenant of the Tower of London, vice lord Fred. Fitz-Clarence.


J. Forbes, esq. prof. of natural philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. Rev. A. Jeremie, christian advocate to Cambridge University.



6. Rowland Eyles Egerton Warburton, of Arley, esq. to be sheriff of Cheshire.

Blayney Townley Balfour, esq. to be lieut.-governor of the Bahama Islands.

8. 39th foot, lieut.-gen. the hon. sir R. W. O'Callaghan, K.C.B. to be col. -97th foot, major-gen. the rt. hon. sir H. Hardinge, K.C.B. to be col.

13. Knighted, lieut.-general Henry John Cumming, K.C.H., and Frederic Madden, esq. K.H., of the_British Museum.-Major-gen. H. C. Darling, to be lieut.-governor of Tobago.

15. John George, baron Durham, created viscount Lambton and Earl of Durham.

26. Knighted, col. George Teesdale, C.B. of the 1st dragoons

27. The marquis of Conyngham, to be K.P. vice his father.

28. Sir John Hobhouse to be chief secretary for Ireland.-Rt. hon. E. J. Stanley to be secretary of state for the colonies.

30. Ulysses lord Downes elected a representative peer of Ireland.

late baron de Clifford, to be baroness MEMBERS RETURNED TO PARLIAde Clifford.

20. Edward du Bois, esq. barrister, to be treasurer and clerk to the metropolitan commissioners in lunacy.

22. Knighted, lieut.-gen. Fred. Aug. Wetherall, G.C.H.; lieut.-gen. David Latimer Tinling Widdrington, K.C.H.;

Carnarvon. Nanney, esq.


Owen Jones Ellis

Dover.--John Halcomb, esq.
London.-George Lyall, esq.
Malton.-Jn. Charles Ramsden, esq.


Mary-le-bone.-Sir S. Whalley, Knt. Westminster.-Rt. hon. sir J. C. Northamptonshire, North.-Viscount Hobhouse.


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Capt. R. H. Wynyard, 58th regt. to be equerry to the duke of Cambridge.

23. John G. S. Lefevre, esq. to be under secretary of state for the home department.

Benj. Rotch, esq. M. P. to be chairman of the bench of Middlesex magistrates.

24. Adm. Chas. Nugent, to be adm. of the fleet.

26. Vice-adm.sir Pulteney Malcolm, to be G.C.B.; rear-adm. Thos. Harvey and rear-adm. Richard Hussey Hussey to be K.C.B.

29. Lord Belhaven to be his majesty's high commissioner to the assembly of the church of Scotland.



Coventry.-Rt. hon. Edward Ellice. Cumberland, West.-S. Irton, esq. Dundee. Right hon. sir H. Parnell, bart.

Gloucester.-Henry T. Hope, esq. Lancashire, North.-Rt. hon. E. G. Stanley.

Longford co.-Lord viscount Forbes and Anthony Lefroy, esq.

Mallow. Charles Denham Orlando Jephson, esq.

Montgomery-John Edwards, esq. Southampton.-Jn. S. Penleaze, esq. Sunderland.-Wm. Thompson, esq. alderman of London. VOL. LXXV.



1. Knighted, John Wm. Jeffcott esq. chief justice of the vice-admiralty court, Sierra Leone.

Henry Greville, esq. to be a gentleman-usher quarterly waiter to his majesty.

2. Viscount Granville, created baron Leveson, of Stone, co. Stafford, and earl Granville.

8. Roderick Macleod, esq. to be lieut. and sheriff principal of the shire of Cromarty.

20. Thomas Wm. King, gent. to be rouge dragon pursuivant of arms.

Lieut.-gen. the hon. Alex. Duff,

to be G.C.H.

29. The right hon. lord Littleton, to be lord lieut. of the county of Worcester.

[blocks in formation]


Smyth, bart. to be lieut.-governor of
British Guiana, comprehending the
colonies of Demerara, Essequibo, and

15. Octavius Temple, esq. to be lieut.-governor of Sierra Leone.

18. The hon. G. S. S. Jerningham, to be secretary to legation at the Hague.

21. George Acklem, of Cadoganplace, Middlesex, esq. to be one of the metropolitan commissioners in lunacy.

26. John Jardine, esq. advocate, to be sheriff depute of the shires or sheriffdom of Ross and Cromartie; and Jas. Ivory, esq. advocate, to be sheriff depute of the shire of Caithness.

27. Knighted, Thos. Horsley Curteis, esq. senior exon of his majesty's guard of yeomen of the guard: and Charles Wilkins, esq.

Staffordshire (South).-Rt. hon. E.
J. Littleton.

Stroud. Geo. Poulett Scrope, esq.
Tiverton.-James Kennedy, esq.


Rev. R. D. Hampden, M.A. to be principal of St. Mary hall, Oxford.

Edward Ellice, esq. to be private secretary to his father, the right hon. Edw. Ellice, secretary at war.

Mr. Richard Davis Craig, to be private secretary to the right hon. F. J. Littleton, secretary for Ireland.



18. Knighted; Graves Champneys Haughton, esq.

29. Lieut.-gen. sir Geo. Anson, and lieut.-gen. sir John O. Vandeleur, to be G.C.B.


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6. Sir James Parke, sir Jn. Bernard Bosanquet, and sir Alex. Johnston, knts. to be of the privy council.Leonard Edmonds, esq. to be clerk of the patents.

13. Marquis Wellesley to be lordlieutenant of Ireland.

Duke of Argyll, to be lord steward of the household, and sworn of the privy council.

16. Major-generals Arthur Brooke and John Alex. Wallace, to be K.C.B. The new Ecclesiastical Board in Ireland.-The Lord Primate, the Lord Chancellor, the abp. of Dublin, the Chief Justice, the abp. of Cashel, hp.

Rev. Archd. Robinson, to be bishop of Kildare, bp. of Derry, bp. of Kil

of Madras.

[blocks in formation]

laloe, rev. Dr. Sadler. F. T. C. D.; Thos. Quin, esq. LL.B.; John C. Erck, esq. LL.B.


Rev. Dr. Grey, bp. of Hereford, to a preb. of Westminster Abbey.



County of Bute.-The right hon. sir Wm. Rae, of St. Catherine's, bart.



29. Capt. the hon. Henry Duncan, C.B.; dame Jane, wife of sir Hugh Dalrymple Hamilton, of North Berwick and Bargeny, bart; dame Henrietta, wife of sir Jas. Fergusson. of Kilkerran, bart.; dame Adamina, wife of sir John Dalrymple, of Oxenford, bart.; and Mary, wife of Jas. Dundas, of Dundas, esq.; the brother and sisters of Robert earl of Camperdown, to have the same title and precedency as the children of an earl of the United Kingdom.

John Macpherson Grant, esq. to be secretary to his majesty's legation at Madrid.



5. Knighted, lieut.-general Phineas Riall.

15. Knighted, capt. Art. Farquhar, R.N.

22. Lord Howard de Walden, to be minister plenipotentiary to her most faithful majesty; sir Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, to the king of Sweden; brig. gen. lord W. Russell, to the king of Wurtemburg.

Commander Ross (recently returned from a voyage of discovery in the polar regions,) post captain, and to command the Victory.


Rev. Dr. Jenkins, master of Balliol, to be a delegate of the Oxford University Press.


GAZETTE PROMOTIONS. 24. 58th foot. Gen. Fred. Maitland, to be col.

27. 14th light dragoons, capt. H. Harvey, from half-pay unattached, to be captain.

1st guards, capt. Ferrars Loftus, to be captain and lieut.-col.


Hon. H. E. J. Howard, to be dean of Lichfield.


Sir C. T. Metcalfe, bart. to be gov. of the new presidency of Agra.

T. B. Macaulay, esq. M.P. to be fourth ordinary member of the council in India.



1. Major-general James George Scott, of the Madras establishment."

2. At Nice, after a fortnight's illness, of a bilious fever, aged nearly 68, the right hon. lord Robert Stepher Fitz-Gerald, uncle to the duke of Leinster. His lordship was born Jan. 15, 1765, the sixth son of James. the first duke, by Lady Amelia-Mary Lennox, daughter of Charles, second duke of Richmond and Lennox, K.G, He commenced a career of diplomatic employment as secretary to the duke of Dorset at the court of Versailles, and after the return of his grace remained for some time as Chargé d'Affaires. He then went to Denmark, with the rank of envoy extraordinary after which he became envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary to the Court of Lisbon. His lordship was absent on that mission when first returned to parliament for the county of Kildare at the general election of 1802; he returned, and took the oaths and his seat, on the 15th of June, 1805. His lordship was re-elected for the same county in 1806, but retired from public life at the dissolution in the following year. His lordship enjoyed a pension of 1,7001. per annum as late minister to Lisbon, and another on the civil list of 8001. granted in March


3. At Sudbrook-park, the hon. Georgiana Sarah Elizabeth Lambton, second daughter of lord Durham.

At Doncaster, colonel George Holmes, C.B. late of the 3rd dragoons.

At his seat, East Bergholt, Suffolk, aged 64, the rev. sir Richard


Hughes, the fourth baronet (1773); vicar of Walkhampton, Devonshire.

3. At Cumberland-terrace, Regent'spark, aged 55, major-general sir Geo. Ridout Bingham, K.C.B. and T.S. of Dean's Leaze, Dorsetshire, colonel of the second battalion of the Rifle Brigade. Sir George Bingham had the charge of Bonaparte from England to St. Helena, where he remained several years, as lieut.-colonel of the 53rd regiment.


At the Admiralty-house, in the High-street, Portsmouth, aged 75, sir Thomas Foley, G.C.B. admiral of the White, rear-admiral of Great Britain, and commander-in-chief at Portsmouth. In the memorable battle off Cape St. Vincent, Feb. 14, 1797, capt. Foley bore a distinguished part, as captain of the Britannia, a first rate, carrying the flag of sir Chas. Thompson. At the Nile, on the glorious 1st of August, 1798, captain Foley had the honour to lead the British fleet into action. The French commenced their fire at a quarter after six in the afternoon, and, in two minutes, it was returned by the Goliath, which then doubled their line, and brought up alongside of the Conquerant, the second ship in the enemy's van. In less than a quarter of an hour, captain Foley completely dismasted his opponent. and afterwards assisted in subduing the ships in the rear. In this tre mendous conflict the Goliath had twenty-one killed and forty-one wounded. She was subsequently employed at the blockade of Malta; and returned to England towards the end of 1799. In 1800, captain Foley commanded the Elephant seventy-four attached to the Channel fleet: from which, in the spring of 1801, she was removed to the north sea. Previously to the battle of Copenhagen, she received the flag of lord Nelson; who, in his dispatch to the commander-in-chief, sir Hyde Parker, observed, "To captain Foley, who permitted me the honour of hoisting my flag in the Elephant, I feel myself under the greatest obligation; his advice was necessary on many and important occasions during the battle." When the signal thirty-nine was made by sir Hyde Parker to discontinue the action, Nelson betrayed great emotion, and it was to captain Foley that he exclaimed, in that mood of mind which sports with bitterness, Leave off the

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action! Now, d-n me if I do. You know, Foley, I have only one eye, and have a right to be blind sometimes; and then, putting the glass to his blind eye, observed, "I really do not see the signal."

4. At Herne-hill, aged 80, Pierre Valery Le Noir, esq., author of the Logographic Emblematical French and English spelling books. "Les Fastes Britanniques," and several other approved publications.

5. In Thayer-street, Manchestersquare, aged 75, the hon. and rev. John Blackwood, rector of Rathcormac, county of Cork; brother and heir presumptive to lord Dufferin and Claneboye, and elder brother to the late vice-admiral the hon. sir Henry Blackwood.

At Escot, aged 76, Richard Kennaway, esq. formerly second member of the Board of Trade in Bengal, during the administration of the marquis Cornwallis.

7. At Hampton, Anne, widow of the late sir George Yonge, bart.

8. At Pentonville, aged 52, the rev. Richard Watson, senior secretary_to the Wesleyan Missionary society. He was the author of several works in divinity, particularly Theological Institutes, and a Biblical and Theological Dictionary.

8. At Bath, in his 83rd year, Robert Tindal, esq. father of sir N. C. Tindal, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas.

Lieut.-gen. John Mackensie.

9. At Brandesburton. Mr. Francis Graham, aged 102. In his youth he was famous for running, wrestling, and other athletic exercises. He retained his faculties to the last.

10. At his house in Great Portland-street, aged 72, Joshua Brookes, esq., FRS. FLS. &c. &c. He was born Nov. 24, 1761, and at the age of sixteen commenced the study of anatomy under Mr. Magnus Falconer and Mr. Hewson. At a very early age he commenced his career as a professor of anatomy, physiology, and surgery; but in consequence of the admis-ion fees to his lectures being only ten guineas, (one half the amount demanded by his contemporaries he was looked upon as an innovator and as the founder of the cheap anatomical schools which now abound in the metropolis. However, his zeal and persevering attention insured his

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