terstices of the gothic pillars, throw an awful solemnity round its head. This Abbey was founded by Walter Fitz-Richard de Clare, Lord of Caerwent and Monmouthshire, in 1113.

Strangers from London who visit Bath may have an opportu. nity when they return (& they would travel only 15 miles out of the way) of seeing the fine seat and woods of Lord Bathurst at Cirencester; the city of Oxford, that seminary which af fords such a variety of elegant gratifications; and would be within a few miles of the Duke of Marlborough's superb pa. lace at Blenheim, and the fine gardens of the Marquis of Buckingham,at Stow. Or if they would like to take a different route through Salisbury, which is only 14 miles farther than the direct road, they might entertain themselves by visiting that won. derful curiosity at Stonehenge, near which is the Duke of Queensbury's seat, and two miles from Salisbury is WiltonHouse, the seat of the Earl of Pembroke, in which are a greater number of antique busts, statues, and capital paintings by the best masters, particularly Vandyke, than in any house in England. In the neighbourhood of Salisbury is likewise the ancient seat of Lord Radnor, a house well worth observation.

The delightful seats of Mr. Bampfylde, at Hestercombe; Lady Tynte, at Halsewell; and the Earl of Egmont, at Enmore Castle (all near Bridgewater); are well worthy the time and attention of a curious traveller. The gardens and rural beauties at Hestercombe, are the striking objects. An hermitage. in it, with the figure of an old witch painted in the centre pannel, occasioned the following genteel compliment from the late Dr. Langhorne:

"O'er Bampfylde's woods, by various Nature graced,
A Witch presides! but then that witch is TASTE,'

ENMORE CASTLE is remarkable for the peculiarity of its building, being a quadrangle of dark coloured stone round a court; it is surrounded by a dry fosse 40 feet wide and 16 deep, from which are openings to all the offices, stables, &c. under the lawn.

HALSEWELL HOUSE is beautifully situated, in the middle of an ornamented park, about two miles from Enmore. The rides in this park are very extensive, and command a great variety of beautiful prospects and rich landscapes.


Among the beautiful spots that adorn this neighbourhood, is the highly picturesque and much admired seat of Mr. SIG-CLEVE VILLA, on the Kelston road, built in the most elegant cottage style, and ornamented with all that taste can add or nature afford; it commands the most lovely prospects, and furnishes ample scope to the admirers of the beauties of nature, whilst the hand of art has wrought the scene to the highest pitch of beauty and enchantment.



The Mayor (annually elected); nine Aldermen; twenty Common-Council-men; two Sheriffs and two Chief Constables (annually elected); with a Town-Clerk, Deputy Town Clerk, and Chamberlain.


Acherley, John Hawksey, esq. 6, Grosvenor-place.
Anstey, A. esq. (Chambers) Harington-place.

Barnes, G. esq. Camden-Cottage, Sion-row.

Errington, W. esq. Camden-place.

Goodden, Wyndham, esq. Pulteney-street.

Gunning, J. F. esq. Bathwick-street.

Luders, A. esq. Widcomb.


Bayley and Savage, Not. Pub. Northumberland-buildings.

Boord, Wm. Trim-street.

Bowsher, Rd. Norfolk-crescent.

Clarke and Son, Not. Pub. St. James's-parade.

Cruttwell, T. M. Westgate-buildings.


English, J. Henry-street.

Evans, Wm. Green-street.
Evill, L. Green-street.

George, P. Town Clerk, Belmont,

George, P. jun. Deputy Town Clerk, Belmont.
George, J. Belmont.

Goodall, E. V. Clerk to the Court of Requests, St. James'sparade.

Langley, J. Charles-street.

Mant, H. Green Park-buildings.
Maule, J. Kingston-buildings.
Physick, J. jun. St. James's-parade.
Redman, W. St. James's-parade.
Ridpath, H. P. Vineyards.

Salmon, H. jun. Gallaway-buildings.
Sheppard, R. A. St. James's-parade.
Stallard, G. New King-street.

Taylor, W. J. W. New King-street.

Watts, Son, and Turner, Bladud-buildings.

Webb, Edw. Fountain-buildings.

Wingate, J. Westgate-buildings.


Bridgman, R. W. Seymour-street.

Lidiard, W. B. Trim-street.

Physick, J. St. James's-parade.

Stallard, J. New King-street.

Wingrove, B. Devonshire-buildings.


Carpenter, R. sen. Charles-street.

Carpenter, R. jun. Trim-street.

Harvey, T. Harington-place.

Tagart, W. Gallaway-buildings, and Commissioner for

taking Special Bail.

[blocks in formation]

This mark (*) denotes Fellow of the Royal Society, and this (†) Member of the Royal College of Physicians, London.


*Mr. Brown, Paragon-bgs.

*Creaser, Gay-street Cam, Alfred-street +Crook & Kitson, Qn.-sq. *Cruttwell, Gay-street Day, Westgate-buildings Edwards & Pring, Walcot *English, T. Alfred-street +Gray, Westgate-street *+Goldstone, R. Westgate buildings

+Goldstone, G. Northum. berland-buildings

+Grant, Edgar-buildings Grant, Charles-street

Hicks, Edgar-buildings

Kent, Walcot-buildings

*Mr. Kitson, Queen-square *+Long, Alfred.street *+Morgan, Russell-street Nichols, Seymour-street Norman, New King-st. *Norman, jun. New King


Phillott, Axford-buildings *Pendrill, Rivers-street *Soden, Gay-street *+Spry, Messrs. Gay-street *Tudor Queen's-parade *Taylor, R. Gatehouse, Walcot

*White and Clifton, St. James's-parade

+Wingate, North-parade

This Mark (*) dengtes Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and

this (+) signifies Apothecary.

[blocks in formation]

VETERINARY SURGEON-Mr. Sewell, Grove-street.


Barker, B. landscape-painter and drawing-master, Bathwick,
Barker, T. historical and landscape-painter, Sion-hill,

Bennett, portrait and ornamental painter, Panorama, King.

Beaurepaire, Madame de, miniature-painter, Gay-street, Charlton, Mr. W drawing-master, 1, Lansdown-crescent, Clarey, teacher of oil painting and landscape-drawing, Barton-buildings,

Dixon, miniature-painter, St. James's-parade,

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Davis, W. botanical painter, 3 American-pace,


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