So much has been done to the present Part, that to enumerate all the articles revised would almost amount to reprinting the whole of the titles.

The curious enquirer may refer to Galleries, Gibbon, Gilpin, Goethe, Goldsmith, Gould, Gray, Greene, Gregson, Haliburton, Hall, Halle, Hallam, Hamilton, Hearne, Herbert, Herodotus, Heywood, Hoare, Hobbes, Hogarth, Holinshed, Holland's Basiliologia, Homer, Hone, Hood, Hook, Hora, Horace, Hume, Hunt, Hunter, and Hutton.

Full half the work is now completed, and the most difficult part of the task overcome; it is therefore hoped that the remainder will proceed with less delay than heretofore. But there is no intention of letting speed take the place of care, and Subscribers are requested, under any circumstances, to await the completion with reasonable patience.

The book does not pay at its present price, the Publisher therefore reserves to himself the right of advancing it to NonSubscribers immediately after publication of the concluding Part.

York Street, Covent Garden,
April 25, 1859.





G. G.-See GRECO, Gioachimo.
G. G. of S.-A facetious Poem

A. See DIA-
Anthony. GOLD-in Imitation of the Cherry and
ING, Arthur.
Slae, giving Account of the En-
tertainment Love and Despair got
in the Highlands of Scotland; re-
vealed in a Dream to one in Pur-
suit of his stoln Cows. By G. G.
of S. Edinb. 1701. 12mo.

G. H.-The Mirrour of Majestie.
Lond. 1618. See MIRROR.

G. I.-De Rebus sub imperio Marchionis Monterosarum in Scotia gestis. Lond. 1647. 18mo. See WISHART.


G. A.-The benefite that Christians receyve by Jesus Christ crucified, translated out of French into English by A. G. Printed by H. Bynneman, n. d. 12mo.

Sotheby, 1856, 31. 18s.

G. A.-The Widdow's mite cast into the Treasure-house of the Prerogatives, and Prayses of the Virgin Mary. With allowance, 1619. 12mo. Bright, 17. 158.

G. B.-See GARTER, Bernard. G.C.-AWatch-worde for Warre. Cambridge, 1596. 4to.

A religious discourse, consisting of thirty leaves, dedicated to the Mayor and Aldermen of King's Lynne.

G. C.-Secrets of Angling, imparting the best and choicest Experiments for taking all sorts of Fish, with Fly, Worme, Paste and other baits, by C. G., a brother of the angle. Lond. for R. Baldwyn. 1705. 12mo.

In prose, 24 pages. Besides Recipes for Angling, it contains others for Japanning,

Oyl and Water Colours.
Sotheby's in 1823, 20s. Nassau, pt. i.

1236, 78.

G. C.-The Minte of Deformities. Lond. W. Jones, 1600. 4to.

An amusing Satire upon the Vanity and change of Apparel, and of the Proneness of the English in their imitation of Foreigners. Heber, pt. iv. 758, 47. 148. 6d.

G. E.-See GIBSON, Edmund. GRANT, Edward.

G. F.-See GODWIN, Francis. GOLDSMITH, Francis.

Heath, 4465, 14s. 6d. G. I.-M. Some laid open in his coulers; wherein the indifferent reader may easily see how wretchedly and basely he hath handeled the cause against M. Penri, done by an Oxford man to his friend in Cambridge. Without place or date, secretly printed (circa 1588). 12mo.

Bright, 17. 5s.

Kinde. Lond. Ed. Allde, 1605. 4to.
G. J.-An Apologie for Women

A poetical tract. Inglis' Old Plays, i. 61. 8s, 6d. Heber, pt. iv. 760, 37. 1s.

G. J.-The Maske of Flowers Graies Inne at the Court of Whitepresented by the Gentlemen of hall in the Banquetting House upon Twelfe-night, 1613. By J. G., W. D., and T. B. Lond. 1614. 4to.

The last of the solemnities performed at the marriage of the Earl of Son erset with the Lady Frances, daughter to the Earl of Suffolk. Rhodes, 351, 27. 6s. Roxburghe, 4210, 11. 5s.

G. J. - Dreadful Burning of London, a Poem. Lond. 1667. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 1507 (with other tracts), 57. 15s. 6d.

G. J.-See GOUGH, J. GREEN, J. GLANVIL, Joseph.

G. L.-Essayes and Characters. By L. G. 1661. 8vo.

Brand, in lot 1754. A copy is in the Malore Collection.

G. P.-A moorning Diti upon the Deceas of Prins Henry Earl of Arundel. 1579. Lond. by John Allde.

A copy is in the Malone Collection. G. R.-Virginia's cure, or an advisive narrative concerning Virginia, discovering the true ground of that churche's unhappiness. Lond. 1662.


Bright, 17s.

G. R.-See GOUGH, Richard. GOULD, Robert. GREENE, Robert.

G. T.-The Friers Chronicle; or, the true Legend of Priests and Monkes Lives. Lond. 1623. 4to.

Dedicated to the Countess of Devonshire. Gordonstoun, 983, 17. 18.

Reprinted in the tenth volume of the Harleian Miscellany.

G. R.-Salutem in Christo. 1571. 8vo.

On 7 pages. A letter concerning the second commitment of the Duke of Norfolk to the Tower, dated At London the xiij of October, 1571. Your louing brother in Lawe, R. G.' Thonght to be done by William Cecill. It was probably printed by R. Grafton. G.R.-An Exhortation and fruitful Admonition to vertuous Parentes GABB, Rev. Thomas. Finis Pyand modest Matrones, to the Bring-ramidis, or Disquisitions concerning vp of their Children in godlying the Antiquity and scientific Education and houshold Discipline: End of the great Pyramid of Gizah, By R. G. Lond. for Nich. Ling, and of the first Standard of linear 1584. 16mo. Measure. Lond. (1805). 8vo. Fonthill, 1802, 7s.

GABBETT, Joseph. A digested Abridgment and comparative View of the Statute Law in England and Ireland to the Year 1811. With a Supplement. Lond. 1812-18. royal 8vo. 4 vols. 17. 1s.

G. T. Answer to Wither's Motto, without a frontispiece: wherein Nec habeo, nec careo, nec curo, are neither approved nor confuted, but modestly controuled or qualified. Oxford, 1625. The purport of this tract is to point out some contradictory passages in Wither's


G. T. Faithful Annalist, or Epitome of the English History. Lond. 1660.

With frontispiece. Sotheby's in Dec. 1822, 9s. 6d.

G. T.-See GAINSFORD, Thomas. GALE, Thomas. GENT, Thomas. Selimus.

G. W.-History of the Church of Great Britain to the Year 1667. See Lond. 1675. 4to. 7s. 6d. CHURCH HISTORY, p. 449.

There is a Church History of France by the same author, whose name was Geaves,

also in 4to. 1676.

G. W.-See GRYNDALL, William. GREY, William.

GABALIS.-The Count of Gabalis, or the extravagant Mysteries of the Cabalists. Lond. 1680. 12mo.

Gordonstoun, 2302, 4s. From this work Pope borrowed the machinery of the Rape of the Lock. The book was written by

the Abbé de Montfaucon de Villars, and first published at Paris, in 1670, 12mo.

Analytically arranged in the order of Blackstone's Commentaries, with a chronodex to the work. logical table of the statutes, and an in

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Treatise on the Criminal Law.
Dublin, 8vo. 2 vols.
GABBLE, Gridiron.
WOOD, Jos.
GABELHOUER, Oswaldus, Dr.
The Boock of Physicke, translated
out of High-duche by Doctour
Charles Battus, and now out of
Low-duche into Englishe by A. M.
Dorte, by Isaack Caen, 1599. folio.

Dedicated to Queen Elizabeth. GABRIEL JOHN. See JOHN, Gabriel.


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