Esope, mises en par Gilles Corro

. 1542, also 1544.

fables, mises en a vie d'Esope, par Lyon, de Tournes, woodcuts.

arce and sought after. 7. Rouen, 1578. 16°. bably les fables et la =, Plantin, 1593. 16°. the same translation. slation by Pt. Millot, 646. 16°. is sought E the life of Æsop by -les d'Esope, av. celles brias et d'Avienus etc. 703. 12°. 2 vols. with sav. la vie d'Es. trad. par l'abbé de Bellegarde. 3°. 2 vols. with plates. erses, tirées d'Esope eurs, av. d. expliD. F. (Raph. du 659. 4°. with plates 1689 and 1743 are less 5, accompagnées du es réflexions du chetrad. de l'angl. av. et grav. par Fr. 1714. 4°. with neat

elle humeur, ou la derfables, en prose et en E), Brux. 1700. small 8°. after on account of the

s fabulistes, Esope, Fontaine, par ChamSelis, avec les textes voll. 4 Par. 1796. 8°. ellum 48 fr.) ita et fabulæ, cum ac Doligami, Aldeacetiis. Lat. et germ. : Geendet säliglich einer zu vlm (before with woodcuts, 275 letter.

atures, catchwords, and begins on the reverse of th a woodcut of Æsop. op's life, Latin and Geris the preface of H. Stein

höwel, the translator. Leaf 60, Registrum fabular. Leaf 61, on the recto l. 24, Incipit fabularum liber primus. Leaf 144, in the recto, Finis quarti libri esopi. Leaf 144, on the reverse, to leaf 184, Extravagantes Esopi. Leaf 184, on the reverse, to leaf 199, Sequuntur alique esopi fabule noue translationis remicy. Leaf 199, on the reverse, to leaf 223, Auiani fabule. Leaves 224-268, fables of Aldefonsus and Poggius. Leaves 269-275, a German register and colophon. Compare Lessing's Beitrr. St. I. S. 64 sqq.


Esopus der hochberümpt fabeltichter mit etlichen zugelegten fabeln Rimicii vnd Aviani, vnd der histori sigismunde vnd Gwisgardi. Augsp., Ant. Sorg, 1483. fol. with woodcuts, Gothic letter.


A repetition of the same translation. With the omission of the Histori Sigismunde, reprinted, Augsp., J. Schobsser, 1485. fol. ib. id. 1487. fol. ib. Schönsperger, 1491. fol. ib. id. 1496. fol. ib. id. 1498. fol. (105 leaves). ib. 1504. fol. all with woodcuts. Esopus leben vnd Fabeln mit sampt den Fabeln Aniani (sic), Adelfonsi vnd etlichen schimpffreden Pogii. Darzu ausszüge schöner Fabeln u. Exempeln Sb. Brant. Friburg im Brissgaw, St. Graff, 1555. 4°. with woodcuts.

174 numbered leaves and 12 leaves of preliminary matter. A repetition of the preceding book. Also, ib. 1539. 4°. ib. 1569. 4°. likewise 12 and 174 leaves.

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Esopus, Gantz new gemacht, vnnd in Reimen gefasst. Mit sampt Hundert newer Fabeln. Durch Burcardum Waldis. Ff. a M., Wygandt Han, 1557. 8°.

8 leaves of preliminary matter, 385 numbered leaves, and 7 unnumbered at the end.

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here begynneth the book of the subtyl historyes and fables of Esope whiche were translated out of frensshe into englisshe, by William Caxton etc.-At the end, Emprynted by me William Caxton at Westmynstre in thabbey and finisshed the xxvi daye of marche the yere of our lorde, M.CCCC.LXXXXIIII. fol.

übs. u. m. erkl. Anmerkk. nebst dess. Leb. nach d. Meziriac (by J. F. W. Motz). Lpz. 1794. 8°.


49 Fabeln, so mehrer theils auss Esopo gezogen... in gute Reymen verfasset vnd mit schönen Figuren gezieret... durch Erasm. Alberum. Ff. a M., Feyerabendt. 1579. 8°.

8 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter, 169 numbered leaves, and 7 unnumbered at the end, with neat woodcuts by Virgilius Solis. Previously at Haganau, 1534. 4° 32 leaves; and Augsp. 1539. 4°. 32 leaves. The latter with bad woodcuts. -Æsop's Fabb. a. d. Gr. (by J. Cp. Bremer). Qdlb. 1781. 8°. Æs. Fabb. a. d. Gr.

142 numbered leaves with signatures. Leaf 1, a woodcut of Esop. Containing also the fables of Avianus, Aldefonsus, and Poggius.-The fables of Esope in Englishe, with all his life and fortune. Whereunto is added the fables of Auian and of Poge. Lond., H. Wykes, without date, 8°. 134 leaves, with table of contents.


the fables of Æsop paraphrased in verse, adorned with sculptures (of Hollar), and illustrat. with annotations by J. Ogilby. Lond., Roycroft, 1665. fol.

Sought after on account of the plates. At first, Lond. 1651. 4°. Repeated, Lond. 1668. fol. 2 parts, with 66 and 82 plates. Lond. 1673-74. 8°. 2 vols.

257 fables, with his life, in En. glish, French, and Latin, the Engl. by Th. Philipot, the French and Lat. by Rb. Codrington, illustrated with 112 sculptures by Fr. Barlow. Lond. 1666. fol.

Also Lond. 1665 and 1687. fol.

258 select fables of Esop and other fabulists, in three books (by Dodsley). Birmingham, Baskerville, 1764. small 8°. with plates. Neat.


Æsop's fables, with 112 engravings by Bromley, Landseer, etc. Lond. 1793. large 8°. 2 vols. 260-fables, transl. into English. Lond., Rivington, 1797. 12°. vellum paper.

A neat edition, with 107 vignettes. Also on large paper.

261 Æsops Fabeln böhm. übs. without place or date. (Prag. 1487 -88.) 4°. with woodcuts.

With signatures, but without pagination and catchwords; extremely rare. All that as yet is known is only a fragment of two leaves in the Strahöfer library at Prague.

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In Dutch, Antw (Leeu), 1485. fol. Polish (by Cp. Niemirycz), Krosnie na Odra, 1699. 4°. Krak. 1703. 8°. In Swedish, by N. Balk. Rost. 1608. 8°. Westeräs, 1767. 8°. In Russian, Moskwa, 1792. 8°. See also FABULIST. 262 AETII Amideni libror. medicinalium tomus primus, primi scilicet libri octo nunc pr. in luc. editi. Gr. Ven., in æd. hæred. Aldi et And. Asulani, 1534. m. Sept. fol. 182 leaves.

The first and only Greek edition, of which no more appeared. 263 contractæ ex veterib. medicinæ tetrabiblos, h. e. quaternio, id est libri universales IV singuli, IV sermones complectentes, ut sint in summa IV sermonum quaterniones, id est sermones XVI per Jan. Cornarium lat. conscripti. Bas., Frob. et Episcop. 1542. fol.

Also Lugd. 1549. fol. Lugd. 1560. 16°. 4 vols. Cornarius first translated from a defective MS. books viii-xiii. Bas., Frob. 1533. fol. J. Bt. Montanus afterwards translated from a perfect MS. books i-vii. and xiv-xvi. and had them printed together with those translated by Cornarius. Aetii de re medica ll. XVI. Opus in 3 tomos divisum. Ven., Junta, 1534. fol. Reprinted, Bas., Frob. 1535 and 1538. fol. As in the mean time Cornarius had obtained a perfect MS. he therefore published the above-mentioned translation of the whole.-C. Weigel spec. Aetianar. excrcitatt. Lps. 1791. 4°. Cp. Oroscii annotatt. in interpretes Aetii. Bas. 1540. 4°. 264 AFFO, Jreneo. Memorie degli Memorie degli scrittori e letterati parmigiani. Parma, Bodoni, 1789-97. 4°. 5 voll. (75 paoli.)

Jac. Brunonis edita, recogn. et scholiis plurib. adaucta a Jac. Paner. Brunone. Lps. 1669. 8°.

opera di annotazioni accresciuta etc. e data in luce da Guid. Ant. Zannetti. Parma, 1788. fol. Istoria della città e ducato di Guastalla. Guastalla, 1785–86. 4°. 2 voll. 265 AGAPETI Diaconi scheda regia s. de officio regis, ad Justinian. imp. gr. et 1. Ven., Zach. Calliergi, 1509. 8°.


266 schedam regiam præceptor. officio boni principis ad imp. Justinian. rec., notis Brunonum et suis indicibusq. instrux. J. Agst. Gröbel. Lps. 1733. 8°.

Printed in Ans. Banduri imper. orient. T. I. p. 158 sqq. and in Gallandi bibl. PP. T. XI. p. 255 sqq. In Latin by Pt. Mosellanus. Lps. 1520. 4°. In German, with the title, LXXII Ermahnungsstücke e. Geistlichen d. kathol. Kirche an d. Kaiser J*** Ff. u. L. 1782. 8°. In Italian, Ven. 1545. 8°. In French, by king Louis XIII. Par. 1612. 8°. In English, by Th. Paynell, Lond. 1550. 12°. In Spanish, Madr. 1596. 4°.

267 AGATHARCHIDIS et Memnonis historicor. quæ supersunt omnia, e gr. iam recens in lat. traducta per Rch. Brettum. (c. textu gr.) Ox. 1597. 16°.

Also in Hudson geogr. gr. min. T. I. 268 AGATHEMERI compendiaria geographiæ expositionum ll. II. gr. et 1. curante et interpr. Sm. Tennulio. Amst. 1671. 8°.


Lastly, in Hudson T. II. 269 AGATHIAS Scholasticus. imperio et rebus gestis Justiniani Imp. libb. V. Gr. ex biblioth. et interpr. Bon. Vulcanii c. ejusd. notis. Acc. ejusd. Agathiæ epigrammata. LB., Plantin. 1594. large 4°.

200 pages of text, 158 pages of translation, 32 pages (with a separate title) of notes and epigrams. See also BYZANTINA. n. 3. Lat. by Cp. Persona, first printed at Rom. 1516. fol.

Note farther ; Storia della città di Parma. Parma, 1793. 4°. 2 voll. La

Zecca e moneta Parmigiana illustrata, AGGREGATOR, see HERBARIUS.

AGINCOURT, Seroux d', see

Pt. Fr. Della lingua punica pre-
sentemente usata da' Maltesi. Ro-
ma, G. Roisecco, 1750. 8°.

This rare book contains a Maltese grammar and lexicon. By the same author: Annone Cartaginese, cioè spiega della I. scena dell' atto V. della commedia di Plauto in Penulo fatta colla lingua moderna Maltese. Rom. 1757. 4°·

Very rare. Also gr. Col., Euchar. Cervicorn. 1527. 4°. gr. et l. ex correctione et c. explanat. Pt. Guerin. Par. 1635. 8°. containing only an analysis. paranesis, alias scheda regia (gr. lat.) denuo recogn.

-a J. Bercovio. Berl. 1643.4°. c. nott. 271 AGNESI, Mar. Gactana. Insti

[blocks in formation]

tuzioni analitiche. Milano, 1748. AGOTY, d', see GAUTIER. 4°. 2 voll. with plates.

In French (by d'Anthelmy), Par. 1775. 8°. In English, by J. Colston, Lond. 1801. 4°. 2 vols.


272 AGOBARDUS. Opera. epistolæ et opuscc. Leidradi et Amulonis Archiep. Lugd. St. Baluzius in unum colleg. emendav. notisq. illustrav. T. I. II. Par. 1666. 8°.

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277 AGRESTO da Ficaruolo (i. e. Annib. CARO). Commento del' Agresto da Ficaruolo sopra la prima Ficata del padre Siceo (Fr. Mar. Molza), colla nasea. Stampato in Baldacco per Barbagrigia da Ben.. godi, 1.539. small 4°. 51 leaves.

A scarce edition of a very lascivious work. A copy on vellum, 271 francs, at Paris's sale. At first, without place or date, small 8°. in Italic characters (98 pages, without reckoning the title and table of leaves), and the subscription, a Two li X. d'aprile. M.D.XXXVIII. other editions, without place or date, in 8°. were printed in the 16th century. Also, without place, 1540. 12°. and with Aretino ragionamenti 1584 and 1660.


274 AGOSTINI, Gi. degli. Notizie istorico-crit. intorno alla vita e le opere degli scrittori Veneziani. Ven. 1752. 4°. 2 voll.

275 AGOSTINI, Nicolò di. Lo innamoramento di Lancilotto e di Ginevra, nel quale si trattano le orribili prodezze e le strane venture di tutti i Cavalieri erranti nella tavola rotonda. (libri due in ottava rima.) Ven., Zoppino, 1521. -Libro terzo ed ultimo (proseguito da M. Guazzo). ib. id. 1526. 4°. with woodcuts.

276 AGOSTINI, Ln. Le gemme antiche figurate. Roma, appresso dell' autore, 1657. small 4°. 2 voll.

This rare edition, and sought after on account of the plates by Galestrucci, is particularly dear, when after plate 214 are found 4 more leaves of lascivious figures, which are wanting in most copies, and not mentioned in the explanations. On account of the already greatly worn-out plates, the following are of low price: Ed. II. con le annotazioni di Gi. Pt. Bellori. Roma, 1686. 4°. 2 voll. also ib. 1702. 4°. A more recent edition is the work by Dm. de Rossi, see below. J. Gronovius's Latin translation, Amst. 1685. 4°. Franeq. 1694. 4°. and ib. 1699. 4°. is without value on account of the plates being incorrect throughout.

278 AGRICOLA, G. De ortu et causis subterraneor. ll. V. de natura eor. quæ effluunt ex terra ll. IV. de natura fossilium 11. X. de vett. et novis metallis 11. II. Bermannus s. de re metallica dialogus 1. I. Bas., Frob. 1558. fol. 470 pages and 4 unnumbered leaves of preliminary matter.

Also, Bas. 1546. fol. and ib. 1555. fol. In Italian, Ven. 1550. small 8°. Not to be confounded with the following work. 279- de re metallica ll.XII. Ejusd. de animantib. subterraneis liber. Bas., Frob. 1561. fol. with woodcuts.

The printing and woodcuts are particularly fine in this edition. Less fine are the editions, Bas. 1621. fol. and ib. 1657. fol.

Still at the same time the last contains the whole preceding work.-G. Agricola's mineral. Schrr. übs. m. Anm. u. Excursionen v. E. Lehmann. Th. 1-4. Freiberg, 1806-13. large 8°. with plates (6 d. 10 gr.) Bermannus od. Gespr. üb. d. Bergbau, als Einl. in d. mineral. Schrr. übs. v. E. A. Schmid. ib. 1806. large 8°.

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appeared in the low Saxon dialect: 300 gemener Sprikwoerde, der wy düdschen uns gebruken, unde doch nicht weten, woher se kamen. (Magdeb.) 1528. 8°. The first edition in the upper German dialect is, 300 gemeyner Sprichwortter, der wir Deutschen vns gebrauchen, vnd doch nicht wissen woher sie kommen. Haganaw, J. Secer. 1529. 8°. 184 leaves. Das ander teyl Deutscher Sprichwortter, mit yhrer Ausslegung, hat funffthalb hundert newer Wortter. ib. id. 1529. 8°. 248 leaves. Only the first part, Erfurt, Cr. Treffer, 1529. 8°. Nürnb. 1529. 8°. and Zwickau, 1529. 8°. -750 deutsch. Sprüchw. Hagenau, 1534. 8°. ib. 1537. 8°. without place. 1558. 8°. Witt. 1582. 8°. 500 gemainer newer d. Spr. without place (Augsp. ?). 1548. 8°. There is a complete specification of the bibliographical researches upon this important collection in (Ber. Kordes) Agricola's Schrr. Altona, 1817. 8°. p. 155, &c. As to the rest, Agricola was not the first collector of German words; H. Bebel preceded him.

282 AGRIPPA, H. Corn. Opera, quæcumque hactenus vel in luc. prodier. vel inueniri potuer. Omnia in duos tomos concinne digesta et diligenti studio recognita. Lugd. per Beringos fratres. Without date. large 8°. 2 vols.

The genuine edition is printed in Italic characters, and has on the reverse of the title-pages of both volumes the portrait of the author cut in wood. Vol. I. 15 leaves of preliminary matter and 779 pages. Vol. II. 24 leaves of preliminary matter and 1139 pages, and 44 leaves of table of contents (which sometimes is wanting, and ought to stand according to the catchword after page 592). This edition contains 6 tracts more, which are wanting in all the other editions. Two reprints of Vol. I. likewise in Italic characters are to be avoided, whereof one is distinguished by the statement of the year 1550, and the other (without date) from the circumstance of its having only 677 pages. So likewise are

three editions printed in Roman characters without value, whereof two are without date, and the third with the year 1600. See Clement. bibl. cur. respecting them. 283 - de occulta philosophia libri tres. (Col., J. Soter) 1533, m. Julio. fol. 3 leaves of preliminary matter and 362 pages.

There are two separate editions of this date, yet printed at the same press. In the earlier we read more correctly, p. 19. 1. 36. cuivis, in the second cujus; in the first, p. 198. 1. 9. divinatio, 1. 33. protulisse,

and 1. 38. formans; in the second are substituted instead dominatio, prolatam, and forma. The first most rare edition, Antw., J. Grapheus, 1531, m. Febr. 4°. (reprinted, Par. 1531. 8°.) contains only the first book. Agrippa de occ. philos. liber IV. Bas. 1565. 8°. is spurious, and ib. 1567. 8°. All four books printed together, Par., Jac. Dupuys, 1567. 8°.-La philosophie occulte de H. C. Agrippa trad. du lat. (par` A. Levasseur), Haye, 1727. 8°. 2 vols. with plates, is scarce on large paper. In English, Lond. 1651. 4°. with a portrait of the author; to which may be added a separate translation of the fourth book, Lond. 1655. 8°. (reprinted, ib. 1783. 8°.)


de incertitudine et vanitate scientiar. declamatio invectiva. Col., 1527. small 8°.

This first, most rare, edition is to be found in the catalogue of M. Paris de Meyzieu, Par. 1779. 8°. and is, as well as the editions of Par. 1529. 8°. Antw. 1530. 4°. Col., Euchar. 1531. 8°. ib., M. N(ovesian.), 1531. 8°. Antw. 1531. 8°. Par. 1532. 8°. without place, 1532, m. Jan. 8°. without place, 1532, m. Sept. 8. without place (Antw.), 1536, m. Jan. 8. without place (Col.), 1536. 8°. without place, 1539. 8°. uncastrated. The series of the more or less castrated editions begins with an edition, without place or date, 8°. and also without place, 1544. 8°. and the same fault affects all the following editions, even those of Leyden, 1643 and 1644. 12°. Hague, 1653 and 1662. 12°. Frankf. and Lips. 1693. 12°. and Lips. 1714. 12°. not excepted. The most altered and altogether worthless edition is, Lugd. 1625. 12°. The omitted passages are noticed in Clement. bibl. cur. T. I. p. 87 sqq.

In Italian, by L. Domenichi, Ven. 1549. also 1552. 8°. In French, by L. de Mayerne Turquet, after an unmutilated original, 1582.8°. 1603. 12°. 1617. 12°. 1623. 12°. 1630. 12°. all without mention of place. Sur la noblesse et excellence du sexe féminin, avec le traité sur l'incertitude aussi bien que la vanité d. sciences et d. arts, trad. p. Gueudeville. Leyde, 1726. small 8°. 3 vols. is after a very mutilated edition. In German, Cölln, 1713. 8°. In Dutch, by J. Oudaan. Rolt. 1661. 8°. In English, by James Sandford. Lond. 1575. 4°. ib. 1676.8°. ib. 1684. 8°.

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285 AGRUMIA. Grammatica arabica Agrumia appellata. Cum vers. lat. ac dilucida expositione Th. Obicini (de Novaria). Rom., congr. de pr. fide, 1631. 8°. 286 pages.

The best edition. Previously under the title, Giarumia, Rom., typogr. Medic.

; in the second are subominatio, prolatam, and most rare edition, Antw., 1, m. Febr. 4°. (reprintO contains only the first e occ. philos. liber IV. spurious, and ib. 1567. s printed together, Par., 57. 8°.-La philosophie grippa trad. du lat. (par ye, 1727.8°. 2 vols. with n large paper. In En• 4°. with a portrait of ich may be added a sepathe fourth book, Lond. ed, ib. 1783. 8°.) citudine et vanitate matio invectiva. Col.,

are, edition is to be found
f M. Paris de Meyzieu,
d is, as well as the edi-
9. 8°. Antw. 1530. 4°.
31. 8°. ib., M. N(ove-
Antw. 1531. 8°. Par.
t place, 1532, m. Jan.
m. Sept. 8.
ce, 1532,
ntw.), 1536, m. Jan. 8.
ol.), 1536. 8°.
castrated. The series of
castrated editions begins
without place or date,
out place, 1544. 8°. and
affects all the following
ose of Leyden, 1643 and
e, 1653 and 1662. 12°.
s. 1693. 12°. and Lips.
cepted. The most altered
orthless edition is, Lugd.
omitted passages are no-
Bibl. cur. T. I. p. 87 sqq.
. Domenichi, Ven. 1549.
French, by L. de May-
ter an unmutilated ori-
503. 12°. 1617. 12°. 1623.
all without mention of
lesse et excellence du sexe
aité sur l'incertitude aussi
d. sciences et d. arts, trad.
Leyde, 1726. small 8°.
In Dutch,
■ very mutilated edition.
n, 1713. 8°.
lt. 1661. 8°. In English,
rd. Lond. 1575. 4°. ib.
4. 8°.


Grammatica araappellata. Cum vers. da expositione Th. ovaria). Rom., congr. 31. 8°. 286 pages. Previously under the Rom., typogr. Medic.


1592. 4°. and by Th. Erpen. LB. 1617. 4°.

286 AGUESSEAU, H. Fr. d'. Œuvres. Par. 1759-89. 4°. 13 voll.

The edition, Yverdun, 1772-75. 8°. 12 vols. contains only the first 8 volumes of the 4°. edition. A new and complete edition, Par. 1818. 8°. 13 vols. (subscription price at 6 francs, selling price at 7 frs.)— Reden b. Eröffn. d. Audienzen u. d. feierl. Versammll. d. Parlamente a. d. Franz. v. G. Mch. v. Weber. Sulzb. 1816. 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.)

to be found in Mag. encycl. 1810, Nov. P. 145-174.

291 AHMED ben Abdala. Tratado de las aquas medicinales de SalamBir, que comunmente llaman de Sacedon, escrito en lengua arabe, por Agmet-Ben-Ab-Dala, Médico de Toledo, en el año 1504. Traduc. al idioma castellano e ilustrado con varias notas por Mariano Pizzi y Frangeschi. Madr. 1761. 4°.

The Arabic original has never been printed. 292 AHMEDIS Arabsiadæ vitæ et rerum gestarum Timuri, qui vulgo Tamerlanes dicitur, historia. Lat. vertit et adnotatt. adjec. Sm. H. Manger. Leovardiæ (in other copies, Franeq.), 1767-72. 4°. 2 voll.

Correct neither in the text nor in the translation. The editor has also omitted the picture of the large game of chess, and the Mogul alphabet. Compare Millin mag. encycl. 1814, T. I. p. 192. The earlier edition (by Jac. Golius), Lugd. Bat., Elsev. 1636. 4°. contains only the Arabic text, without divisions, translation, and notes. There is a Turkish translation by Nazemi Zadeh, Konstantinop. 1142 (1729). small 4. In French by Pt. Vattier, Histoire du grand Tamerlan, Par. 1658. 4°.


discours sur la vie et la mort, le caractère et les mœurs de M. d'Aguesseau, conseiller d'état, par d'Aguesseau, chancelier de France, son fils. Au chasteau de Fresnes, 1720. (rather, Par. 1778.) 8°. on Dutch paper.

Printed by the president Saron and his wife, at their small private printing-press, which they had erected in their palace. Only 60 copies were struck off for the family. This particularly well written memoir is reprinted in the 13th volume of the author's works, and has also been published afresh with trois lettres de d'Aguesseau sur l'idée que les anciens avoient de la création. Par. 1812. 12., as a sequel to his Discours. Par. 1810. 12°. 2 voll.

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293 AHMED Ben Mohammed.
(Pearls, useful for the explanation
fi bejanel-akaid
of articles of faith, in the Turk-
ish language). Konstantinop. 1223
(1805). 4°. 298 pages.
294 AIKIN, Arth. and C. R. Dic-
tionary of chemistry and minera-
logy. Lond. 1807. 4°. 2 vols. with
plates (31. 13s. 6d.)—Account of
the most important recent disco-
veries and improvements in che-
mistry and mineralogy to the pre-
sent time; being an appendix to
the Dictionary of Ch. and M. ib.
1814. 4°. (18s.)

290 AHMAD. Ancient alphabets
and hieroglyphic characters explain-
ed, with an account of the Egyp-
tian priests, their classes, initiation,
and sacrifices, in the Arabic lan-
guage by Ahmad Bin Abubekr Bin


AIKIN, J. Description of the country from thirty to forty miles round Manchester. Lond. 1795. 4°. with 73 plates (31. 38.)

Wahshih; and in English by Jos. 296 AIKIN, J. and Enfield. Gene

Hammer. Lond. 1806. small 4°.
XXI, 136, and 54 pages.

ral biography, or lives of the emi-
nent persons of all ages, countries,
etc. Lond. 1799-1815. 4°. 10 vols.
(16 guineas).

Sacy's excellent account of this modern production, falsely ascribed to Ahmed, is

288 AGUIRRE, Domingo de. Topografia del real sitio de Aranjuez. Madrid, 1775. fol. (200 rs.)

15 leaves of plates without text, engraved by Salvador y Corona, Barcelon, Selma, Fabregat, Ballester, and others. Four of these consist of 4 sheets each, one of 2 sheets, two of half a sheet each, and the rest of one sheet each.

289 AGUIRRE, Jos. Saënz de. Collectio maxima concilior. omnium Hispaniæ et novi orbis. Rom. 1693-94. fol. 4 voll.

A new and enlarged edition by Jos. Catalani, Rom. 1753. fol. 6 voll.

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