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20. Waterfall

21. Landscape
22. Halt of Travellers. P. Wouvermans
23. Fording the Brook. N. Berchem
24. Landscape
A Cuyp
25. Landscape-Morning-J. Both
26. Landscape

39. A Sunset.

40. Landscape, with Windmill

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riers shoeing Horse Wouvermans 27. Landscape-Evening-J. Both 28. The Assumption N. Poussin 29. Cottage and Figures-D. Teniers 30. Landscape A.Vandervelde

31. Landscape, with


Catalogue of the Collection of Pictures of the MARQUESS OF STAFFORD at Cleveland House, London, containing an Etching of every Picture, and accompanied with historical and biographical Notices by John Young, Lond. 1825, 4to. 2 vols. 57. 58. 282 etchings. LARGE PAPER, with proofs on India paper, folio, 91. 9s. See BRITTON.

Catalogue of the Pictures at GROSVENOR HOUSE, London; with Etchings, accompanied by historical Notices of the principal Lond. 1820. Works. By John Young. 4to. 27. 2s. 143 etchings. LARGE PAPER, with proofs on India paper, 41. 4s.

Catalogue of the Pictures at LEIGH COURT, near Bristol, the seat of P. J. MILES, Esq. M.P. with Etchings, accompanied with historical and bigraphical Notices. By John Young. Lond. 1822. 4to. 21. 2s. LARGE PAPER, with proofs on


47. 48.

paper, Catalogue of the celebrated Collection of Pictures of the late J. J. ANGERSTEIN, (now in the National Gallery), containing an Etching of every Picture, and accompa nied with historical and biographical Notices, by John Young. Lond. 1823, 4to. 37. 13s. 6d. 42 etchings. LARGE PAPER, India proofs, folio. Published 67. 68.

Four additional plates, viz.:47.*Landscape, with


48.*Interior of a Riding
49.*Two Horses
50.*Flemish Peasants. Wouvermans

Gallery of the Pictures of J. J. ANGERSTEIN, at Blackheath. Lond. 18-. 4to. 22 plates. LARGE PAPER. India proofs, folio.

Catalogue of Pictures by British Artists, in the possession of Sir JOHN FLEMING LEICESTER, Bart. with Etchings, ac

BRITISH GALLERY OF PICTURES, selected from the most admired Productions of the OLD MASTERS in Great Britain; accom-companied with historic and biographipanied with Descriptions historical and cal Notices by John Young. Lond. 1825, critical. By HENRY TRESHAM and W. Y. 4to. 27. 2s. 69 etchings. LARGE PAPER, with OTTLEY. The executive Part under the proofs on India paper, 47. 4s. Management of P. W. TOMKINS. Lond. Descriptive Catalogue of a Collection of 1818, atlas 4to. Twenty-five plates en- Paintings by British Artists, in the posgraved in the stipple or dotted manner, session of Sir JOHN FLEMING LEICESTER, 61. 68. Published at 12. 128. LARGE Bart. By William Carey, with occasional

. A. Vandervelde
32. Landscape, with Cattle-A. Cuyp
33. Landscape, with Cattle-A. Cuyp
34. Figures and Ani-

Le Nain

mals at a Well
35. A Landscape
36. Landscape, with Figures-J.Wynants
37. Landscape

J. Wynants

38. Landscape, with


Salvator Rosa

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41. A Calm

42. Soldiers Gaming
43. Swineherd
44. Italian Landscape.
45. The Flower Girl

46. Saint Cecilia .

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J. Both

W. Vandervelde
Salvator Rosa

Karel du Jardin



PAPER. PROOFS on India paper, imp. fol.
published at 25l. 4s.
MOUNTED, published at 150 guineas. Dent,
pt. ii. 1425, morocco, 50%. 8s. Bernal, 1855,
mor. 70%. Baker, mor. 481. 6s.

Karel du Jardin


This volume was republished with only 20 plates, the others being worn out, all on INDIA PAPER, and sold for 21. 2s.

Engravings of the MARQUESS OF STA-F FORD'S Collection of Pictures in London, arranged according to Schools, and in chronological Order; with Remarks on each Picture by W. Y. OTTLEY. The executive Part under the Management of P. W. TOMKINS. Lond. 1818, imp. 4to. 4 vols. Engraved in the line manner, 127. 12s. Published at 357. 14s. LARGE PAPER. PROOFs on India paper, imp. fol. 217. Published at 717. 8s. Dent, pt. ii. COLOURED AND 1426, morocco, 271. 6s. MOUNTED in four portfolios, 4 vols. imp. folio. Published at 1717. 14s. Fonthill, 3706, 787. 158.


GALLUS, Cornelius.

The im


Series of descriptive and critical Notices potent Lover, accurately described of the principal Works of Art in Painting in six Elegies on old Age; with and Sculpture now existing in England; the old doting Letcher's Resentarranged under the Heads of the different public and private Galleries in which they ments on the past Pleasures, and vigourous Performances of Youth: made English from the Latin, by Hovenden Walker. Lond. 1688. 8vo.

are to be found. Lond. 1824, 8vo. 8s. 6d.

Sketches of the principal Picture Galleries in England, with a Criticism on Marriage a la-Mode,' by W. Hazlitt. Lond. 1824, fscap. 8vo. 5s.

Remarks, &c. by Sir Richard Colt Hoare,
Bart. Lond. 181. royal 8vo. 7s. 6d.

MUSEUM OF PAINTING AND SCULPTURE; or, a Collection of the principal Pictures, Statues, and Bas-reliefs in the public and private Galleries of Europe. Drawn and etched in outline by Reveil; with descriptive, critical, and historical Notices, by Duchesne, senior. Published in numbers, each containing six plates, 1s. 6d. Com pleted in 17 vols. small 8vo. containing 1150 plates, 177 17s. reduced to 67. 68.

The English School was published se

GALLIENO.-An Historical Romance of the Wars between the Mighty Giant Gallieno, and the Great Knight Nasonius and his Associates. Dublin, 1694. 4to.


parate, in 4 vols. small 8vo. containing 288 plates, at 37. 128. reduced to 17. 11s. 6d.

Catalogue of the ILAM GALLERY, 1827. Ashbourn, 1828. imp. 4to. Twenty-five Second edition, Lond. 1820, 12mo.-Third copies printed at the expense of the Pro-edition, Lond. 1829, 12mo.-Fourth edit, prietor, Jesse Watts Russell, of Ilam Lond. 1834, 12mo. 5s. Hall, co. Stafford.

This has been said to be the most com

See Bedford Marbles. BLUNDELL, Hen. BOYDELL, John. BRITTON, John.

An ingenious treatise. The prophetic and anticipated History of the Church of Rome, written and published six hundred Years before the Rise of that Church. Lond. 18-, 8vo. 5s.

Reed, 6866, 3s.-1694, 12mo. 4s. GALLY, Henry, D.D. Two Dissertations on Greek Accents. Lond. 1754-62. 8vo.

Gosset, 2132, 8s. 6d. Published anonymously. See FOSTER, John, M.A.

GALLOWAY.-Encouragement for Undertakers in the Plantation of New Galloway. Edinb. 1625. 4to. A copy is in the British Museum.

GALPINE, John. A synoptical Class Monandria to Polygamia inCompend of British Botany (from clusive), arranged after the Linnean System. Lond. 1806. 12mo.

plete book of the kind, on so small a scale, in the English language, but it is now very inferior to many.

A satire on the wars between Louis XIV. and William III. Steevens, 1721, 8s. 6d. Reed, 6482, 4s. Lloyd, 1056, 5s. 6d.

GALLIENUS Redivivus, or Murther will out, etc,, being a true account of the De Witting of Glencoe, Gaffney, etc. Edinb. 1695. 4to. GALLOWAY, Joseph. Brief Com-non, mentaries upon such Parts of the Revelation and other Prophecies as immediately refer to the present Times. Lond. 1802. 8vo. 7s.

GALT, John. The Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey. Lond. 1812, 4to.

With portrait. A severe critique on this work appeared in the Quarterly Review, viii. 163-72. Duke of York, 2165, 17. 2s. LARGE PAPER, in royal 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. 1403*, 17. 1s.-1818, 8vo.-Reprinted in Bogue's Library, 12mo. 1846,

3s. 6d.

nestra. Lond. 1812, royal 8vo. 14s. and 4to.

Battle of Largs, 12mo. The Tragedies of Maddalen, AgamemLady Macbeth, Antonio and ClytemA severe critique on these tragedies appeared in the Quarterly Rev. xi. 33-41. President of the Royal Academy, prior The Life and Studies of Benjamin West, to his Arrival in England, 2 parts. Lond. 1816. 8vo. 7s. LARGE PAPER, 158.

Voyages and Travels in the Years 1809, 10, and 11; containing Observations on Gibraltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Serigo, and Turkey. Lond. 1812, 4to. 21. 2s. Duke of York, 2166, 95. LARGE PAPER, 31. 3s. Towneley, pt. ii. 788, 17. 1s.

Letters from the Levant. Lond. 1813, 8vo. 10s. 6d.

Pictures, historical and biographical,

GALT, John--continued.

drawn from English, Scottish, and Irish several foreign editions. History. fscap. 8vo. 2 vols. 12s.

Poems, 8vo. 5s.

The Crusade, a poem, 12mo.
The Wandering Jew, 12mo. 6s. pub-

lished under the name of the Rev. Mr.

Clarke. The Initials of the last sentences are, 'This book was written by

John Galt.'

Life of Lord Byron. Lond. 1830. fscap.


The Ouranoulogos, or the Celestial volume. Lond. 1833. 4to. Illustrated by John Martin.

Autobiography. Lond. 1833. 8vo. 2 vols.

Beloe's Anecdotes, v. 255-60. There are In it will be found that trite verse so often repeated, 'Incidis in Scyllam cupiens vitare Charybdin.' Extracts from the work are in Warton's History of English Poetry.

GALVANO, Ant. Account of the Discoverys of the World, from their first Origin to the Year 1555; translated and published by R. Hackluyt. Lond. G. Bishop. 1601. 4to.

11. 4s.

His Literary Life and Miscellanies. Lond. 1834. post 8vo. 3 vols. 1. 11s. 6d.

Black Letter. Inglis, 576, 41. Jadis, 188, russia, 8. Reprinted in the second vol. of the Oxford Collection of Voyages and Travels. The original about to be printed for the Hackluyt Society.

GAMAGE, William. Linsi-Woolsie: or, two Centuries of Epigrammes. Oxford, 1613. 12mo. 46 leaves.

This writer was the author of some popular Novels, viz.: The Majolo, 2 vols. 12mo. and 12mo. 6s.-Annals of the Parish, Edinb. 1821.12mo. 8s.-Ayrshire Legatees. Edinb. 1821. 12mo. 78.-Sir Andrew Wylie of that Ilk. Lond. 1822. 3 vols. 12mo. 17. Is.-The Provost. Lond. 1822. 12mo. 7s. -The Steam Boat. Lond. 1822. 12mo. 7s. -The Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. Edinb. 1823. 8vo. The Entail. Edinb. 1823,

12mo. 2s.-The Foresters. Lond. 1825.

3 vols. 12mo. 17. Is. and 12mo. 6s.-The Gathering of the West. Edinb. 1823. 8vo.-The Last of the Lairds. Lond. 1826. post 8vo. 10s. 6d.-Lawrie Todd; or, the Settlers in the Woods. Lond. 1830. 12mo. 3 vols. 15s.-Southennan. Lond. 1830. post 8vo. 3 vols. 1. 11s. 6d.-Bogle Corbet, or the Emigrants. Lond. 1831. post 8vo. 3 vols. 17. 11s. 6d.-The Lives of the Players. Lond. 1831. post 8vo. 2 vols. 17. 1s. Eben Erskine, or the Traveller. Lond. 1833. post 8vo. 3 vols. 17. 11s. 6d. Stories of the Study. Lond. 1833. post 8vo. 3 vols. 17. 11s. 6d.-The Stolen Child,

(being Vol. 4 of the Library of Romance. Lond. 1833.)-The Member, an Autobiography. Lond. 1832. 12mo. 8s. The

Radical, 12mo. 5s.--The Omen, Lond. With portrait by T. Cross. Bindley,

18. 18mo. 4s. 6d.-Haddad-Ben-Ahab,

pt. i. 1878, 117. 15s. 1659.

John, A.M. An Essay on the different Modes of Communication

(forming part vi. of the Romancist and Novelist's Library. Lond. 1840.) The Earthquake, 3 vols. 12mo. 17. 1s.-Ringhan Gilhaize, 3 vols. 12mo. 17. 18.-The by Signals. Lond. 1797. 4to. 12s. Spaewife, 3 vols. 12mo. 17. 1s.-Rothelan, 3 vols. 12mo. 17. 1s.-Stanley Buxton, 3 vols. post 8vo. 17. 11s. 6d.-Glenfell, 12mo. ners in the North of Ireland. Lond.

Views of Society and Man

Of no merit, dedicated to Katherine, Lady Mansell. Bindley, pt. ii. 898, 137. Perry, 81. 8s. Some copies bear the date of 1621. A copy is in the Bridgwater Collection.

An AcaGAMBADO, Geoffrey. demy for grown Horsemen, 12 plates; and Annals of Horsemanship, 17 plates. Lond. 1787-91. 4to. 2 vols.

A lively and entertaining jeu d'esprit of the pencil and the pen, written by H. Bunbury. Fonthill, 1771, 27. 6s. Drury, 1789, 27. 4s. Academy. 1787. Roxburghe, 1709, 148. Annals. 1791. Roxburghe, 1710, 17. 1s.-An edition, 1822, royal 4to. 2 vols. 29 plates reduced size, 4to. 12s.-1809. 12mo. in 1 vol. coloured plates.

GAMBLE, John. Ayres and Dialogues to be sung to the TheorboLute or Bass-Viol. Lond. 1656 or 7. folio.

65.-Efforts of an Invalid, 18mo. 3.-1813, 8vo. 12s.
Rachelor's Wife, post. 8vo. 10s. 6d.-An-
drew of Padua, 12mo. 6s.

GALTHERUS, Phil. Galteri Alexandriados sive Gestorum Alexandri magni Libri decem, 4to.

A copy of this celebrated poetical work, with Pynson's mark, is described in Denis's supplement to Mattaire, and in

Sketches of History, Politics, &c. taken in Dublin and the North of Ireland, in 1810. Lond. 1811, 8vo.

Gamble's works are entertaining, though somewhat bordering on the extravagant. GAMBOLD, John, M.A. Works. Bath, 1789, 8vo. 6s.

Best edition. With portrait by W

Hibbart. The works of this divine, a, the faith of the Catholic Church. Bishop of the Moravian Church, are much Lond. 1812. 8vo. 5s. admired by his brethren.-With a preface by Thomas Erskine. Glasgow, 1822, 12mo. 4s.

GAMBELD, W. Welsh Grammar. Carmarthen, 1727. 8vo. 10s. 6d.

GAME.-An unhappy Game Scotch and English, and some Papers given in by the Commissioners to the honourable Houses of the Parliament of England. Edinb. 1646. 4to.

Two Letters to the Rev. Herbert Marsh, D.D. Lond. 1812-13, 8vo. 5s.

A Defence of the ancient Faith, or a full Exposition of the Christian Religion, in a series of controversial Sermons. Lond. 1813, 8vo. 4 vols.

The works of this Catholic clergyman are much esteemed by his followers.

GANDY, Joseph. The Rural Architect. Lond. 1806. 4to. 7s. 6d.

Consisting of various designs for country buildings, accompanied with ground plans, estimates, and descriptions.

Designs for Cottages, Cottage Farms, trance-gates and Lodges. Lond. 1805, 4to. and other Rural Buildings; including En7s. 6d.

Lloyd, 1415, 8s. Constable, 1049, 5s. 6d. White Knights, 3771, 5s.

GAMES most in use in England, France, and Spain; some of which were never printed before in any language. Lond. 1690. 12mo. Bright, (n. d.) 4s. 6d.


InterestGANGANELLI, J. V. A. ing Letters of Pope Clement XIV. GAMING.-A modest Defence of (Ganganelli), to which are prefixed, Gaming. Lond. 1753, 8vo. Anecdotes of his Life, &c. Translated from the French. Lond.

An ironical satire, reprinted in the first volume of Dodsley's Fugitive Pieces.

The Art and Mystery of modern Gam

1777. 12mo. 4 vols. with a portrait.

ing. Lond. 1726, 4to. 4s.

The compleat Gamester. Lond. 1674, 12mo.-1680, with a frontispiece. Bindley, pt. i. 1207, 5s. 6d. Goldsmid, 193, 12s. 6d. Lives of Gamesters. Lond. 1714, 12mo. with a frontispiece. Reed, 2943, 8s.

Authentic Memoirs of the most eminent Gamesters and Sharpers. Lond. 1774, 12mo. Nassau, pt. i. 1241, 10s.

See COTTON, Charles. LUCAS, Theophilus. SEYMOUR, Kichard.

GAMMER Gurton's Needle, 1575. See STILL, John.

Lettre a son Altesse. Lond. 1656, 4to.
His Petition to Parliament. folio.

These Letters, ascribed to Ganganelli, but now known to be forgeries, are formed on the French translation by Cleland, and at first consisted of only two volumes. The work succeeding, the editor was induced to invent two more. See Lady M.W. Montagu's Works, 1803, vol. i. Memoirs, p. 25.-Lond. 1809, 12mo. 4 vols. with por

trait. 12s.

The Life of Pope Clement XIV. (Ganganelli). Translated from the French of Mons. Caraccioli. Lond. 1776, 8vo. Heath, 1613, 4s. 6d.

GAR. Ber. See GARTER, Bernard. GARBELLERS.-A profitable and necessarie Discourse for the Meeting with the bad Garbelling of Spices used in these Daies, &c. Lond. 1591. 4to.

GAND, Ludov. de, Baro de Brachey & de Romecour. Parallelum Ólivæ nec non Oliverii Cromwelli Protectoris. Lond. 1656. folio.

Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ii. 665, 21. 3s. Towneley, pt. i. 843, 91. Hollis, 1133, 8. 18s. 6d. Bindley, pt. ii. 2858, 51. 7s. 6d. Dowdeswell, russia, 97. 19s. 6d. Grave, 174, 27. 10s. Collation. Title-page, engraved by Faithorne; epistola dedicatoria, one leaf; print of an olive tree, inscribed Olivarius by Faithorne; the work, pp. 1-lating to the Theory of Money, and 156, and 161-216. On page 1 is an oval the affairs of the Mint. Lond. portrait of Cromwell, and on p. 131 an 1792. 3 vols. small 8vo. Privately equestrian one, both by Faithorne.

GARBETT, Sam. Collections re

Sol Britannicus Regi consecratus. Lond. 1641, 8vo. 58.


The contents of this work are given in Gough's British Topography, i. 632. Reed, 1557, 15s. 6d.

GARBUTT, George. A historical and descriptive account of the parishes of Monkwearmouth and

GANDOLPHY, Rev. Peter.


turgy; or, a full Developement of Bishopwearmouth, and the port and

borough of Sunderland.
land, 1819. 8vo. plates. 16s.
GARCILASSO de la Vega. See VEGA,
Garc. de la.

Sunder-reader; a folded plan of the town of New-
castle as a frontispiece, and 23 plates
(viz. 17 portraits of Kings and Queens,
and 6 miscellaneous subjects) on the
letter-press.-Newcastle, 1796, 8vo.
sau, pt. i. 1244, 6s. The plates in this are
very inferior to those in the edition of 1655.


GARDELLE, Theodore, Limner and Enameller, Life of, with a particular Description of the Murder of Anna King, and the inhumane Meares taken to conceal the same. Lond. 1761. 4to. with a plate.

Nassau, pt. i. 2532, 8s. GARDEN, Alex. Theatre of Scotish Kings. Edinb. James Watson, 1625, 4to.

Heber, pt. iv. 14s. Roxburghe, 3366, 17.
138. now in the Grenville Library, British
Reprinted by the Abbotsford Club. See


GARDENSTONE, Francis Garden, Lord. Travelling Memorandums, made in a Tour upon the Continent of Europe, 1786-8. Edinb. 1791-2. sm. 8vo. 2 vols. 6s.

An amusing and intelligent work. Towneley, pt. ii. 254, 5s. 6d. A second edition of vol. i. appeared, Edinb. 1792. After the author's death, in 1793, a third volume was printed, containing his life.

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Miscellanies in Prose and Verse: including Remarks on English Plays, Operas, and Farces, and on a Variety of other Modern Publications. The second Edi

tion, corrected and enlarged. Edinb. 1792,

12mo. 4s.

GARDINER, Edm. The Trial of Tobacco. Lond. 1610. 4to.

A copy is in the British Museum.

James, M.A. A practical Ex-was position of our Saviour's Sermon on the Mount. Lond. 1720. 8vo. Williams, 754 and 755, LARGE PAPER, 10s. and 9s. 6d.


John Smallman. The Art and Pleasure of Hare Hunting. Lond. 1750. 8vo. 4s.

This Pamphlet was afterwards extended by Wm. Blane.

Ralph. England's Grievance discovered in Relation to the Coal Trade. Lond 1655. 4to. Plates.


GARDINER, Richard. An account of the Expedition to the West-Indies, against Martinico, Guadaloupe, and other the Leeward Islands subject to the French King, 1759. Birmingham, Baskerville, 1762. 4to. Dent, pt. i. 1453, 4s. 6d. Samuel, D.D.

A Booke of Angling or Fishing, wherein is shewed, by conference with Scriptures, the agreement betweene the Fishermen, Fishes, Fishing of both natures, Temporall and Scripturall. Printed by Thomas Purfoot, 1606. sm. 8vo.

White Knights, 1740, russia, 5l. 10s. Nassau, pt. i. 1690, 77. 15s. Brockett, 1297, morocco, 201. 9s. 6d. Towneley, pt. i. 531, Skegg, 61. 12s. 6d. Collation.-Pp. 211, besides title page; epistle dedicatory to O. Cromwell, 4 pages; epistle to the



Collation.-162 pp.; Epistle 2 pp.; Address to reader, 1 p.; Contents, 1 p.This book was bought in at Dr. Cotton's sale, in 1838, for 47., and resold after the death of his son, in 1856, for 407. Cotton intended to reprint this scarce volume. See Hone's Year Book, p. 1603. Stephen,Bishop of Winchester. De vera Obedientia Oratio. Lond. in Edib. Tho. Berthelet. 1534. 8vo.

volume of Fasciculus Rerum expetendaThis oration is reprinted in the second rum et fugendarum.-Opera et Studio Ed. Brown. Lond. 1690.' Other Editions. Hamburgi, ex Officina Francisci Rhodi, 1536, 16mo. To this edition a preface added by Bp. Bonner.-Lond. in Edib. Tho. Bertheleti, 1535, 4to. Thirtysix leaves. Reed, 6504, 6s. 6d.

'De vera Obediencia. With the Preface of Edmunde Boner Bisshop of London, translated into English and printed by Michal Wood: with the Preface and conclusion of the Traunslatour. From Rome xxvI. of Octobre, M.D. liii. 16mo. K 4, in eights, Bindley, pt. ii. 861, 27. 12s. 6d.Rome (for H. Singleton), 1553, 16mo. A to H 4, in eights. Sotheby (Bp. Daly), June 25, 1858, 17. 17s. Bright, 27. 15s. Another with H. Singleton's Mark, in Nov. 1553,


Conquestio ad Bucerum de impudenti ejusdem Pseudologia. Lov. 1544, 4to. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. ili. 1129, 17. 168.

The Rescvynge of the Romishe Fox, otherwyse called the Examination of the Hunter, deuised by Steuen Gardiner. Imprynted at Basyll, 1543. See WRAGHTON

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