Journals of Excursions in the Alps: The Pennine, Graian, Cottian, Rhetian, Lepotian, and Bernese

J. Duncan, 1845 - 376 pagina's

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Pagina 68 - Do not all charms fly At the mere touch of cold philosophy ? There was an awful rainbow once in heaven : We know her woof, her texture ; she is given In the dull catalogue of common things.
Pagina 174 - ... of its desolating power exceeded a million of Swiss livres. All the people of the valley had been cautioned against the danger of a sudden irruption ; yet it was fatal to so many. All the bridges in its course were swept away, and among them the bridge of Mauvoisin, which was elevated 90 feet above the ordinary height of the Drance. If the dike had remained untouched, and it could have endured the pressure until the lake had reached the level of its top, a volume of...
Pagina 170 - In the spring of 1818, the people of the valley of Bagnes became alarmed on observing the low state of the waters of the Drance, at a season when the melting of the snows usually enlarged the torrent ; and this alarm was increased by the records of similar appearances before the dreadful inundation of 1595...
Pagina 33 - The eastern side of the valley is formed by the Cramont, and a range of mountains which extend to the Col de Ferret, and terminate the vista in Mont Velan and the masses which surround the pass of the Great St. Bernard. The summit of Mont Blanc was occasionally enveloped in clouds, and the changes which these produced upon the scene were often strikingly beautiful.
Pagina 174 - ... extensive must have been the consequence. From this greater danger the people of the valley of the Drance were preserved by the heroism and devotion of the brave men who effected the formation of the gallery in the dike, under the direction of M.
Pagina 36 - ... falling to decay. Across the valley we saw the beautiful glacier of Brenva appearing through the enormous larches and pines of the forest, presenting to us a scene deservedly esteemed one of the finest in the Alps. We now rapidly descended by a narrow road which fearfully overhangs the lower range of the glacier of the Brenva whose sides were covered with masses of granite and rocks of great magnitude. The torrent which we had seen rushing through the valley passed beneath the glacier, and reappeared...
Pagina 32 - Two immense pyramids of rugged rock rear from the valley their scathed heads, and appear like guards to the

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