Natural phenomena and chronology of the seasons

Bell & Daldy, 1870 - 64 pagina's

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Pagina 38 - Horror and confusion seized upon all, whether on shore or at sea ; no pen can describe it, no tongue can express it, no thought can conceive it, unless theirs who were in the extremity of it...
Pagina 11 - The Saxon Chronicle likewise for that year states : — " On St. Martin's-mass day, the llth of Novembre, sprung up so much of the sea-flood, and so myckle harm did, as no man minded that it ever afore did, and there was the ylk day a new moon.
Pagina 26 - It fell at ten severall tymes, and the last was the greatest, to the greate admiration and feare of all the land, for it came from the foure p t3 of the world, so that all c'ntryes were full, yea, the south p'te as well as these mountaynes.
Pagina 16 - ... together, that as they descended low in the air, they seemed large and fiery, and the sky and the air seemed to be in flames, and even the earth appeared as if ready to take fire.
Pagina 19 - Wilford,) beat down all the houses and churches, the bells were cast to the outside of the church-yards, and some webs of lead 400 feet, into the field, writhen like a pair of gloves. The river Trent running between the two towns, the water with the mud in the bottom, was carried a quarter of a mile, and cast against the trees; the trees were pulled up hy the roots, and cast twelve-score foot off. There fell some hailstones that were 15 inches about.
Pagina 23 - October, 1593. About this tyme the plague of pestilence, by the great mercy and goodness of Almighty God, stayed, past all...
Pagina 15 - In 1339, the crops failed in Scotland; and such a famine ensued that the poorer sort of people were reduced to feed on grass, and many of them perished miserably in the fields. Yet in England, wheat was at this time sold so low as three shillings and fourpence a quarter.
Pagina 32 - The ludden flood occasioned by the tempest was so great, that the whole place was laid under water. Boats were rowed up and down the streets, and several houses were carried away by the force of the torrent. The grants of a weekly market at Brentford, and of an annual fair, were obtained in the reign of King Edward I. by the prioress of St. Helen's, who then possessed the manor of Bordeston. After the dissolution of monastic establishments, the profits of the market and fair were held under the crown...
Pagina 17 - The Severn overflowed during ten days, and carried away men women and children in their beds and covered the tops of many mountains ; the waters settled upon the lands and were called The Great Waters for 100 years.
Pagina 22 - Chirch, and overthrew a peece of a chymney. This Earthquake contynewed so much longer in the towne as yt did with them at Sandowne : the shippes in the sea, as also such as weare at the ke-ye, and within the havon at the beacons, felte the lyke. Somthing before nyne of the clocke the same nighte, the same began againe, but endured a verie shorte space; as also a lytle before eleven of the clocke in the same nighte, with lyke shortnes ; and a small noyse was herd aboute fower of the clocke the next...

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