correspondent of “The Gentleman's Magazine,' Edward Herbert, who, in speaking of De Foe, says : -"His grandson (great grandson) is at this time cook to the gentlemen of the gun-room of the Savage sloop of war. Having been lately surgeon of one of his Majesty's ships on the coast of Scotland, and business requiring me on board that vessel, I casually heard a Daniel De Foe mentioned among the seamen. The name being so familiar to me, I inquired, from motives of curiosity, concerning his family. He told me his father was a calico-printer in London, who had failed in business; that his grandfather had written · Robinson Crusoe,' The True-Born Englishman,' &c. I felt myself much affected when I saw the descendant of so ingenious a man in so unworthy a situation, and, making the circumstance known, recommended him to the attention of the gentlemen on board.” From this branch descends the present representative of the family of De Foe, a respectable carpenter and packing-case maker, in Bedford street, Covent garden.





1. Speculum Crape-Gownorum ; or, a Looking || 9 Some Reflections on a Pamphlet, lately pub

glass for the Young Academicks, new lished, entitled 'An Argument, showing foyld. With Reflections on some of the late that a Standing Army is inconsistent with a high-flown Sermons. To which is added, an free Government, and absolutely destructive Essay towards a Sermon of the newest Fa. to the Constitution of the English Monarchy. shion. By a Guide to the inferiour Clergie. London : published for E. Whitlock, near " Ridentem dicere verum quis vetat.” Lon. Stationers' Hail. 1697. 4to. pp. 28.

don: printed for E. Rydal, 1682. 4to. pp. 34. An Argument, showing that a Standing 2. Speculum Crape-Gownorum, the second Army, with Consent of Parliament, is not

Part, or a Continuation of Observations inconsistent with a free Government, and abupon the late Sermons of some that would solutely destructive to the Constitution of the be thought Goliahs for the Church of Eng English Monarchy. 2 Chronic. ix. 25. Lonland. By the same Author, 4to. pp. 40. R. don: printed for E. Whitlock, near StationBaldwin, 1682.

ers' Hall. 1698. 4to. pp. 26. !! 3. A Treatise against the Turks. (The exact || 11 The Character of Dr Annesley, by way of title not known.) London. 1683.

Elegy. 1697. 4&5. Pamphlets against the Addresses to James 12 A new Discovery of an old Intrigue, a Satyr: II. (The exact titles not known.) 1687.

levelled at Treachery and Ambition. Čal!! 6. A Tract upon the Dispensing Power. (The

culated to the Nativity of the Rapparee exact title not known.) 1687.

Plot, and the Modesty of the Jacobite 7. An Essay upon Projects. London: printed

Clergy: designed by way of Conviction to by R. R., for Thomas Cockeril, at the corner: the CXVII Petitioners, and for the Benefit of Warwick lane, near Paternoster row.

of those that study the City Mathematics. 1697. 8vo. pp. 350.

London. 1697. T. Cockeril afterwards removed from the corner of 13 The Poor Man's Plea, in relation to all the Wck lane to the Poultry, when the following title

Proclamations, Declarations, Acts of Paras printei, apparently as a substitute for the above :

eral Essays relating to Academies, Banks, Bank liament, &c., which have been, or shall be ple, Charity-lotteries, Courts of Engineers, Court Mer made, or published, for a Reformation of Es, Friendly Societies, Highways, Pension Office, Sea

Manners, and suppressing Immorality in the : Wagering &c. Now communicated to the world for public good. T. Cockeril. 1700.' This work came to a

Nation. London: printed in the year 1698. cond edition in 1702; or rather, the bookseller placed a 4to. pp. 31. * title-page before the remaining copies of the same 14 The Pacificator: a Poem. London: printed ression. It was as follows:- Essays upon several fects; or, effectual Ways for advancing the Interests

and are to be sold by J. Nutt, near Stae Nation; wherein are plainly laid down the means tioners' Hall. 1700. Folio.

the subjects in general may be eased and end, the poor relieved, and trade increased in

The two Great Questions considered :-).

the most material branches of it. viz. in constituting seamnen

What the French King will do with respect meirs and the nation's advantage ; for encouragement to the Spanish Monarchy? 2. What Meamerchants and merchandizing: for relief of the poor trendy societies; for discouraging vice, and en

sures the English ought to take ? London : raging virtue; the usefulness of banks and assurances ;

printed by R. T. for R. Baldwin, at the Bedevent bankrupts, with the surest way to recover ford Arms, in Warwick lane. 1700. 4to. debts; and many other considerable things profitable

pp. 28.
ucing to the great advantage of the nation in
. London: printed and sold by the Booksellers of

| 16 The two Great Questions further considered:

with some Reply to the Remarks. Non • An Enquiry into the occasional Conformity

licet hominem muliebriter rixare. London. of Dissenters, in Cases of Preferment: with

1700. 4to. ce to the Lord Mayor, occasioned by || 17 The Danger of the Protestant Religion from is carrying the Sword to a Conventicle.

the present Prospect of a Religious War in London : printed an. dom. 1697. 4to. pp. 28.

Europe. London. 1700. 4to. as reprinted in 1701. with a Preface to Mr || 18 Six Distinguishing Characters of a Parlia

ment Man. London, 1701. 4to.

of the

or, effects, as follo

by frie chants as nation's it, viz. in

London and Westminster. 1702.


a Preface to the Lord Mayor

This tract was reprinte


19 The Freeholder's Plea against Stock-jobbing || 30 The Mock Mourners; a Satyr, by way of

Elections of Parliament Men. London: | Elegy on King William. By the Author of printed in the year 1701. 4to. pp. 27.

The True Born Englishman.' London : 20 The Villany of Stock-jobbers detected, and li printed in the year 1702. 4to.

the Causes of the late Run upon the Bank | Reprinted in Poems on Affairs of State.' and Bankers discovered and considered. 31 The Spanish Descent; a Poem, London.

London: printed in the year 1701. 4to. pp. 26. || 1702. 4to. 21 The 1

nan : a

32 A New Test of the Church of England's • Statuimus pacem, et securitatem, et con

Loyalty ; or, Whiggish Loyalty and Church cordiam, judicium et justiciam, inter Anglos

Loyalty compared. Printed in the year et Normandios, Francos, et Britones Walliæ |||

1702. 4to. et Cornubiæ, Pictos et Scotos Albaniæ,

There is another tract published in 1687, under the same similiter inter Francos et Insulares Pro

title of A New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty;" vincias et Patrias quæ pertinent ad coro. which is often confounded with our author's work. nam nostram et inter omnes nobis subjectos, 33 An Enquiry into occasional Conformity, firmiter et inviolabiliter observari.” Charta

showing that the Dissenters are no ways Regis Wilhelmi Conquisitoris de pace pub

concerned in it. London. 1702. 4to. licã. Cap. ). London, 1701. 4to. pp. 60. || 34 Reformation of Manners: a Satyr. “ Væ 22 The Succession to the Crown of England

vobis hypocritæ.” Printed in the year considered. London: printed in the year

1702. 4to. pp. 64. 1701. 4to. pp. 38.

35 The Shortest Way with the Dissenters; or, 23 A Memorial from the Gentlemen Freeholders

Proposals for the Establishment of the and Inbabitants of the Counties of

Church. London: printed in the year in behalf of themselves and many Thousands

1702. 4to. pp. 29. of the good People of England. London. ll 36 A Brief Explanation of a late Pamphlet, en. 1701.

titled “The Shortest Way with the Dis. This is the celebrated Legion Letter. The points of charge senters.' London: printed in the year brought against the Commons by Legion were infused into

1703. 4to. a ballad, and publicly cried about the streets, as was Legion himself, to the great annoyance of his opponents. To 137 A Hymn to the Pillory. London: printed turn the edge of these satires, an anonymous writer thought in the year 1703. 4to. pp. 24. fit to reprint them, with a Commentary of his own, under

38 More Reformation, a Satyr upon Himsell. the title of The Ballad; or some scurrilous Reflections,

By the Author of The True Born English. in verse, on the Proceedings of the Honourable House of Commons, answered Stanza by Stanza. With the Me man.' London : printed in the year 1703. morial, alias Legion, replied to, Paragraph by Paragraph. 4to. pp. 52. London: printed by D. Edwards. 1701.'

39 The shortest Way to Peace and Union. By 24 History of the Kentish Petition. London.

the Author of "The Shortest Way with the 1701. 4to.

Dissenters.' London : printed in the year 25 The Original Power of the Collective Body

1703. 4to. pp. 26. of the People of England examined and asserted. With a double Dedication to the

|| 40 A True Collection of the Writings of the

Author of

London. King, and to the Parliament.

The True Born Englishman.' 1701. Folio.

Corrected by Himself. London: printed

and are to be sold by most Booksellers in This tract was reprinted, in 1769, by R. Baldwin in Paternoster row, with a Dedication "To the Lord Mayor

London and Westminster. 1703. 8vo. (Beckford), the Aldermen and Commons of the City of pp. 465. London;" and again, in 1790, by Mr J. Walker, in his

The following are the abridged titles of the pieces con Selection from the writings of De Foe.

tained in it:-1. The True Born Englishman. 2. The 26 The Present State of Jacobitism considered, | Mock Mourners. 3. Reformation of Manners. 4. Cha in Two Queries :-1. What Measures the

racter of Dr. Annesley. 5. The Spanish Descent. 6. Ori

ginal Power of the People of England. 7. The Free French King will take with respect to the

holders' Plea against Stock jobbing Elections of ParliaPerson and Title of the P. P. of Wales ?

ment Men. 8. Reasons against a War with France. 9. An 2. What the Jacobites in England ought to

Argument, showing that a Standing Army, with Consert

of Parliament, is not inconsistent with a Free Government, do on the same Account? London. 1701.

&c. 10. The Danger of the Protestant Religion from the 4to. pp. 22.

present Prospect of a Religious War in Europe. 11. The 27 Reasons against a War with France; or, an| Villany of Stock-jobbers detected. 12. Six Distinguish Argument, showing that the French King's ing Characters of a Parliament Man. 13. Poor Man's

Plea. 14. Inquiry into occasional Conformity; with a owning the Prince of Wales as King of Eng Preface to Mr How. 15. Letter to Mr How. 16. Two land, Scotland, and Ireland, is no sufficient Great Questions considered. 17. Two Great Questions Ground of a War. London: printed in the

further considered. 18. Inquiry into occasional Confor

mity, showing that the Dissenters are noways concerne:1 year 1701. 4to. pp. 30.

in it. 19. A New Test of the Church of England's Loyalty. 28 A Letter to Mr How, by way of Reply to his 20. The Shortest Way with the Dissenters. 21. A briet

Explanation of a late Pamphlet, entitled, The Shortest Considerations of the Preface to an En- |

Way with the Dissenters.' 22. The Shortest Way to Peace quiry into the occasional Conformity of and Union.' A second edition of this volume, with some Dissenters. London. 1701. 4to.

additions, was printed in 1705. 29 Legion's New Paper; being a second Me. ||41 King William's Affection to the Church of

morial to the Gentlemen of a late House of England, examined. London: printed in Commons. With Legion's humble Address the year 1703. 4to. pp. 26. to his Majesty. London: printed and sold || 42 The Sincerity of the Dissenters vindicated by the Booksellers of London and West. from the Scandal of Occasional Conformity; minster. 1702. 4to. pp. 20.

with some considerations on a late book,

[ocr errors][ocr errors]

entitled “Moderation, a Virtue.' London: 1) whole divided into chapters, under proper heads. The

Second Edition. London: printed for Geo. Sawbridge, at printed in the year 1703. 4to. pp. 27.

the Three Golden Fleur-de-Lis, in Little Britain, and 148 À Challenge of Peace, addressed to the || J. Nutt, in the Savoy. Price, bound, 3s. 6d.' The matter

whole Nation; with an Inquiry into the Ways in both editions is precisely the same.
and Means of bringing it to pass. London: || 58 Elegy on the Author of The True Born Eng.
printed in the year 1703. pp. 24.

lishman. With an Essay on the late Storm. # Peace without Union. By way of reply to By the Author of the Hymn to the Pillory.'

Sir H. M-'s Peace at Home.' 'Lon. London : 1704. 4to. pp. 56.

don : printed in the year 1703. 4to. | 59 A Hymn to Victory. London: printed for 45 Original Right; or the Reasonableness of J. Nutt, near Stationers' Hall. 1704. 4to.

Appeals to the People. Being an Answer to pp. 52.
the first Chapter in Dr Davenant's Essays, || 60 An Inquiry into the Case of Mr Asgill's Gene-
entitled, · Peace at Home and War Abroad. ral Translation; shewing that it is not a
Printed and sold by R. Baldwin, near the nearer Way to Heaven than the Grave. By
Oxford Arms in Warwick lane. London: | the Author of The True Born Englishman.'
1704. 4to. pp. 30.

“ And for this cause God shall send them 46 Dissenter's Answer to the High Church strong delusions.”—2 Thess. ii. 11. London:

Challenge. London: printed in the year printed and sold by J. Nutt, near Stationers' 1704. 4to. pp. 55.

Hall. 1704. 8vo. pp. 48. 47 The Christianity of the High Church con- | 61 Giving Alms no Charity, and Employing the

sidered. Dedicated to a Noble Peer. Lon. Poor, a Grievance to the Nation. Being I don : printed in the year 1704. 4to. pp. 20. | an Essay upon this great Question, whether , 18 Royal Religion ; being some Inquiry after Workhouses, Corporations, and Houses of

the Piety of Princes, with remarks on a Correction for Employing the Poor, as now í book, entitled 'A Form of Prayers used by practised in England, or Parish-stocks, as

King William.' London: printed in the proposed in a late pamphlet, entitled 'A year 1704. 4to. pp. 27.

Bill for the Better Relief, Employment, and | 49 Essay upon the Regulation of the Press. Settlement of the Poor, &c., arc not mis. London : 1704.

chievous to the Nation; tending to the De50 The Liberty of Episcopal Dissenters in Scot struction of our Trade, and to increase the

land truly stated. London: printed in the Number and Misery of the Poor. Addressed year 1704.

to the Parliament of England, London : 151 The Parallel, or Persecution of Protestants printed and sold by the Booksellers of Lonthe Shortest Way to prevent the Growth

don and Westminster. 1704. 8vo. pp. 28. of Popery in Ireland. London : 1704. 62 A Review of the Affairs of France, and of all 52 A serious Inquiry into this grand Question, Europe, as influenced by that Nation : being

whether a Law to prevent the occasional Historical Observations on the Public TransConformity of Dissenters would not be in actions of the World, pürged from the Errors consisteut with the Act of Toleration, and and Partiality of News-writers and petty a Breach of the Queen's Promise? London: Statesmen of all sides. With an entertaining 1704. 4to.

Part in every Sheet, being Advice from the 53 More Short Wars with the Dissenters. Lon Scandal Club to the curious Enquirers; in don : 1704. 4to. pp. 24.

Answer to Letters sent them for that purAdvertised in the 'Review of April 29, as "published pose. London: printed in the year 1705. yesterday, price 6d."

4to. pp. 456. 54 The Dissenters Misrepresented and Repre- || 63 The Double Welcome to the Duke of Marlsented. London : 1704. 4to.

borough. By the Author of The True Born | 55 The Protestant Jesuit Unmasked; in answer

Englishman. London: printed for Bento the Two Parts of Cassandra : wherein the

jamin Bragge, in Ave Maria lane, Ludgate author and his libels are laid open, with the

street. 1705. 4to. true reason why he would have the Dissen. |

64 Party Tyranny; or, an Occasional Bill in ters humbled. London : 1704.

Miniature; as now practised in Carolina. 36 A new Test of the Church of England's Humbly offered to the Consideration of both Honesty. London: 1704. 4to. pp. 24.

Houses of Parliament. London: printed in | 37 The Storm; or a Collection of the most re the year 1705. 4to. pp. 30.

markable Casualties and Disasters which hap- || 65 Advice to all parties. By the Author of The pened in the late dreadful Tempest, both by

True Born Englishman. London: printed Sea and Land. “ The Lord hath his way in

and are to be sold by Benj. Bragge, at the the whirlwind and in the storm, and the Blue Ball, in Ave Maria lane. 1705. Price clouds are the dust of his feet."- Nehe

6d. 4to. pp. 24.
miah i. 3. London: printed for S. Saw- ll 66 Writings of the Author of "The True Born
bridge, in Little Britain, and sold by J. Nutt, Englishman' (a second Volume of); some
near Stationers' Hall. 1704. 8vo. pp. 272. whereof never before published. Corrected

editions of the work were sent abroad with a new and enlarged by the Author. 1705. The
follows: A Collection of the most remarkable following are the Pieces in this Volume :-
es and Disasters which happened in the late
Tempest, both by Sea and Land, on Friday,

1. A New Discovery of an old Intrigue. 2.
er 26th, 1703. To which is added, several very sur More Reformation. 3. An Elegy on the
eliverances; the natural causes and origin of winds; Author of · The True Born Englishman.' 4.
pinion of the ancients that this island was more sub-
to storms than any other part of the world.

The Storm, an Essay. 5. A Hymn to the wer curious observations upon the storin. The

Pillory. 6. A Hymn to Victory. 7. The

dreadful Tempest, both Noveinber 26th, 1703. To

several other curious obser

Pacificator. 8. The Double Welcome to the || 73 A Reply to a Pamphlet called The Lord HaDuke of Marlborough. 9. The Dissenter's | versham's Vindication of his Speech,'&c. By Answer to the High Church Challenge. 10. the Author of the Review,' London: A Challenge of Peace to the whole Nation. printed in the year 1706. 4to. pp. 32. 11. Peace without Union. 12. More Short 74 A True Relation of the Apparition of one Ways. 13. A new Test of the Church of| Mrs Veal, the next day after her Death, to England's Honesty. 14. A Serious Inquiry. one Mrs Bargrave at Canterbury, the 8th 15. The Dissenter Misrepresented, and Re of September, 1705. Which Apparition represented. 16. The Parallel. 17. Giving commends the perusal of Drelincourt's Book Alms no Charity. 18. Royal Religion.

of Consolations against the Fear of Death.

London. 1705. 4to. A third Edition, or perhaps the remainder of the impressions of the first, was published in 1710, with the | 75 A Review of the Affairs of France; with Ob. addition of a key to many of the names. They were sold servations on Transactions at Home, Vol. II. by John Morphew, near Stationers' Hall, price 12s.

London : printed in the year 1705. 4to. 67 The Consolidator ; or, Memoirs of Sundry

pp. 558. Transactions from the World in the Moon. 76 Hymn to Peace; occasioned by the Two Translated from the Lunar language by the Houses joining in one Address to the Author of "The True Born Englishman.' Queen. By the Author of The True London: printed and are to be sold by

Born Englishman.' London: printed for Benjamin Bragge, at the Blue Ball, in Ave John Nutt, near Stationers' Hall. 1706. Maria lane. 1705. 8vo. pp. 360.

4to. pp. 60.

77 Remarks on the Bill to prevent Frauds com• The Consolidator gave birth to two half-sheet Tracts :

mitted by Bankrupts; with Observations they are entitled “A Journey to the World in the Moon,' by the Author of 'The True Born Englishman.' Printed in on the Effect it may have upon Trade. Lonthe year 1705. 4to. And the other, "A Second and more don : printed in the year 1706. 4to. pp. strange Journey to the World in the Moon ; containing a

29. comical description of that country, with the characters and humours of the inhabitants, &c.; by the Author of The

78 A Preface to a New Edition of Delaure's True Born Englishman. Printed in the year 1705.' 4to. Plea for the Nonconformists. London. 1706. At the end of the first Tract is the following advertise- | 79 A Sermon preached by Mr Daniel De Foe, ment: "There is now in the press, and will speedily be

on the Fitting-up of Dr Burgess's late published, "A Letter from the Man in the Moon to the Author of the True Born Englishman;' containing a variety Meeting House. Taken from his · Review' of diverting news and comical intrigues relating to the pre of Thursday, 20th of June, 1706. 4to. sent posture of affairs in Europe." All these were piracies

80 Jure Divino ; a Satyr, in 12 Books. By the from the author's book, and cried about the streets at a low price, for the benefit of some needy and unprincipled

Author of · The True Born Englishman.' printer.

“O sanctas gentes, quibus hæc nascuntur in 68 The Experiment; or, the Shortest Way with hortis numina.” London: printed in the

the Dissenters Exemplified. Being the Case year 1706. Folio. pp. 316. Preface, 28. of Mr Abraham Gill, a Dissenting Minister The 8vo, edition of the same date is spurious, and full of of the Isle of Ely; and a full Account of his

blunders of every description. More than a century after

the appearance of De Foc's work, it was partially revived being sent for å Soldier, by Mr Fern (an

by a living political writer in a pamphlet entitled, “The ecclesiastical Justice of the Peace) and other Right Divine of Kings to govern wrong. Dedicated to Conspirators. To the eternal Honour of the the Holy Alliance. By the Author of The Political House Temper and Moderation of High Church

that Jack built.' London: printed for William Hone, 45

Ludgate street. 1821.' Principles. Humbly dedicated to the Queen.

81 The Advantages of the Act of Security, com. London: printed and sold by B. Bragge, at the Blue Ball, in Ave Maria lane. 1705.

pared with those of the intended Union;

founded on the Revolution Principles. By 4to. pp. 58.

D. De Foe. London. 1706. 4to. The remaining copies of this Tract were sent forth in 1707, with the following new title: 'The Modesty and Sin

82 An Essay at Removing National Prejudices cerity of those worthy Gentlemen, commonly called High against a Union with Scotland. To be Churchmen, Exemplitied in a Modern Instance. Most continued during the Treaty here, London humbly dedicated to her Majesty, and her High Court of

and Edinburgh: printed in the year 1706. Parliament. London: printed and sold by B. Bragge, in Paternoster row. 1707.

4to. pp. 30. 69 The Dyet of Poland; a Satyr. Printed at

Part II.

III. Dantzick in the year 1705. 4to. pp. 60.

- « IV. ; with 70 High Church Legion; or, the Memorial Ex some Reply to Mr H-dges, and some amined; being a new Test of Moderation,

Authors who have printed their Objections as it is recommended to all that love the

against an Union with England. 4to. 1706 Church of England and the Constitution.

| 86

- Part V. 1706. London: printed in the year 1705. 4to. pp.

" VI. 1707. 21. 71 A Declaration without Doors. By the Au |88 Caledonia ; a Poem in Honour of Scotland thor of The True Born Englishman.' Sold

and the Scots Nation. In Three Parts. by the Booksellers of London and West

Edinburgh: printed by the Heirs and Succesminster. 1705. 4to.

sors of Andrew Anderson, Printer to the 72 An Answer to Lord Haversham's Speech. Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. An. Dom. London. 1705. 4to.

1706. Folio. pp. 60. A half sheet, reprinted from the ‘Review' for the 24th | An 8vo. edition of this work was printed in London in of November,

ll the following year, and another in 1748.


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