DUCHESNE, see CHESNE. DUCHOUL, see CHOUL. 6432 DUCIS, J. Fr. Euvres. Ed. III. Par., Didot, 1819. 8°. 3 vols. with 1 portrait and 12 plates (28 fr.). Also on vellum paper. 6433 DUCLOS, Charl. Pineau. Œuvres complètes précédées d'une notice hist. et littér. (par Athan. Auger.) Par. 1806. 8°. 10 voll. (40 fr., on vellum paper So fr.) 6434 DUDLEY, J. Metamorphoses of Sona, a Hindu tale. With a glossary, descriptive of the mythology of the Sastras. Lond. 1811. 8°. (6s.)

6435 DUDLEY, Rb.

Arcano del


Fir. 1646-47. fol. 3 vols. with plates and maps.-Ed. II. ib. 1661. fol. 2 vols. with plates and


Both editions are scarce, but no longer sought after.

6436 DUELLIUS, Raym. Miscellaneorum, quæ ex codd. MSS. collegit, ll. II. AV. et Græcii, 172324. 4°. 2 voll.

6437 excerptor. genealogicor. ll. II. Acc. appendix I. et II. Lps. 1725. fol. with plates.

6438 DÜRER, Albr. Vnderweysung der messung, mit dem zirckel võ richtscheyt, in Linien ebnen vnnd gantzen corporen. Nrb. (without the printer's name), 1525. fol.

In Dresden there are 2 copies of this edition exactly like each other, and yet the M in the words of the title, Mit Begnadung, different in both copies; the c also in the abbreviation 1f. in one copy has a small stroke, which it has not in the other. As to the rest, in C5b the figure of a burning mirror ought to have a more correct design pasted over, and P4b and Q 1a ought to be 2 narrow oblong octavo leaves, which belong to the 2 figures 59 and 61. Also, Nrb., Hi. Formschneyder, 1538. fol. with woodcuts. Arnheim, Janssen, 1603.

fol. 6439

Albertus Durerus versus e germanica lingua in latinam (institutionum geometricar. ll. IV). Par., Ch. Wechel, 1535. fol. with woodcuts.

6440 etliche vnderricht zu befestigung der Stett, Schloss u. Flecken. Nrb. 1527. fol. with woodcuts. Less fine is Arnhem, Janssen, 1603. fol. with woodcuts.


de urbibus, arcibus castellisque condendis ac muniendis rationes aliquot, e lingua germ. in lat. traductæ. Par., Ch. Wechel, 1535. fol. with woodcuts.


Previously, ib. 1532. fol. Also, Arnhemiæ, Janssonius, 1605. fol. with woodcuts.

Hierin sind begriffen vier bücher von menschlicher Proportion. (Nrb.), 1528. fol. with woodcuts.

The original MS. of the author's, with his own drawings and other sketches, is in the Royal library at Dresden. Arnhem, Janssen, 1603. fol. is less fine. 6443-de symmetria partium in rectis formis humanorum corporum libri (II priores) in lat. conversi (a Jo. Camerario). Nrb., in ædd. vidue Durerianæ, 1532. fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts.-In addition, De varietate figurarum et flexuris partium ac gestibus imaginum libri II, qui prioribus, de symmetria quondam editis, nunc prim. (ab eod.) in latinum conversi accesserunt. Nrb., impensis viduæ Durerianæ, 1534. fol. Gothic letter, with woodcuts.

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Also, Par., Wechel, 1535 or 57. fol. with woodcuts.

6444 les quatre livres d'Albert Durer de la proportion des parties et pourtraicts des corps humains. Traduicts par L. Meigret. Par., Perier, 1557. fol. with woodcuts.

Also, Arnhem, Junssen, 1613. fol. with woodcuts.

6445 della simmetria de i co:pi humani libri quattro nuovam. t adotti da Gi. P. Gallucci, ed accresciuti del quinto libro. Ven., Nicolini, 1591. fol. with woodcuts. Also, Ven., Mainetti, 1594. fol. A Dutch translation, Arnheim, 1622. fol. is also quoted. 6446 Alb. Dureri d. i. alle opera Bücher Albr. Dürers. Arnhem, Janssen, 1604. fol.

Only a chief title for the treatises on measures, on proportion, and on fortification of towns.

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[blocks in formation]

15 leaves. On the recto of each leaf is a large woodcut; on the reverse the Latin text in prose.

6449 Epitome in divæ parthenices Mariæ historiam ab Alb. Durero Norico per figuras digestam cum versibus annexis Chelidonii. Nrb., Alb. Durer, 1511. large fol. 20 leaves.

On the recto the woodcuts; on the reverse the explanations in Latin verse. 6450 Passio domini nostri Jesu. ex hieronymo Paduano. Dominico Mancino. Sedulio. et Baptista Mantuano. per fratrem Chelidonium collecta. Cum figuris Alb. Dureri Norici Pictoris. Nrb., Alb. Durer, 1511. large fol. 12 leaves.

Called the great Passion.' On the recto the woodcuts; on the reverse the explanations. The first copies are without any text. 6451

Passio Christi ab Alb. Durer Nurembergensi effigiata cum varii generis carminibus fratris Bd. Chelidonii Musophili. Nrb., Alb. Durer, 1511. 4°. 37 leaves. The small Passion.

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Alb. Dürers christl. mytholog. Handzeichnungen, nebst Titel, Vorrede u. Dürers Bildniss, zusamm. 23 Bll. in lithograph. Manier gearbeitet von N. Strixner. München, 1808. large fol. (18 d.)

See also KUNST. As to the rest, consult Bartsch Peintre graveur, T. 7. 6453 DUFLOS le jeune. Recueil d'estampes représentant les grades, les rangs et les dignités, suivant le costume de toutes les nations existantes, avec des explications historiques. Par. 1779. large fol. with 264 plates. Also with illuminated plates.

6454 abrégé de l'hist. univers. en figg., ou recueil d'estampes représentant les sujets les plus frappans de l'histoire, dessin. par Monnet et grav. par Duflos, avec le texte par Vauvilliers. Par., Duflos, 1785. large 8°. 5 vols. (150 fr., in 4°. 200 fr.) DUFRESNE, see FRESNE. Etude sur le 6455 DUFRESNE. crédit public par Dufresne, liquidateur au trésor royal. Exemplaire unique à l'usage de l'auteur. Without place, 1784. large 8°.

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This rarity was purchased in Paris in 1806 for 36 fr.

6456 DUFRESNOY, Charl. Alphonse. L'art de peinture trad. en franç. (par Royer de Piles). Ed. II. augm. d'un dialogue sur le coloris. Par. 1673. 12°. with plates by Sb. le Clerc.

The most prized edition, on account of the plates. The plates in the edition of 1684 are less fine. Ed. IV. Par. 1751. 8°. With Marsy's poem on the same subject translated by Querlon, under the title, Ecole d'Uranie. Par. 1753 or 80. Also The translated by Renou, Par. 1789. 8°. original: Dufresnoy et Marsy de pictura carmina iterum ed. Ch. Adf. Klotz. Lps. 1770. 8°. In Italian, Rom. 1713 or 75. 8°. with plates; and by Innoc. Ansaldi, Pescia, 1783. 8°. In English by Dryden in his works, and by Mason, Lond. 1783. 4°. DUFRESNOY, see LENGLET. 6457 DUGDALE, W. Antiquities of Warwickshire. Lond. 1656. fol. with portrait, 3 maps, 10 separate plates, and several printed in the text.

Scarce even in England, and greatly prized on account of the original plates by Hollar (15-20 guineas). The edition by Thomas, Lond. 1730. fol. 2 vols. with plates, is enlarged, equally scarce, and still more prized (25-30l.). (Scarce on large paper). The edition, Coventry, 1765. fol. with plates, ranks much lower. A new edition will be published by Lackington in London.

6458- history of St. Paul's cathedral in London. Lond. 1658. fol. with plates by Hollar.

Equally scarce and prized (10-121.). The enlarged edition, ib. 1716. fol. with plates (also on large paper), is at the same price.

A new edition, greatly enlarged, by H. Ellis,
Lond. 1816. fol. with plates (15 guineas,
on large paper 30 guineas).
6459-baronage of England. Lond.
1675-76. fol. 3 parts in 2 vols.
with plates.

This work sells in England for 151., but
is only of local interest. A new edition
will be published by Lackington.
6460- ancient usage of bearing arms,
with catalogue of the baronets, chan-
cellors, etc.; also Honores Angli-
cani, or titles of honour of the En-
glish nobility, with additions and
continuation by Banks. Lond. 1811.

[blocks in formation]

6462 a short view of the troubles
in England (1638-59). Ox., th.
Sheld., 1681. fol. Also on large

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6463 DUHALDE, J. Bt. Descrip-
tion géographique, historique, chro-
nol., polit. et physique de l'em-
pire de la Chine et de la Tartarie
Chinoise. Par. 1735. large fol. 4
vols. with plates and


In the 1st vol. are 25 maps and plans;
in the 2nd, 10 plates; in the 3rd, 4 plates
and I leaf of notes; in the 4th, 25 maps.
The edition, Haye, 1736. 4°. 4 vols. with
plates, contains only some of the maps (but
corrected), and in consequence the Atlas
de la Chine (see above, No. 767) is often
annexed to it, or the plates and maps of
the Paris edition. In German, Rost. 1747
-49. 4°. 4 vols. with plates and additions;
ib. 1756. 4°.


arbres et de leur culture. Par. 1760.
4°. with plates (15 fr.). In Ger-
man by C. Cp. Oelhafen von Schöl-
lenbach. Nrb. 1763. 4°. with 16
plates (3 d.). In Spanish by Cas.
Gom. Ortega. Madr. 1773. large
4°. with plates.

6467 traité de la conservation des
grains et particulièrement du fro-
ment, avec le supplément. Par.
1753, or 1754-65, or 1768-71. 12°.
2 vols. with plates. In German by
J. Dn. Titius. Lpz. 1755-68. 8°.
2 vols. with plates.

6464 DUHAMEL du Monceau, H.
L. Élémens d'agriculture. Par. 1762,
or 63, or 79. 12°. 2 vols. with plates.
traité de la culture des terres
suivant les principes de Tull. Nouv.
éd. Par. 1753-61. 12°. 6 vols. with


Vol. 6. is often wanting. In German,
Dresd. 1759. 8°.
6466 des semis et plantations des

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6468 de l'exploitation des bois.
Par. 1764. 4°. I part in 2 vols. with
In German by
plates (24 fr.).
C. Cp. Oelhafen von Schöllenbach.
Nrb. 1766–67. 4°. 2 vols. with 36
plates (8 d.).


6469 du transport, de la conserva-
tion et de la force des bois. Par..
1767. 4°. with plates (16 fr.).
la physique des arbres. Par.
1758. 4°. 2 vols. with plates (27
fr.). In Spanish by Cas. Gom. Or-
tega, Madr. 1772. large 4°. 2 vols.
with plates. In Italian, Ven. 1774-
4°. 2 vols. with 50 plates. In German
by C. Cp. Oelhafen von Schöllen-
bach, Nrb. 1764-65. 4°. 2 vols.
with 50 plates.
6471 traité des arbres fruitiers.
Par. 1768. very large 4°. 2 vols.
with plates.


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The edition, Par. 1782. 8°. vols. with
plates, is not prized. Nouv. éd. augm. par
A. Poiteau et P. Turpin. Par. 1808. large
fol. with coloured plates (in Nos. of 6 plates
at 30 fr.). In German by C. Cp. Oellafen
von Schöllenbach, Nrb. 1775-83. 4°. 3 vols.
with 18 plates (22 d. 16 gr.).

6472 traité des arbres et arbustes
qui se cultivent en France en pleine
terre. Par. 1755. 4°. 2 vols. with


6473 - nouv. éd. augm. de plus
de moitié, rédigée par J. A. L.
Loiseleur de Longchamps.
1800 etc. 4°. with plates after Re-
douté's designs.



It will form 7 vols. in 80 Nos. Each
No. of 6 plates costs 9 fr., on vellum paper
with illuminated plates 25 fr., on large

[blocks in formation]

6477 DUJARDIN et PEYRILHE. Histoire de la chirurgie depuis son origine jusqu'à nos jours. Par. 1774 -80. 4°. 2 vols. with plates. DUJARDIN, see HISTOIRE génér. des provinces-unies. 6478 DUKER, C. And. Opuscc.

varia de latinitate ICtor. vett. LB. 1711. 8°. Lps. 1773. 8°. (20 gr.) 6479 DUMARSAIS, César Chesneau. Œuvres complètes. Par., an 5 (1797). 8°. 7 voll. (28 fr.) 6480 DUMAS, C. L. Principes de physiologie. Ed. II. Par. 1807.8°. 4 voll. (20 fr.) In German by L. A. Kraus and Cp. Jonath. Pickhard. Gött. 1807. large 8°. 2 voll. (3 d. 8 gr.)

6481 DUMBAR, Gerh. Analecta s. vetera aliquot scripta inedita. Daventr. 1719-22. 8°. 2 voll.

Appertaining to Dutch history. 6482 DUMONSTIER, Arthur. Neustria pia s. de omnib. et singulis abbatiis et prioribus totius Normaniæ. Rothomagi, 1663. fol. Scarce. 6483 DUMONT, Gbr. Mt.

Détails Détails

[blocks in formation]

diplomatique du droit des gens, ou 6487 DUMONT, J. Corps universel recueil des traités de paix, d'alliance, de commerce etc. faits en Euprésent. Amst. 1726. fol. 8 voll.— rope depuis Charlemagne jusqu'à Histoire des anciens traités jusqu'à Charlemagne, par J. BARBEYRAC. Amst. 1739. fol. 2 voll.-Supplément au corps diplomatique av. le cérémoniel diplomatique des cours de l'Europe, par J. ROUSSET. Amst. traités de paix et autres négocia 1739. fol. 3 voll.-Histoire des de Vervins jusqu'à celle de Nimètions du 17e siècle, depuis la paix gue, par J. Yves de SAINT-PREST. Amst. 1725. fol. 2 voll.-Négociations secrètes touchant la paix de Munster et d'Osnaburg depuis 1642 -1648, par J. le CLERC. Haye, 1724-25. fol. 4 voll.-Altogether 19 vols. Also on large paper.

Also often bound in 28 or 30 vols. Dumont ended with 1731. Rousset continued it to 1738. Wenk's Codex jur. gentium diplomat. commences from 1735. 6488 histoire militaire du prince Eugène de Savoye, du prince et duc de Marlborough et du prince de Nassau-Frise etc. Haye, 172947. large fol. 3 vols. with plates.

Greatly prized. Sometimes only the first 2 vols. are met with, bound in 3 vols. The 1st edition of 1725, in 2 vols. under the title, Batailles gaignées par le prince Eugène, is less complete, and it ought to have

[blocks in formation]

6495 DUNOD, Fr. Ign. Histoire des Séquanois et de la province Séquanoise des Bourguignons. Dijon, Mémoires 1735-37. 4°. 2 voll. pour servir à l'hist. du comté de Bourgogne. Besançon, 1740. 4°. with plates.-Histoire de Besançon. Besanç. 1750. 4°. 2 voll. 6496 DUNS Scotus, J. Opera omnia collecta, recognita, scholiis et commentariis illustrata a Patribus Hibernis, collegii Romani S. Isidori professoribus. Lugd., Durand., 1639. fol. 12 parts in vols. 13 Superintended by Lucas Wadding, and

[ocr errors]

Reno, 1473. fol.-In quartum librum sententiar. (Nrb., Koberger). 1474. fol. Gothic letter, 288 leaves with 2 columns and 51 lines.

-Quæstiones quodlibeticæ. (Ven.), Alb. Stendal, 1474. fol. with 2 columus. At the end 5 leaves of index. The oldest editions only have any value. DUPERRON, see ANQUETIL. 6498 DUPIN, Cl. (anon.) Les œconomiques. Carlsruhe, 1745. 4° 3


There were only 12-15 copies printed for friends.


6197 quæstiones super primo sententiarum. Ven. (Alb. Stendael), 1472. fol. 247 leaves with 3 columus. Scriptum super secundum sententiar. (ib.), id., 1474. fol.— Super libro tertio sententiar. (In S. Ursio prope Vicentiam), J. de

[blocks in formation]

6500 DUPIN, J. Le livre de bonne vie, qui est appellé Mandevie. Chambéry, Ant. Neyret, 1485. fol. Gothic letter.

In prose and verse. Also under the title, Le champ vertueux de bonne vie. Par., Mch.le Noir, without date. 4°. Gothic letter. Biblio6501 DUPIN, L. Ellies. thèque des auteurs ecclésiastiques. Ed. 3. Par. 1698 etc. 8°. 61 voll. A complete copy ought to contain, Prolegomènes, 3 voll. 1e-ze siècle, 2 voll. 4e siècle, 3 voll. ze siècle, 4 voll. 6e siècle, 1 vol. 7e et Se siècle, 1 vol. Supplém. du 4e-8e siècle, 1 vol. 9e siècle, 1 vol. 12e siècle, 4 voll. 13e-15e siècle, 4 voll. 16e siècle, 5 voll. Auteurs séparés de l'é


glise (1718), 4 voll. (Scarce). 17e siècle,

7 voll. Histoire ecclés. du 17e siècle, 4 voll. 18e siècle, 2 voll. Continuation par Cl. Pt. Goujet (1736), 3 voll. Tables, 5 voll. Remarques par Mth. Petit-Didier (1691–96), 3 voll. Critique par Rch. Simon (1730), 4 voll.

The reprint, Amst. 1690–1715. 4°. 19 vols. is incomplete, and the Latin translation, Par. 1692–93. 4°. 3 vols. goes only as far as to the 5th century.

6502 DUPONT. (anon.) La doctrino christiano in rimos, per un des sons missionaires. Toulouso, Couloumiés, 1648. 12°.

In the Gascogne dialect.

6503 DUPORT, Jac. Homeri gnomologia duplici parallelismo illu

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