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Pagina 21 - Our greatest glory is, not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
Pagina 331 - Though we had no arms, one Englishman is able to beat five French at any time; so we went down to the door, where both the sentries were posted, and, rushing upon them, seized their arms in a moment, and knocked them down. From thence nine of us ran together to the quay; and, seizing the first boat we .met, got out of the harbour, and put to sea. We had not been here three days before we were taken up by the Dorset privateer, who were glad of so many good hands ; and we consented to run our chance.
Pagina 183 - This war between the two northern powers at that time was truly barbarous ; the innocent peasant and the harmless virgin often shared the fate of the soldier in arms. Marienburgh was taken by assault ; and such was the fury of the assailants, that not only the garrison, but almost all the inhabitants, men, women, and children, were put to the sword ; at length when the carnage was pretty well over, Catharina was found hid in an oven.
Pagina 325 - But who are those who make the streets their couch, and find a short repose from wretchedness at the doors of the opulent ? These are strangers, wanderers, and orphans, whose circumstances are too humble to expect redress, and whose distresses are too great even for pity.
Pagina 329 - Here I lived an easy kind of a life for five years. I only wrought ten hours in the day, and had my meat and drink provided for my labour. It is true, I was not suffered to stir far from the house, for fear I should run away : but what of that ? I had the liberty of the whole house, and the yard before the door, and that was enough for me.
Pagina 206 - ... trees; the full-bodied concert bursting on the stillness of the night, the natural concert of the birds, in the more retired part of the grove, vying with that which was formed by art; the company...
Pagina 61 - True magnanimity consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.
Pagina 158 - Sir, cried I, you told us but this moment of your dining yesterday in town. Did I say so? replied he coolly; to be sure if I said so, it was so-— dined in town: egad, now I do remember, I did dine in town: but I dined in the country too; for you must know, my boys, I eat two dinners. By the bye, I am grown as nice as the devil in my eating.
Pagina 15 - ... from the oracle of some coffee-house, which oracle has himself gathered them the night before from a beau at a gaming-table, who has pillaged his knowledge from a great man's porter, who has had his information from the great man's gentleman, who has invented the whole story for his own amusement the night preceding...
Pagina 85 - THE window, patch'd with paper, lent a ray, That feebly show'd the state in which he lay. The sanded floor that grits beneath the tread, The humid wall with paltry pictures spread...

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