falloni. Ven., Marcolini, 1551-52. 8°. 3 parts in 1 vol. with good woodcuts.

Mutilated, Ven. 1607. 12o.

6349 i marmi. Ven., Marcolini, 1552. 4°. 4 parts in 1 vol. with excellent woodcuts. Also, Ven. 1609. 4°.


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moral filosofia tratta dagli antichi scrittori. Ven., Marcolini, 1552. 4°. with woodcuts.

A translation of the fables of Bidpai; see Notices et extraits, T. IX. P. I. p. 401, 441. 6351 tre libri di lettere. Ven., Marcolini, 1552. 8°.

6352 disegno partito in più ragionamenti, ne quali si tratta della scultura, pittura etc. Ven., Giolito, 1549. 8°. 6353 - pitture, nello quale si mostra di nuova inventione: amore, fortuna, tempo, divise in due trattati. Padova, 1564. 4°.

See also DANTE, No. 5743.

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natural history of the insects of India. Lond. 1800. large 4°. with illuminated plates.


epitome of the natural history of the insects of New Holland, New Zealand, New Guinea, Otaheite, etc. Lond. 1805. large 4°. with 41 illuminated plates.

6367 excursions through South Wales and Monmouthshire. Lond. 1805. 8°. 2 vols. with plates (21. 28., illuminated 31. 108.)

Donovan's works are little prized in England.

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6368 DOOLIN. La fleur des batailles, Doolin de Maience, chevalier preux et hardi, fils du noble et chevalereux Guy, comte de Maience. Par., Ant. Verard, 27 Mai 1501. fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts.

4 leaves of preliminary matter and 56 leaves, with lines running all across the page. The scarcest edition, and the most sought after. A copy on vellum, with 25 miniatures, 325 fr. baron Heiss. The edition, Par., Bonfons, without date, 4°. Gothic letter, with woodcuts, is also of some value. Á German edition see above, ALXINGER.


Atlas novus cœlestis. Nrb. 1742. large fol.

Badly engraved, and not prized. 6370-Nachricht von den Nürnberg. Mathematicis u. Künstlern. Thl. 1. 2. Nrb. 1730. fol. with plates. 6371 DORAT, Cl. Jos. Le recueil des ses œuvres. Par. 1764-80. 8°. 20 vols. with plates.

Under separate titles. Only the large
paper copies are prized in France.
6372 DOREID, Ibn. Poemation
cum scholiis arab. excerptis Cha-
luwiæ et Lachumæi, lat. conversum
et obss. miscell. illustratum. Edid.
et curav. Aaggaeus Haitsma. Fra-
neq. 1773. 4°.

6379 DOTTORI, C. de. Opere.
Padova, 1695. 12°. 2 voll.
6380 DOUCE, Fr. Illustrations of
Shakespeare and of ancient man-
ners, with dissertations on the clowns
of Shakespeare, on the collection of
popular tales, entitled Gesta Ro-
manorum, and on the English mor-
ris dance. Lond., Longman, 1807.
8. 2 vols. (11. 118. 6d.)
6381 DOUCIN, L. Histoire du Ne-
storianisme. Rott. 1698. 4°.-Hist.
de l'Origénisme. Par. 1700. 8°.
6382 DOUGLAS, Jam. Nenia Bri-
tannica, or sepulchral history of
Great Britain. Lond. 1793. fol.
with 36 plates. Also on large pa-
per, with illuminated plates.
6383 DOUGLAS, Rb. Peerage of
rected, with a continuation by Ph.
Scotland. Ed. II. revised and cor-
Wood. Edinb. 1813. fol. 2 vols.
with heraldic plates (10l. 10s., on
large paper 151. 15s).—The baron-
age of Scotland. ib. 1798. fol. with

Freferred to the following on account of the observations.


Abu Becri Mohammedis Ebn Doreidi... idyllium arabicum, lat. redditum et breviss. scholiis illustr.

edid. Ever. Scheidius. Harderovici,
1786. 4.

6374 DORMER, Diego Jos. Dis-
cursos varios de historia, con mu-
chas escrituras reales antiguas y no-

tas y algunas dellas. Saragossa, plates (21. 28., on large paper 31. 38.).

Dormer, 1683. 4°.

See also CURITA.

6384 DOUSA, Janus. Batavia Hol-
landiæque annales a Jano Dousa filio
tinuati. LB. 1601. 4°.
inchoati, a Patre recogniti et con-



6375 DORNAVIUS, Csp. Amphi-
theatrum sapientiæ Socraticæ joco-
seriæ, h. e. encomia et commentaria
autorum qua veterum qua recentio-
rum prope omnium, quibus res aut
pro vilibus vulgo aut damnosis ha-
bitæ styli patrocinio vindicantur,
Hanov. 1619 or 70.
fol. 2 parts in 1 vol.
6376 DOSIUS, J. Ant. Urbis Romæ
ædificior. illustrium quae supersunt
reliquiæ, a J. Ant. Dosio stilo fer-
reo, ut hodie cernuntur, descriptæ,
et a J. Bt. de Cavalleriis æneis ta-
bulis incisis repræsentatæ. With
out place, 1569. fol. 50 leaves with
the title.

6377 DOTTI, Bm. Rime e sonetti. Ven. 1689. 12°.

Very scarce even in Italy. 6378 satire.


2 voll.; also, Amst. (Ven.) 1790. 12°. 2 voll.

Ginevra, 1757. 12°.

6385 DOW, Alex. History of Indostan to the death of Akbar, transl. from the Persian of Muhamed Casim Ferishta. Lond. 1770. 4°. 3 vols. with plates. New Ed. Lond. 1812. 8°. 3 vols. (1l. 11s. 6d.) In German, Lpz. 1772-74. large 8°. 3 vols. (4 d.)

6386 DOYLEY. The European in India, from drawings by C. Doyley, with preface and history by Captain Williamson and Fr. W. Blagdon. Lond. 1813. large 4°. with plates (51. 58.)

6387 DRACONIS Stratonicensis liber de metris poeticis. J. Tzetze exegesis in Homeri Iliadem (gr.). Primum edid. et indd. addid. Gf. Hermannus. Lps., Weigel, 1812. 8°. (2 d. 6 gr.) Appendix ad

Draconem Straton. complectens Trichæ, Eliæ monachi et Herodiani tract. de metris (gr.) ex codd. mss. edid. Fr. de Furia. ib., id., 1814. 8°. (9 gr.) 6388 DRACONTII carmina ex mss. CONTI Vaticanis duplo auctiora iis, quæ adhuc prodierunt. Recensente Faustino Arevalo, qui prolegomena, varias vett. editionum lectiones perpetuasq. notatt. adjecit. Romæ, 1791. 4°.

An excellent edition. Previously by J. Weitz. Ff. 1610. 8°. And. Rivinus Lps. 1651. 8°., and J. Bd. Carpzov Helmst. 1794. 8°.

6389 DRAGONCINO, Gi. Bt. Marfisa bizarra (canti XIV). Ven., Bn. de Viano, 1532. 4°.-La medes. di nuova ristampata e ricorretta. Padova, Remondini, without date. 8°. -La medes. Ven. 1545. 4°.

All these editions are scarce.

seconde partie. Par. 1627, or 31, or 41. 8°.

6390 DRAKE, Fr. Sommarie and
true discourse of Sir Fr. Drake's
West Indian voyage by Th. Cales.
Lond. 1596. 4°.-The famous voy-
age of Sir Fr. Drake into the south
sea and then home about the whole
globe of the earth, in the years
1577, etc. by Fr. Petty. Lond.
1600 or 18. 4°.-Sir Fr. Drake re-
viv'd in a relation of his third voy-
age in the yeares 1572-73. Lond.
1626. 4°.-The world encompassed
by Fr. Drake being his next voy-
age to that to Nombre de Dios,
carefully collected out of the notes
of master Fr. Fletcher. Lond. 1628.
4°-Sir Fr. Drake revived, being
a summary and true relation of four
several voyages made by Fr. Drake
to the West Indies. Lond. 1653. 4°.
-The famous voyage of Sir Fr.
Drake, being the first commander
that sail'd round the globe; to
which is added the prosperous voy-
age of Th. Candish round the
world. Lond. 1741. 8°.
6391 - le voyage de Fr. Drach à
l'entour du monde, trad. par F. de
Louvencourt, Sieur de Vauchelles.
Par. 1613. 8°.-augmenté d'une

A translation of the 2d book of the preceding number.


expeditio in Indias occidentales anno 1585. Leydæ, 1588. 4°. 21 pages.

voyage aux Indes occiden-
tales l'an 1585. Leyde, 1588. 4°.
6394 DRAKE, Fr. Eboracum, or
the history and antiquities of the
city of York, with the history of the
cathedral church. Lond. 1736. fol.
with plates. Also on large paper.

So sought after and prized in England, that from 14 to 16 guineas are paid for it. 6395 DRAKE, Ed. Cavendish. New universal collection of authentic voyages and travels selected from the best writers. Lond. 1770. fol. with plates.

6396 DRAKE, Nathan. Shakspeare and his times. Lond., Cadell, 1817. 4°. 2 vols. with plates (51. 5s., on large paper 71. 78.).

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6397 DRAMATA sacra ex veteri testamento desumpta. Bas., Oporin., 1547. 8°. 2 voll.

This scarce collection contains 16 pieces of different authors.

6398 DRAPARNAUD, Jac. Ph.
Raimond. Histoire naturelle des
mollusques terrestres et fluviatiles
de la France. Par., an XIII (1805).
4°. with plates (18 fr., on vellum
paper 36 fr.).
6399 DRAUD, G. Bibliotheca clas-
sica s. catalogus officinalis, in quo
singuli singular. facultatum ac pro-
fessionum libri, qui in quavis fere
lingua extant, quique intra homi-
num fere memoriam prodierunt, se-
cundum artes et disciplinas recen-
sentur. Ff. 1611. 4°. 3 parts in 2

The fair catalogues only of that period for the most part form the groundwork to this general and often uncertain list of books. The parts have also the following separate titles. Bibl. libror. germ. classica A exotica, and bibl. classica libror. lat. 2d edition is, Ff. 1625. 4°., but the existence of an edition, Fƒ. 1644. is uncertain.

6400 DRAYTON, Mch. Works. 1748. fol.

The Owle, a poem, Lond. 1604. 4°. 54 pages, is wanting in this collection. 6401 DREBBEL, Corn. Tract. de natura elementor. et de quinta essentia, lat. per Pt. Lauremberg. Typis J. de Tournes, 1628. 8°.; also, Hmb. 1621. 8°. In German, Ff. 1715. 8°.

6402 DRESIG, Sgm. F. Comm. de verbis mediis N. T. cur. J. F. Fischer; addita est præter Ldf. Küsteri librum J. Clerici diss. de eod. genere verbor. græc. Lps., Fritsch, 1755. 8°. (16 gr.) 6403 DREUX du Radier. L'Europe illustre, contenant l'histoire abrégée des souverains, des princes etc. depuis le 15e siècle compris, jusqu'à présent. Par., Odieuvre, 1755. very large 8°. 6 vols.

Each vol. contains 100 portraits, with 100 biographies. They are chiefly old plates. The work is printed on 4 sorts of paper: 1. in 8°. sur pap. nom de Jésus; 2. in 4. sur pap. carré; 3. in 4°. sur grand raisin, only 50 copies; 4. in fol. sur nom de Jésus, only 30 copies. The more recent copies, Par., Nyon, 1777, have inferior impressions of the plates.

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sur la cavalerie. Par. 1776. large fol. and I vol. plates (240 fr.). Also with illuminated plates.

6406 DRUMMOND, Alex. Travels through different cities of Germany, Italy, Greece, and several parts of Asia. Lond. 1754. fol. with plates. 6407 DRUMMOND, W. Works in verse and Edinb. 1711. fol. prose. -Poems. Lond. 1790. 12°. 6408 DRUMMOND, W. Essay on a Punic inscription, found in the island of Malta. Lond. 1810. large 4o. (1l. 118. 6d.) 6409 DRUMOND de Melfort. Traité VOL. I.

In the 1st vol. 1 plates, and in the 2nd vol. 32 double plates. Reprinted, Dresd. 1786. 4°. 2 vols. with 34 and 25 bad reengravings, reduced in size.

6410 DRURY, Obrien. Illustrations hibited upward of 240 figures of of natural history, wherein are exexotic insects, with a particular description of each; to which is added

a translation into French. Lond. 1770-82. large 4°. 3 vols.

With 150 neat illuminated plates. Also on Dutch paper. In German by G. Wfg. Fr. Panzer, Nrb. 1785-88. large 4°. 4 parts, with illuminated plates (15 d.). 6411 DRURY, Rb. Madagascar, or journal during 15 years captivity with plates; also, Lond. 1808. 8°. on that island. Lond. 1729. 8°.


6412a DRUSIUS, J. Opuscula ad grammaticam (orient.) spactantia. Franeq. 1609. 4°.-Apophthegmata Ebræor. ac Arabum. ib. 1612. 4°. -Vett. interpretum græcor. in V. T. fragmenta notis illustrata. Arnhem. 1622. 4°.


6412b DRYANDER, Jonas. logus bibliothecæ historico-naturalis Jos. Banks. Lond., Bulmer, 1796– 1800. large 8°. 5 vols. on vellum paper.

The great completeness of the collection, and the accuracy of the catalogue, make this work extremely valuable, and indispensable. It is already very scarce, as only 250 copies were struck off. 6413 DRYDEN, J. The complete works, original and translated, with notes historical and critical and a Lond. 1808. 8°. 18 vols. (91. 9s., on life of the author by Walter Scott. large paper 121. 12s.)

Already scarce on large paper. The first complete (only too complete) edition of Dryden's works. 6414

critical and miscellaneous (prose) works, with his life by Malone. Lond. 1800. 8°. 4 vols.; also on fine paper.-In addition, Poetical works, containing original poems, tales, and translations, with

I i

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6417 DSCHEVHERI behijei Ahmedije' fi scherhil wassieti Mohammedije (Ahmed's costly string of pearls for the explanation of the Mohammedan doctrine, or commentary on Bergewi's treatise, Turkish). Cpl. 1219 (1804). 4°. 314 pages. 6418 DUARENUS, Fr. Opera. Lucæ, 1764. fol. 4 voll. DUBBJ amorosi, see ARETINO. 6419 DUBOIS-MAISONNEUVE. Peintures des vases antiques, vulgairement appellés étrusques, tirées de différentes collections et gravées par A. Clener, accompagnées d'explications par Aubin L. Millin. Par., impr. de Didot l'aîné, 180810. large fol. 3 vols. on smoothed vellum paper, with 155 plates (450 fr., with illuminated plates 1125 fr.).

The impression consisted only of 300 copies, and is already scarce. Splendid, but the representations are unfaithful: the text, however, is of value. A new, less costly, impression of the same plates and the same text, Par., Didot l'aîné, 1816. fol. 2 vols. with 155 plates. 6420 DUBOIS, J. A. A description of the character, manners, and customs of the people of India. Translated from the French manuscript. Lond., Longman, 1817. 4°. (21. 2s.) 6421 DUBOURGET. Traité de navigation. Par. 1808. 4°. with plates (20 fr.). 6422 DUBRAVIUS, J. AVIU Historia regni Bohemiæ ab initio Bohemor. 11. 33. Without place, typis J. Guntheri, 1552. fol.

des antiquités de Paris. Par. 1612. 4°. In addition, Supplementum antiquitatum urbis Parisiacæ, quoad SS. Germani a Pratis et Mauri Fossatensis cœnobia. Par. 1614. 4°.

The edition, Par. 1639. 4°. is enlarged with a supplement of 104 pages. DUBREUIL, see PERSPECTIVE. 6424 DUBUT, L. A. Architecture civile; maisons de ville et de campagne de toutes formes et de tous genres projettées. T. I. Par., an XI (1803). fol. with 90 plates (90 fr., on Dutch paper 120 fr., figures 400 fr.).

The 2nd vol. has not yet appeared.

6425 DUBY, Tobiesen Pt. Ancher.
Recueil général des pièces obsidio-
nales et de nécessité, gravées dans
l'ordre chronologique des évène-
mens, av. l'explication. Par. 1786.
large 4°. with 27 and 4 plates.
traité des monnoies des ba-
rons ou représentation et explica-
tion de toutes les monnoies qu'ont
fait frapper les possesseurs de grands
fiefs de France. Par., 1790. large
4°. 2 vols. with 110 and 10 plates.

Both works are very profound, and are scarce, because the greater part of the impression (more than 600 copies of the last work) were thrown away as waste paper. Even the plates of the first were destroyed.

The 1st edition, very scarce. not. Th. Jordani. Ff. 1687. 8°. 6423 DUBREUL, J. Le théâtre


6427 DUC, Ph. de. Proverbes en rimes. Par. 1664. 12°. 2 voll. DUCANGE, see FRESNE. 6428 DUCAREL, And. AngloNorman antiquities, considered in a tour through part of Normandy. Lond. 1767. fol. with plates. 6429 series of above 200 AngloGallic or Norman and Aquitain coins of the antient kings of England. Lond. 1757. 4°. with 16 plates. DUCAS, see BYZANTINA, No. 15. 6430 DUCCHI, Gr. La Scacheide (poema in ottava rima). Vicenza, 1586 or 1607. 4°. DUCERCEAU, see ANDROUET. Also cum 6431 DUCERCEAU, J. A. Poé

sies. Par., Didot, 1785. 12°. 2 vols. Also on vellum paper.

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