From the Ballroom to Hell: Grace and Folly in Nineteenth-century Dance

Northwestern University Press, 1991 - 225 pagina's
During the 1800s, dance and etiquette manuals provided ordinary men and women with the keys to becoming gentlemen and ladies--and thus advancing in society. Why dance? To the insecure and status-oriented upper middle class, the ballroom embodied the perfect setting in which to demonstrate one's fitness for membership in genteel society.

From the Ballroom to Hell collects over 100 little-known excerpts from dance, etiquette, beauty, and fashion manuals from the nineteenth century. Included are instructions for performing various dances, as well as musical scores, costume patterns, and the proper way to hold one's posture, fork, gloves, and fan. While of particular interest to dancers, dance historians, and choreographers, anyone fascinated by the ways and mores of the period will find From the Ballroom to Hell an endearing and informative glimpse of America's past.

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This is a fascinating compilation of excerpts from 19th-century American etiquette, fashion, dance and beauty manuals, to which Aldrich has added an introduction which introduces us to the world these ... Volledige review lezen

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Not a nuts-and-bolts dance manual. Rather, the author quotes a wide variety of period dance manuals to present a nice overview of 19th Century customs and manners in polite society, including ... Volledige review lezen


Music and Musicians 125 Part 1 Singing and Other Diversions
Part 2 Music at the Ball
Part 3 The Manner of Playing the Tunes
Dances and Party Games 137 Part 1 The Minuet and Diverse Group Dances 137 A The Minuet
B The Reel
Country Dances
The Early Cotillion Quadrille and Mazurka Quadrille
B Comments on the Waltz
A Canon for Mr Polka
Directions for Performing
E Directions for Performing the Polka and Variations Schottische and Galop
The German Cotillion The German
Select Bibliography
Annotated Bibliography

E The March
Part 2 About Waltzing and Other Round Dances 152 A The Position

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Over de auteur (1991)

Elizabeth Aldrich is director of the International Early Dance Institute and is president of the Society of Dance History Scholars. Co-founder of the Historical Dance Foundation, she is a consultant to the Smithsonian Institute and has choreographed for the American Ballroom Theatre, the New York Baroque dance Company, and the Court Dance Company of New York. Ms. Aldrich has provided reconstructions and choreography for several major feature films, including Mr. and Mrs. Bridge starring Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward.

Mina Mulvey, who wrote the forward to this volume is Executive Editor of Good Housekeeping.

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