la perfezione ed i difetti del cavallo (en ital. et en franç.) Fir. 1753. fol. with plates. A fine edition. The title-plate has Antimaquignonage, etc. 6646 EISENBERGER, N. F. et G. LICHTENSTEGER. Piscium, serpentum, insector. etc. imagines, quas M. Catesby in posteriore parte operis, quo Carolinæ reddidit historiam naturalem etc. (en franç. et en allem.) Nrb. 1750. (new title 1777). large fol.

109 illuminated plates with the supple


6647 EISENMENGER, J. And. Entdecktes Judenthum. Königsb. 1711. 4°. 2 voll.

Much that is false and odious.

6648 EISENSCHMID, J. Csp. De ponderib. et mensuris vett. Romanor., Græcor., Hebræor disquisitio. Arg. 1708 or 37. 8°.

6649 ELCI, Aug. d'. Satire. Fir. 1817. 4°. On vellum paper, with Elci's portrait by Morghen (40 paoli.)

A very fine edition. Ib. 1817. 8°. (6 paoli) is a smaller edition.

6650 ELDIK, Eric. Hub. van. Sus-
picionum (criticar.) specimen.
Zutph. 1764. 4°.

6651 ELEGIA ad M. Valer. Corvi-
num Messalam. Edidit, commenta-
tione de auctore et observationib.
instrux. G. Ph. Ebh. Wagner. Lps.,
Weigel, 1816. 8°. (12 gr.)
6652 ÉLÉMENS de la langue russe
ou méthode courte et facile pour
apprendre cette langue (par Char-
pentier). St. Petersbourg, 1768. 8°.

-Ed. III. ib. 1795. 8°.
6653 ELEMENTĂ philosophiæ
Christianæ, quib. continentur al-
phabeta slavonicum, græcum et lat.,
preces, regulæ morum, nomencla-
tura universalis etc. Omnia slavo-
nice, gr. et lat. edita jussu Pt.
Alexiowitz. Moschæ, 1701. 4°.
6654 ELEMENTOS de toda la ar-
quitectura civil. Madr. 1763. fol.
with plates.

6655 ELEMENTS, the, and practice of rigging and seamanship. Lond. 1794. 4°. 2 vols. with plates. 6656 ELEMENTS and practice of naval architecture. Lond., Steel, 1805. large 4°. with many plates. 6657 ELENCHUS librorum, qui ex

officina libraria sacri consilii Christiano nomini propagando formis omnigenis impressi prodierunt ibique adhuc asservantur, linguarum exoticar. ordine digestus. Romæ, ex eadem officina, 1817. 12°. 1 sheet.

The newest edition of this interesting list, superintended by Fr. Cancellieri. 6658 ELGER, G. Dictionarium Polono-lat.-lottavicum. Vilna, 1683.


6659 ELGIN. The Elgin marbles, from the temple of Minerva at Athens. Lond. 1816. fol. V and 88 pages, and 61 plates (51-58.).

The same plates, with the exception of plates 10-12 were already to be met with in Stuart's Antiquities of Athens, vols. II. and IV.

6660-memorandum on the subject of the Earl of Elgin's pursuits in Greece. Ed. II. Lond. 1815. 8°. with 3 plates (8s.)-Mémoire sur les ouvrages de sculpture, qui appartenaient au Parthénon et à quelques autres édifices de l'acropole à Athènes. Par Visconti. Lond. 1816. 8°.-Denkschrift über Lord ElNach der 2n engl. Ausg. beargin's Erwerbungen in Griechenland. beitet. Mit einer Vorr. von C. A. Böttiger u. Bemerkk. der Weimar. Kunstfreunde. Lpz., Brockhaus, 1817. large 8°. with 1 plate (18 gr.)-Elgin marbles from the Parthenon at Athens, exemplified by 50 etchings, and accompanied with remarks on the style, composition, and peculiar excellence of those relics of Grecian sculpture. By Rch. Lawrence. Lond. 1818. oblong fol. 67 pages and 50 plates.

Consult also Wolf's litt. Analekten I. 344-356.

6661 ELIAS Levita. Thisbites, in quo 712 vocum, quæ sunt partim

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hebraicæ, chald., arab. etc., origo et
usus ostenditur, hebr. et lat. per P.
Fagium. Isnæ, 1541. 4°.-Hebr.,
Bas., 1601. 4°.


liber compositionis (hebr.) Ven., Bomberg, 1546. 8°.


liber electus s. grammatica hebr., hebr. et latine, Sb. Munstero interprete. Bas. 1525 or 37. 8°.Hebraice, Mantuæ, 317 (1557). 8°. 6664 ELIZONDO, Fr. Ant. de. Practica universal forense de los tribunales de España y de las Indias. Ed. IV. Madr. 1789-91. large 8°. 8 vols.


6665 ELLIS, G. Specimens of the
early English poets, with an his-
torical sketch of the rise and pro-
gress of the Engl. poetry and lan-
guage. Lond., Bulmer, 1801
1803. 8°. 3 vols. On vellum paper
(11. 168.).


At first, Lond. 1790. 8°. in 1 vol. It
goes as far as the reign of Charles II., and
recommends itself by its good selection.
The following continuation, beginning with
James II. has been less successful. Speci-
mens of the later English poets, to the end
of the last century, by R. Southey. Lond.
1807. 8°. 3 vols. (Il. 11s. 6d.)

6666-specimens of early English
metrical romances, chiefly written
during the early part of the 14th
century, to which is prefixed an
historical introduction, intended to
illustrate the rise and progress of
romantic composition in France and
England. Lond. 1805 or 1811. 8°.
3 voll. (Il. IIS. 6d.)
6667 ELLIS, H. Voyage for the
discovery of a northwest passage by
Hudson's streights to the western
and southern ocean of America, in
the years 1746 and 47. Lond. 1748.
8°. (also on large paper,) or Dub-
lin, 1749. 8°. with maps. In
French (by Sellius), Par. 1749.
12°. 2 vols. with plates, or Leide,
1750. 8°. with plates. In German
by J. Ph. Murray, Gött. 1750. 8°.
with plates (1 d.).

6668 ELLIS, H. Journal of the pro-
ceedings of the British embassy to
the emperor of China. Lond., Mur-

ray, 1817. 4°. with 3 maps, 7 plates, and 1 portrait (21. 2s.). In French by J. M'Carthy, Par. 1818. 8°. 2 vols. with 8 plates, and 3 maps (15 fr.).

6669 ELLIS, J. Essay towards a
natural history of the Corallines on
the coast of Great Britain and Ire-
land. Lond. 1755. 4°. with 40
plates. In French, Haye, 1756. 4°.
with 40 plates (also on large paper
with illuminated plates.). In Ger-
man by J. G. Krünitz, Nrb. 1767.
4°. with 46 plates (3 d. 8 gr.).
6670 the natural history of many
curious and uncommon zoophytes,
collected from various parts of the
globe, systematically arranged and
described by Th. Dn. Solander.
Lond. 1786. large 4°. with 63 plates
(2l. 28.).

6671 ELMACINUS, G. Historia Saracenica, qua res gestæ Muslimorum inde a Muhammede usque ad initium imperii Arabacæi per 49 imperatorum successionem explicantur. Arab. et lat. op. et stud. Th. Erpenii (c. præf. Jac. Golii). LB., ex typogr. Erpen., 1625. fol.

The Arabic text alone, ib. 1625. 8°. 38 leaves. The Latin text alone, ib. 1625. 4°. In French by Pt. Vattier, Par. 1657. 4°. J. Bh. Köhler's critical observations upon Elmacin in Eichhorn's Repertor., parts 7, 14, and 17. Notices on the 3d unprinted part of the Arabic historical book of Elmacin will be found in Paulus Memorabill. St. I. p. 125, etc. Ch. Mt. Frähn progr. de auctorum etiam arabicor. libris vulgati‹ crisi poscentibus emaculari, deque critica conjecturali, probans dicta exemplo historia saracen. Elmacini. Casani, 1815. large 4°. (20 gr.)

It is a universal history up to 1259, of which the unimportant ancient history up to Mahommed is suppressed, and only the recent history up to 1118 is printed.

6672 ELMHAM, Th. de. Vita et
gesta Henrici V. Angl. Regis, per
Th. Hearne. Ox. 1727. 8°.
6673 ELMORE, H. M. The British
mariner's directory and guide to the
trade and navigation of the Indian
and China seas. Lond. 1802. 4°.
ELOGE, see MERARD de St. Just.

Kk 2

6674 ELOGI degli uomini illustri Toscani. Lucca, 1771-74. 8°. 4 voll.

6675 ELOY, N. Fr. Jos. Dictionnaire historique de la médecine ancienne et moderne. Mons, 1778. 4°. 4 voll. Also on large paper. 6676 ELPHINSTONE, Mountstuart. Account of the kingdom of Caubul and its dependencies in Persia, Tartary, and India, comprising their principal typographical productions, as well as their republics. Their first, hitherto unknown, production or rather publication is, Eutropius (ed. P. Merula) LB. ap. L. Elzevir, 1592. 8°.

See in the appendix to this work a list of

a view of the Afghaun nation, and a history of the Dooraunee monarchy. Lond., Longman, 1815. 4°. with numerous maps and illuminated plates (3l. 138. 6d.). Ed. II. Lond. 1818. 8°. 2 vols. with 1 map and 14 plates (21. 28., in 4°. 31. 138. 6d.). In German in the Bibl. der Reisebeschr. 2e Hälfte. Bd 9. u. 10. 6677 ELSAM, Rch. An essay on rural architecture, illustrated with original and economical designs. Ed. II. Lond. 1805. large 4°. with 30 plates in aquatinta. 6678 ELSNER, Jac. Schediasma criticum, quo auctores aliaque antiquitatis monumenta, inscriptiones, numismata, exponuntur. Berol. 1744.

4°. 6679

observatt. sacræ in novi fœderis libros. Traj. ad Rh. 1728. 8°.

2 voll.

6680 ELSTOB, Elizabeth. The ru-
diments of grammar for the Eng-
lish-Saxon tongue. Lond. 1715. 4°.
6681 the English-Saxon homily on
the birthday of St. Gregory, trans-
lated into modern English by Eliz.
Elstob. Lond. 1709. 8°.
Also on
large paper.
6682 ELYSIO, Filinto. Obras com-
pletas. Ed. II. Par. 1817-19. 8°.
7 voll.

The excellent Portugueze poet Fr. Manoel is concealed under this name.

Aug. 1681. Amst. 1681. 12°. Catalogus auctorum latinor. ex officina Elzeviriana seu Bon. et Abr. Elzevirior. typis editorum in Maittaire annal. typogr. T. III. p. 815, etc. Notice sur les imprimeurs de la famille des Elzeviers, par un ancien bibliothécaire (J. Félicissime Adry). Par. 1806. 8°. 60 pages.

6683 ELZEVIER. Catalogus Bon. et Abr. Elseviriorum. LB. 1653. 4. Catal. libror. qui in bibliopolio Dn. Elsevirii venales extant. Amst. 1674. 12°. Catal. libror. Dn. El sevirii,quorum auctio habenda d. 4.

6684 EMBLEMATA amatoria. Emblêmes d'amours en quatre langues (Latin, Italian, French, and Dutch). Lond., chez l'Amoureux, without date, small 8°. 4 leaves of preliminary matter, 44 leaves of plates (by J. Van Vianen), and 44 leaves of text engraved on plates.

The marquis of Blandford, now duke of Marlborough, possessed the most complete collection of these emblems, which nevertheless during the life-time of the possessor was sold by auction with the rest of his library.

6685 EMERIGON, Bths. Mar.
Traité des assurances et des con-
trats à la grosse. Marseille, 1784.
4°. 2 voll.

6686 EMERSON, W. Cyclomathe-
sis or introduction to the mathe-
matics. Lond. 1763. 8°. Arithmetic
of infinites. ib. 1767. 8°. Treatise
on Algebra. ib. 1803. 8°. Doctrine
of fluxions. ib. 1768. 8°. Elements
of geometry. ib. 1794. 8°. Elements
of trigonometry. ib. 1764. 8°. Ele-
ments of optics and perspective. ib.
1788. 8°. Principles of mechanics.
ib. 1811.4°. with 43 plates (11. 18.).
The method of increments. ib. 1763.
4°. with plates. System of astro-
nomy. ib. 1769. 8°. Mathematical
principles of geography. ib. 1770.
8°. Miscellaneous treatises on ma-
thematical subjects. ib. 1776. 8°.
Comment on Newton's principia.
ib. 1770. 8°.

6687 EMMANUEL ben Salomon.

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6692 EMPEDOCLES. De vita et philosophia ejus exposuit, carminum reliquias ex antiquis scriptoribus collegit, recensuit, illustrav., præfat. et indd. adjec. F. Gu. Sturz. Lps., Göschen, 1805. 8°. 2 voll. (4 d. 12 gr.)-Empedoclis et Parmenidis fragmenta ex cod. Taurinensis bibl. restituta et illustr. ab Amad. Peyron. Lps., Weigel, 1810. 8°. (16 gr., on vellum paper 1 d. 16 gr.)


The last book does not necessarily belong to the first, and only relates to a passage of Simplicius incidentally introduced by Sturz. 6693 EMPEREUR, Const. l'. Cla

vis Talmudica. LB. 1634. 4°. 6694 ENCHIRIDION itinerantium continens exercitium quotidianum cum VII psalmis pœnitentialibus et orationibus etc. Antw., ex off. Plantin. apud viduam Moreti, 1591. 32°. On vellum 18 fr. M'Carthy.

6695 ENCHIRIDION physicæ restitutæ; tractatus alter inscriptus: Arcanum hermetica philosophiæ opus. Par. 1638. 24°.

M. Chardin in Paris possesses a copy on vellum.

6696 ENCINA, J. de la. Cancionero de todas sus obras. Salamanca (without the printer's name), 20 Junio 1496. fol. Gothic letter.

The first edition, extremely scarce. Also, Sevilla, J. Pegnicer y Magno Herbst, 16.

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6700 - Londinensis, by J. Wilkes. Lond., Jones, 1796 etc. 4°. with plates.


As yet 17 vols. (as far as M) at 21. the English. Lond., Kearsley, 1800. 4°. 10 vols. with plates (i51.).

6702 metropolitana. Lond., Fenner, 1815. 4°. with plates. It is to be 25 vols. at 21. 2s.


cholson. Lond., Longman, 1809. British encycl. by W. Nilarge 8°. 6 vols. with plates (61. 6s.). By Poppe for Germany. 6704a new cyclopædia, by Abr. Rees. Lond., Longman, 1802 etc. large 4°. with plates.

Up to 1819, 75 parts had appeared (at Il., and on large paper 11. 14s.; 2 parts form 1 vol.), and the work is nearly completed. 6704b encycl. by Hall. Lond. 1788. fol. 3 vols. with plates. Enlarged by J. Lloyd. ib. 1796. fol. 3 vols. with plates. 6704c-encyclopædia Perthensis, by

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6704f ENCYKLOPÆDIA, German. Allgemeines Lexikon der Künste u. Wissenschaften von J. Thdr. Jablonski. Lpz. 1721. 4°. Enlarged, Königsb. u. Lpz. 1748 and 67. 4°.

The first alphabetical German encyclopedia, yet omitting theology, history, and geography. 6704o grosses vollständiges Universallexikon aller Wissenschaften u. Künste (von J. A. von Frankenstein, P. Dn. Longolius u. a.) nebst einer Vorr. von J. Pt. von Ludewig. Halle u. Lpz., Zedler, 173250. fol. 62 voll. Nöthige Supplemente (von C. Gth. Ludovici). ib. 1751-54. fol. 4 voll.

Commonly called Zedler's Lexicon, after the publisher, and extending over all departments. Still useful on account of the citations, and of real worth in the genealogical articles. See also KRÜNITZ. 6705 Deutsche Encyklopädie od. allgemeines Realwörterbuch aller Künste u. Wissenschaften von einer Gesellschaft Gelehrter (edited by H. Mt. Gf. Köster, and since the 18th vol. by J. F. Roos). Ff. a M., Varrentrapp and Wenner, 1778 -1804. large 4°. 23 vols. (138 d.). The plates thereto, 1st vol. ib. 1808. small fol. (12 d.).

Incomplete (as far as Ky). History is


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6706 (F. Arn. Brockhaus u. L. Hain) allgemeine deutsche Realencyklopädie für die gebildeten Stände. (Conversationslexikon). 5th original edition. Lpz., Brockhaus, 1819. 8°. 10 vols. (splendid paper

12 d. 12 gr. On writing paper 18 d. 18 gr., large 8°. printing paper 22 d., large 8°. fine printing paper 28 d., large 8°. vellum paper 45 d.).

It will not be uninteresting to find here authentic intelligence respecting a work, which, notwithstanding the confined circuit of the German language, and its

being edited in a country separated in so many respects in manners and opinion, has nevertheless spread to an extent. throughout the whole of Europe, and even beyond it, which even that great encyclopedia, composed in the universal language of the fashionable world, and written in one of the Capitals that sways the opinions of Europe, cannot boast.

The first idea of the work originated with Dr. Loebel: it was completed under the inspection of F. Arn. Brockhaus, who also began the 2nd edition. From the 2nd vol. of this edition he associated in 1812 Dr. L. Hain with himself, and both have carried it on together since that time.

The first edition appeared, 1796, (new title, 1809) in 6 vols., and 2 supplemental vols. of 1809-11. The 2nd edition commenced in 1812, and was advanced as far as the 5th vol. (during which time the first 2 vols. had already been struck off again with alterations), when the first 4 vols. were obliged to be reprinted. These were considerably altered, and received the title of the 3d edition. After the completion of the first 7 vols. these appeared with the title of the 4th edition. The 8-10th vols. followed in the 2nd edition, but some of the copies, for the sake of uniformity, received the title of the 2d, 3d, or 4th edition, as it is stated in the preface. The 5th edition is entirely recast in the whole 10 vols., a statement, which taken in its strict sense, only relates to the first vols. But these first vols., when all the reprints are reckoned, have been printed probably eight times since 1812 (the 1st and 2d vols. indeed ten times).

What the 4th edition has over and above the earlier editions, has appeared in a supplemental vol. to these editions. The additions and corrections of the 5th appeared also by themselves, for the possessors of the first 4 editions, in 2 supplemental vols., each in 2 divisions. Of the 1st edition about 2000 copies were printed. Of the 2d, 3d, and 4th edition, the number of copies on printing paper and writing paper amounted to about 25,000 copies. Of the 5th edition (which was reprinted even without considerable alterations) more than 14,000 copies were struck off up to March 1820. Of the different original editions

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