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25 ABULCASIM Tarif Abentarik. Historia verdadera del rey D. Rodrigo. Traduz. de la lengua arab. por Mg. de Luna. Granada, 15921600. 4°. 2 voll.

Also Madr. 1654 and 1676, 4. Ital. by Sennuccio Cirfranci (Fr. Rinuccini). Fir. 1663. 4°. French (by le Roux), Par. 1680. 12. 2 voll. and another ib. 1708. 12°. This work is Luna's own composition, and its being translated from the Arabic is only feigned.


tabula Syriæ, arab. et lat. c. not. J. Bhd. Köhler. Acc. J. Jac. Reiskii animadvv. Lps. 1766. large 4°. (3 d.)


A new title and some corrections, 1786. descriptio Ægypti, arab. et lat. Ex vers. et c. notis J. D. Michaelis. Gött. 1776. small 4°. (1 d.)

26 ABULFEDA, Ism. Annales moslem., arab. et lat. op. et st. J. Jac. Reiskii. Sumpt. Pt. F. Suhmii nunc pr. ed. Jac. G. Ch. Adler. Hafn. 1789-94. 4°. 5 voll. (32 d.)

Unfinished on account of Gagnier's death. This work is entirely printed only in Reiske's Latin translation in Büsching's Magazine, voll. 4 and 5. Of the original the following single pieces are only printed.

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A complete edition of Abulfeda's history. Its forerunner was, Abulf. annal. mosl. lat. ex arab. fec. J. Jac. Reiske. Lips. 1754 (with a new title 1778). 4°. Only up to 1015. The continuation remains unfinished.

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27 de vita et reb. gest. Mohammedis. Textum arab. primus ed., lat. vert., præf. et notis illustr. J.

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Africa (arab.) cur. J. Gf. Eichhorn. Gött. 1796. 8°. (6 gr.)

Compare Hartmann in Eichhorn Bibl. d. bibl. Litt. V, 569.

Additions and variations, in Eichhorn Bibl. d. bibl. Litt. IV, 519, 559.


tabulæ quæd. geogr. et alia ejusd. arg. specimina nunc pr. arab. ed. F. Thdr. Rinck. Lps. 1791. 8°. (1 d. 4 gr.)

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̓Αμπουλφεδα των γεωγραφικών 33 - 'Aμtovλpeda ek twv yewypaḍik@v πινακων περιγραφη Χορασμίας, Μαουαραλναρχης ήτοι των περαν του ποταμου Οξου τοπων etc. μεταφρασθεισα ὑπο Ἐν Βιεννῇ, Δημητρ. ̓Αλεξανδριδου. large 8°. 291 pages: to which is added Δυο πινακες γεωγραφικοι, ὁ μεν Νασσιρ Εδδινου, ὁ δε Ολουγ Μπει. Επιμέλεια και σπουδῃ Δημ. ̓ΑλεξανSpidov. (ib.) 1807. large 8°. 79



This edition contains the Arabic text with a translation in modern Greek.-Cp. Rommel Abulfedea Arabia descriptio comm. perp. illustr. Gött. 1802. 4°. (18 gr.) J. G. Ch. Umbreit comm. exhib. historiam Emiror. al Omrah ex Abulf. Gött. 1817. 4°. See also ULUGH-BEIG, BOHADIN, SCHULTENS, and MAKRIZI.

34 ABULPHARAGIUS, Gr. Chronicon syriac. E codd. Bodlei. descriptum edider. (syr. et lat.) P. Jac. Bruns et G. Gu. Kirsch. Lps.,

B 2

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- specimen historia Arabum s. Gr. Abul Farajii de origine et morib. Arabum narratio, in 1. lat. conversa notisq. illustr. op. et st. Ed. Pocockii. Ox. 1650. 4°. 39o pages.

An extract by Abul Farajius himself from his Syriac works. The title-page of the notes has the year 1648. A new edition, Abulph. spec. hist. Arabum, auct. Ed. Pocockio: acc. hist. vett. Arabum ex Abulfeda; cura Ant. Js. Silv. de Sacy. Edid. Jos. White. Ox., typ. Clar. 1806. small 4° 573 pages (11. 18.) 36-historia compendiosa dynastiar., historiam complectens universal. a mundo cond. usque ad tempora authoris. Arab. ed. et lat. versa ab Ed. Pocockio. Ox. 1663. 4°. The Arabic text 565 pages; the Latin translation (under the same title) 368 pages. Appended thereto is Ed. Pocockii suppl. hist. dynastiar. Ox. 1663. 4°. 66 pages.

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38 ABUS, les, du mariage, où sont clairement représentées les subtilités déshonnêtes, tant des femmes que des hommes, pour se tromper l'un l'autre ; en franç., angl. et holland. vrais des grandes dames, des demoiselles nobles, filles des marchands, déguisées en bergères; et le choeur muses; 5 parties ornées de 120 portrr., par Crispin de Pas. oblong 4°.


ABUS du monde, see GRINGORE. 39 ABU-TALEB KHAN, Mirza. Travels in Asia, Afr. and Eur. in the years 1799-1802, transl. from the Pers. by Charl. Stewart. Lond. 1810. 8°. 2 vols. (11. IS.)

Also Calcutta, 1812. 8°. Lond. 1814. 12°. 3 vols. (11. 18.) in French by J. C. Jansen. Par. 1811. 8°. 2 vols. in German, Heidelb. 1812. large 8°. (2 d.)

Rather scarce; the vrais portrr. is often to be met with separately.

40 ABUZE', l', en court. without place or year, small folio, Gothic letter, with wood-cuts.


These three pieces fill a considerable volume: sometimes also they are in two volumes. In some copies the Latin translation has a new title, Hist. Orientalis, etc. with the year 1672, and with a præf. ad lect. of 5 pages, which is wanting in others. 37 kurze Gesch. d. Dynastien a. d. arab. übs. m. Anmm. v. G. Lr. Bauer. Lpz., Böhme, 1783-85. 8°. 2 voll. (1 d. 16 gr.)

A pretended dialogue by René, king of Sicily, (Gouget bibl. fr. IX. 366–72.) This edition contains 61 leaves with the signatures a I up to h V, and begins without any farther title, Aristote le tressaige et prudent philosophe par. At the end is a wood-cut, following which are seven lines of text, and the word Explicit. The type is the same as the folio edition of the doc

trinal du temps by Michault, without place

and date. See

Another very old edition without place and date, fol. Gothic letter, has the title, Cy commence un petit traité intit. l'Abusé en court, fait nagaires et comp. par.... René, R. de Sicille etc. There is commonly besides, les evangiles des quenoilles and livret cont. plusieurs honnêt. demand. et repons. sur le fait et métier d'amour. Both works appear to be printed about the same time as the first. (Debure n. 3998.)

- Labuze en court. Vienne, Pt. Schenk, 1484. small folio, Gothic letter, with wood-cuts.

29 leaves in double columns with the signatures a up to diii. A later edition, Lyon, J. Lambany, without date, 4°. ACADEMIA and ACADEMIE. De Berlin, see HISTOIRE.-Naturf. zu Berl., see BESCHAEFTIGUNGEN.

-Bonon., see COMMENTARII.-de Bruxell., see MÉMOIRES. Celtique, see ibid.-del Cimento, see MÉMOIRES.-di Cortona, see SAgSAGGI. de Chirurgie de Paris, see


- Er

-de Dijon, see MÉMOIRES. des Dames, see MEURSIUS. of Edinb., see TRANSACTIONS. furt., see ACTA.Franç., see RECUEIL.-Gotting., see COMMENTAJablonov., see ACTA. inscrr. et b. lett., see HISTOIRE. zu Kopenh., see SKRIFTER.--de Lisboa, see MEMORIAS.-de Madr.,


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cæsarea naturæ curiosor.

The complete series is, Miscellanea cu-
riosa. Decuria I. ann. 1-10. s. 1670–79.
Lps., Jen., Ff. et Vratisl. 1670-80. (v.
ann. 1-8. n. A. Ff., Lps. et Nrb. 1684-
1702). 10 parts in 7 vols. Dec. II. a. i-
10. s. 1682-91. Nrb. 1683-92. 10 voll.
Dec. III. a. 1-10. s. 1694-1703. Lps. et
Ff. (1695)-1706. 7 voll. Altogether 24
vols. in 4. with plates.-Acad. nat. cur.
ephemerides. Centuriæ X. Ff., Lps., Nrb.
et AV. 1712-22. 4°. vols. with plates.-
Acta physicomed. Vol. I-X. Nrb. 1727-
54. (v. Vol. I. II. n. A. 1747). 4°. 10 vols.
with plates (23 d.)-Nova acta a. 1754-
91. Nrb. 1757-91. 4°. 8 vols. with plates
(26 d. 20 gr.)-Verhandll. d. Leopoldin.
Carolin. Ak. d. Naturf. B. 1. (also nova
acta T. IX.) Erl. 1818. 4°. with plates.-
W. And. Kellneri index univ. Nrb. 1739.
4°. (Owing to this general table of con-
tents, J. P. Wurfbain ind. dec. 1 et 2.
Nrb. 1695. 4°. and J. Cr. Michaelis ind.
dec. 3. Francof. ad Monum, 1713. are
unnecessary.)-And. El. Büchneri acad.
nat. cur. historia. Hal. 1755. 4°. with plates
(3 d.)-Acad. nat. cur. bibliotheca phy-
sico-med. c. pr. ejusd. ib. 1755-63. 4°.
2 vols. with plates.

To these may be added, Commerc. lite-
rar. ad rei med. et scient. nat. increm.,
Nrb. 1731-45. 4°. 15 vols. with plates; and
der Ac. d. Naturf. auserl. med. chir. anat.
chym. u. bot. Abhh. a. d. lat. übers. Nrb.
1755-71.4°. 20 vols with plates (29 d.)
-di Padova, see SAGGI.-Petropol.,
see COMMENTARII. - of Philadel-
phia, see TRANSACTIONS. d. sci-
enc., see HISTOIRE.-de Siena, see
ATTI.-Suenska, see HANDLINGAR.
-Theodoro-Pal., see HISTORIA.
-de Toulouse, see HISTOIRE.-de
Turin, see MÉMOIRES.-Upsal., see



43 ACADEMIAS dos singulares de
Lisboa. Lisb. 1665-68. 4. 2 voll.
44 ACCIAIUOLI, Maddalena Sal-
vetti. Rime toscane. Fir. 1590. 4°.
2 voll.-il David perseguitato ov.
fuggitivo. ib. 1611. 4°. (only the
first three cantos).

45 ACCOLTI, Bn. Commedia inti-
tolata Virginia con strambotti e
capitoli. Fir., Rossegli, 1513. 8°.—
Also ib. 1518 and 1524. 8°. Ven.

1519, 1530, 1535, 1553, and 1578. 8°.

46 ACCORDS, Et. Tabourot, Sgr. de. Les bigarrures et touches; les escraignes dijonnoises et les contes facét. du Sr. Gaulard. Par. 1662. 12°. 2 parts in one vol. with plates.

At first at Paris, 1572. 12°. Only good copies have any value. Formerly unnecessarily decried. ACCURSJUS, Bonus, see CRASTON. 47 ACCURSIUS, Mariang. Diatribæ in Auson., Solini polyhist. et Ovidii metam. Rom. in ædd. Marcelli Argentei, 1524. fol.

this work for Ausonius.
Tollius has only cursorily made use of

Osco Volsco, Romanaque eloquentia interlocutoribus dialogus ludis Romanis actus. without place, 1531. 8°. and frequently. Against archaisms.


49 ACERBI, Jos., Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland to the North-Cape in the years 179899. Lond. 1802. 4°. 2 vols. with plates (31. 3s.)

Full of errors. In French by Jos. Lavallée, Par. 1804. 8°. 3 vols. with an atlas in 4. (20 fr. vellum-paper 40 fr.) In German, by Cp. Weyland in his Magazine of remarkable travels, vol. 26. Berl. 1803. 8. Compare Skjoldebrand.

50 ACHARIUS, Er., Methodus,
qua omnes detectos lichenes secund.
organa carpomorpha ad genera, spe-
cies et varietatt. redigere et obss.
illustrare tentavit. Sth. 1803. 8°.
2 vols. with plates (5 d. On letter-
paper with plates illum. 8 d.)
51-lichenographia universal. Gött.
1810. 4°. with 14 coloured plates
(11 d. 9 gr.)
52-lichenogr. Suecia prodromus.
Lincopiæ, 1798. 8°. with plates (2
d., illuminated 2 d. 12 gr.)
53 ACHERY, Luc. d. Spicileg.
vett. aliq. scriptor. qui in Galliæ
bibliothecis latuerant. Par. 1655-
77. 4°. 13 voll.

The first edition, scarce. A new edition of the 1 and 2 vols. 1665. A new and better arranged edition, amended and enlarged by L. Jos. de la Barre, Par. 1723.

B 3

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(gr. l.) variet. lect. notisq. Cl. Salmasii, J. Bd. Carpzovii, T. B. Bergeri ac suis illustrati a Bj. Gli. Lr. Boden. Lps. 1776. 8°. (1 d. 16 gr.) Also on Dutch paper.

Good apparatus, but not critical enough. See also Scriptt. erot. A new edition by F. Jacobs is in progress. The edition by L. Dutens. Par. 1776. 8°. rests on a mere confusion with his edition of Longus. 57 - Achillis Statii (sic) de Clitoph. et Leuc. amorr. 11. VIII. E græcis lat. facti a L. Annib. Crucejo. Bas, Hervag. 1554. 8°. 221 pages.

Translated from a good MS. He had previously translated books v-viii. from an imperfect MS. Narrationis amatoria fragm. e gr. in l. convers. Lugd., Gryph. 1544. 8°. 94 pages.

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amorosi ragionamenti. logo, nel quale si racconta un compassionevole amore di due amanti, trad. per L. Dolce da i fragmm. d' uno antico scrittor greco. Ven., Giolito, 1546 (also 1547). 8°. 56



Leuc. et di Clitoph. Nuovam. trad. dalla 1. greca (da Fr. Ang. Coccio). Ven., Sabio, 1551 (at the end, 1550). 8°. 115 leaves.

It contains all the eight books, and must have been made from a Greek MS. since the complete translation of Crucejus first appeared in 1554. Books v-viii. are also altogether different from the translation of Dolce. Repeated, Ven. 1560, 63, 68, 78, and Fir. 1598, 99, and 1617, all in 8°. Also in raccolta degli erot. gr. T. 2, Pisa, 1803. 8°. The editions of Trivigi, 1600. 8°. and Ven. 1600 and 1608. 8°. are mutilated; nevertheless the freer passages at the end of the second book were already omitted in the earlier editions. 60 ACHILLES TATIUS. Les amours de Clit. et de Leuc. trad. par L. A. du Perron de Castéra. Amst. 1733. 12°. Par. 1796. 18°. 2 vols. (vellum-paper, with 4 plates, 4 francs). Also in the bibl. des romans gr. voll. 2, 3.

61 Leukippe, e. Roman a. d. Gr. (by F. Ast. and G. Gli. Güldenapfel). Lps. 1802. small 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.)

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Previously (by D. Cp. Seybold) Lemgo, 1772. 8°. and ib. 1795. 8°. In English, Lond. 1577. 4°. and 1720. 12°.-C. Gu. Göttling animadvv. crit. in Callim. epigrr. et Achill. Tat. Jen. 1811. 8°. 42 pages. Il 62 ACHILLINI, Gi. Filoteo. viridario in ottavo rima, nel quale nomina i letterati Bolognesi e di altre città. Bol. 1513. 4°. Exceedingly scarce and often doubted.— il fidele 11. 5, cantilene 100 in versi. Bol. 1523. 8°. Scarce. ACIDALIUS, see DISPUTATIO perjucunda. jucunda. ACOMINATUS, see BYZANTINA.

63 ACOSTA, Christoval. Tractado de las drogas y medicinas de las Indias orientales con sus plantas debuxadas al vivo. Burgos, 1578. 4°. with plates.

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Containing only books v-viii. Probably after the translation of Crucejus of 64 ACOSTA, Jos., Historia natural


Achile Tatio dell' amore di

In Italian, Ven. 1585. 4°. In the Latin extract by C. Clusius, Antw. 1582 or 93. 8°. (commonly in the translation of Garcia de Orta), also in his exoticis Antw. 1605. fol. In French by Ant. Colin, Lyon, 1602 or 1619. 8°.

y moral de las Indias. Sev., 1590. 4° 535 pages and 18 leaves.


- Nuovam

̄r. Ang. Coccio).


(at the end,


ght books, and must a Greek MS. since n of Crucejus first boks v-viii. are also om the translation

Ven. 1560 , 63, 68, 2, and 1677, all in degli erot. gr. T. 2, editions of Trivigi, 600 and 1608. 8°. eless the freer pase second book were earlier editions. `ATIUS. Les E de Leuc. trad. ron de Castéra. Par. 1796. 18°. er, with 4 plates, in the bibl. des 3.

Roman a. d. Gr. F. Gli. Guildenapall 8°. (1 d. 8 gr.) Cp. Seybold) Lemgo, In English, 95. 8°.* -C. Gu. 1720. 12°. rit. in Callin. epigr. 811. 8°. 42 pages,

Il Gi. Filo teo. vo rima, nel quale ati Bolognesi e di 1513. 4°. Exceed

often doubted.— ntilene 100 in versi.



[blocks in formation]


Barcelona, 1591, 8°. Madr. 1608
or 1610. 4°.

Also in French (1598), in Italian (1596),
in Dutch (1598), and in English (1604).

65 ACROPOLITA, G., Chronicon
Cpltanum. Nunc pr. gr. et 1. ed.
notisq. illustratum. Ex bibl. Thdr.
Dousa. Lb., Basson, 1614. 8°.

This edition is printed after a very faulty
MS. For the complete work see BYZAN-


66 ACROSTICHIA, nempe Hug-
baldi calvor. laus; lusus venatorius.
Item P. Porcii pugna porcor., Flan-
driæ laus, Sibyllina acrostichia et
alia quæd. carmina nunc pr. ed.
Bas., Jac. Parvus, 1552. 8°. 24


71 ACTA helvetica phys. math. bot. medica. Bas. 1751-77. 4°. 8 vols. with plates (11 d. 4 gr.)—Nova acta. Vol. I. ib. 1787. 4°. (1 d. 12 gr.)


ACTA historico-ecclesiastica. 1– 20 voll. (or 1-115 parts), Lpz. and Wmr. 1734-56.-Beytr. zu d. actis h. e. Wmr., 1746-53, 3 voll.Allgem. Reg. üb. d. acta h. e. parts 1. 2. ib. 1765-66.-Nova acta h. e. 1-12 voll. (or 1-96 parts), ib. 1758-74.-Acta h. e. nostri temporis, 1-13 voll. (or 1-100 parts), ib. 1774-90.-Repertor üb. d. acta nova u. acta h. e. nostri temp. vol. 1. ib. 1790.-Acten u. Nachrr. z. neust. Kirchengesch. 1--3 voll. ib. 1789-94. (The third vol. has 12 numbers.) Altogether 53 vols. in 8°. The index to these acta is reckoned as one vol. (50 d. 18 gr.) 73 ACTA literaria Sueciæ, Upsaliæ publicata in a. 1720-29. Ups. 1720, 4°. 2 vols. with plates.-Acta lit. et scientiar. Sueciæ ab a. 1730-39. Ups. 4°. 2 vols. with plates.-Acta societ. reg. scientiar. Upsal. ab a. 1740-50. Sth., 1744-51. 4°. 5 vols.

70 ACTA eruditor. publicata Lipsia
ad a. 1682-1731. 50 voll.-Nova

with plates.-Nova acta. Ups. 1773

acta ab a. 1732-76. 43 voll. (for-1815. 4°. 7 vols. with plates.
from 1764-67, the Acts of two 74 ACTA literaria societ. Rheno-
years were brought into one
Trajectinæ. LB. 1793-1803. 8°. 4
voll. (8 florins 18 steins.)
75 ACTA philologor. Monacensium.


lume, and that for the year 1776
first appeared in 1782)-actor.
erud. suppll. 1692-1734. 10 voll.
-ad nova acta

Voll. I. II.

Edid. F. Thiersch.
Nrb. 1811-15. 8°.
ACTA physico-med., see ACADEMIA

nat. cur.

57. 8 voll.-indices (ab a. 1682-
1741). 1692-1745. 6 voll. Alto-
gether 117 vols. in 4°. with plates.
Complete copies are scarce, the two last
years, 1775 and 76, are generally wanting.
At Dresden and Leipzic are copies with


67 ACTA academiæ elect. Mogunt.
scientiar. Erfurti est. Voll. 1, 2.
Erf. et Goth. 1757-61. 8°. (2 d.
20 gr.)-ab a. 1776-95. Erf. 1777
-95. 4°. (17 d.)-Nova acta ab a.
1796-1806. ib. 1799-1817. large
8°. 5 vols. with plates (10 d.)

The chemical, historical, mathematical,
medical, economical, and physical essays
are also published with separate titles.
68 ACTA apostolor. gr. et 1. literis
majusc. e cod. Laud. characterib.
uncial. exarato descrips. et ed. Th.
Hearne. Ox. th. Sheld. 1715. 8°.
Only 120 copies printed.


ead. Singalice. Colombo, 1771. large 4°.




the names of the reviewers written on the side of the French translation, ouvrages d. savans publ. a Leips. l'an 1682. Haye, 1685. 12. only the first volume appeared. The particular treatises separately printed in opusc. omnia, actis er. Lipss. inserta. Ven., Pasquali, 1740. 4°. 7 vols. with plates.-The German acta erud. pts. 1-240, or voll. 1-20. Lips 1712-39. 8°. have nothing in common with this journal except the title.

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76 ACTA Sanctor. quotquot toto orbe coluntur, colleg. digess. notis illustr. J. Bollandus; op. et stud. contulit Gf. Henschenius etc. Antw., B 4

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