of Greece, from the Accession of Alexander of Macedon, till its final Subjection to the Roman Power, in eight Books. Lond. 1782. 4to. 10s. 6d.

Reprinted Basil, 1797, 8vo. 2 vols. The Rudiments of the Grecian History, from the first Establishment of the States of Greece, to the Overthrow of their Liberties, in the Days of Philip the Mace donian. In thirteen Dialogues. Lond.

1764, 8vo. 4s.

GASTRELL, Francis, Bishop of Chester. Christian Institutes, or the sincere Word of God, collected out of the old and new Testaments,

digested under proper Heads, and delivered in the very Words of Scripture. Lond. 1707. 12mo. 4s. Lond. 1822. 12mo. 2 vols. 2s. 6d. front.

GATAKER, Tho. Sermons. Lond. 1647. folio.

Gataker 'was a profound Greek scholar, and applied his knowledge very successfully to the illustration of the Scriptures and also of the classics; though his ideas of the correctness and elegance of the style of the New Testament were carried to an excess.'-Orme,

Opera Critica, Diissertatio de N Instrumenta stylo; Cinnus sive adversaria miscellanea; Adversaria miscellanea Posthuma; Marci Antonini Imp. de rebus suis lib. xii. Gr. et Lat. commentario perpetuo explicati; Opuscula varia Traject. ad Rhen. 1697-98, folio, 2 vols. generally bound in one.

GATTI, Alessandro. La Caccia, Poema heroico. Lond. 1619. 8vo.

A copy is in the British Museum. GAU (Jhone). Richt way to This valuable little work, which may the kingdome of Hevine is techit perhaps be considered as a concordance of heir in the commandis of God, in parallel passages at full length, was first published in 1707, and has since been re- the creed and Pater Noster. In the peatedly printed in 12mo. and 18mo. It quhilk al Chrissine men sal find may be very advantageously substituted for any of the larger or more expensive al thing yat is neidful to the Salworks.-T. H. Horne. Bishop Gastrell's uation of the Soul. With an epistle Considerations on the Trinity are reprint- to the Lords and Barons of Scoted in Randolph's Enchiridion Theologi- land. Prentit in Malmw. (Marlborough). By me Jhone Hochstraten, 1533. 12mo.


A short and plain Dialogue concerning the Unlawfullness of playing at Cards or any other Games consisting in Chance. Lond. for Rich. Boile, 1593, 8vo.

De Nomine Tetragrammate qui Vocis Jehovah Dissertatio. Lond. 1645. 8vo. Williams, 756, 6s.

Many of the works of this eminent divine and critic will be found in the British


De novi Instrumenti Stylo, et de Linguæ Græcæ novi Testamenti Puritate Dissertatio. Lond. 1648, 4to. 3s. 6d.

Cinnus, sive Adversaria miscellanea. Lond. 1651, 4to.-Lond. 1659, folio.

GATES, Geffrey. The Defence of Militarie Profession. Lond. 1579, 4to.

Dedicated to 'Edward de Vere, Earle of Oxenford,' &c. 63 pages.

GATFORD, Lionel. Public Good without private Interests; or a compendious Remonstrance of the sad State and Condition of Virgi

nia, &c. Lond. 1657. 4to.

Pp. 27. Annexed is the Charter of Maryland, consisting of 23 pages.

Narrative of the Death of Mr. W.

Tyrrel and Preservation of Sir John Rous.

Lond. 1661, 4to.

Chalmers, 1842, 10. 15s. Supposed unique, no other copy known.

GAUDEN, John, successively Bishop of Exeter and Worcester. Ecclesiæ Anglicana Suspiria, in 4 Books. Lond. 1659. folio. 12s

With portrait, a small whole length. Hieraspistes: or, a Defence of the Ministry and Ministers of the Church of With porEngland. Lond. 1653, 4to. trait by T. Cross. 10s.

See Eicon Basilice.

An account of Gauden and a list of his works will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxonienses.

GAUDENTIO DI LUCCA, Signor. Memoirs of. Lond. 1737. 8vo. 9s.

This admirable work is partly a romance and partly a scheme of patriarchal government: the incidents are well conIt trived and most agreeably related. has been generally attributed to the celebrated Bp. Berkeley. See Retrosp. Review, iv. 316-33.

GAULE, John.

Select Cases of

[blocks in formation]

Discourse of Auxiliary Beauty or Artificial Handsomenesse. Lond. 1656, 12mo. front. Often attributed to Bp. Jeremy Taylor, and occasionally to Obadiah Walker, whose share in it was probably limited to the Satyrical Censures given

in the edition of 1662.

Admonition to Moderation. Lond. 1660.


BLACK LETTER. Thirty leaves including title. Referred to by Malone in a Note upon Romeo and Juliet, and supposed by him to have been a prose narrative on which that Play was founded. By the discovery of a copy, it is found to be in verse. Twenty-five copies reprinted in Black letter for Mr. Collier, by F. Shoberl, jun. (1844). 4to.

GAULTIER, Jaques. Rodomontados, or Bravadoes and Bragardiomes. Lond. 1610. 4to.

In the Malone Collection.

preached in the parish church of Olney,


Abbé. A Method of making Abridgements. In two Parts. Lond. 1800-1. 4to. pub. at 17. 18. GAUNTLETT, Rev. Henry. An Exposition of the Book of Revelation. Lond. 1821. 8vo.

The substance of forty-four discourses

[blocks in formation]


GAULFRIDO and Barnardo. The Pityfull Historie of two loving Italians; Gaulfrido and Barnardo GAWANE. GAWAYNE, Sir, Edited le Vayne. Translated out of Italian into English meeter, by John Drout, of Thavis Inn, Gent. Lond. H. Binneman. 1570. 12mo.

by Sir F.Madden, for the Bannatyne Club. See Appendix.

GAVIN, Anthony. A master Key to Popery. Lond. 1725-6. 12mo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d.

GAY, John. The Works. Lond. 1772-5. 12mo. 6 vols.

Heath, 1808, 17. 10s. Roscoe, 1408, 27. 38. Nassau, pt. i. 1247, 17. 14s. Lond. 1795, 6 vols. 12mo.

PLAYS written by Mr. John Gay: to which is prefixed, an Account of the Life and Writings of the Author. Lond. 1772, 12mo with port. 5s.-1760. 12mo. Steevens, 1236, 4s.

POEMS on several Occasions, Lond. 1720.

4to. 2 vols. By this publication Gay is said to have cleared one thousand pounds. Roxburghe, 3439, 6s. Reprinted Lond. 1727, 12mo. 2 vols.-Lond. 1745, 2 vols. 12mo.-Lond. 1753, 2 vols. 12mo.-Lond. 1762, 12mo, 2 vols.-Lond. 1767, 12mo. 2 vols.-Lond. Bell, 1797, 12mo. 3 vols.Lond. Sharpe, 1806, 12mo. 2 vols. Also

contained in the several collections of the English Poets.

POEMS never before printed. Lond. 1820. 12mo. pp. 147.

FABLES by the late Mr. Gay. Lond. 1727-38, 4to. 2 vols. Gough, 1766, 17. 4s.


Other Editions.-1733-8. 8vo. 2 vols. with
plates by Gravelot and Vandergucht, 15s.
These volumes were frequently reprinted
in 8vo.-Newcastle, 1779. Roxburghe, 3440;
2s. 6d. Lond. 1797, 2 vols.
edition. Bindley, pt. ii. 869, 17. 17s.-I1-4to.
lustrated with Notes, and the Life of the
Author, by the Rev. Wm. Coxe. Salis-
bury, 1796, 12mo. 4s.- Newcastle, 1799,
12mo.-Lond. Stockdale, 1793, 2 vols. imp.
8vo. 70 plates, 17, 16s.-Lond. (1796). 12mo.
10s. 6d. Whittingham's edition with 70
plates, frequently reprinted, 9s. - Paris,
printed for Ant. Aug. Renouard (by Cra-
pelet), 1800, 12mo. pp. 209 and table. ON
VELLUM (two copies printed-to which are
added Fables of Edward Moore. Paris,
Didot's stereotype edition. 1800, 18mo. 2s.
printed). Junot, 15, 47. 4s. Another Edi-
tion, to which is added Gray's Elegy writ
ten in a Country Church-yard. Paris, print-
ed for Ant. Aug. Renouard (by Crapelet),
1802, 12mo. pp. 102 and table. ON VELLUM
(one copy). Lond. 1856, 12mo. edited by
O. F. Owen, illustrated by Harvey, 5s.
FABLES by Mr. John Gay, with an Italian
Translation by Gian Francesco Giorgetti.

Lond. 1773, 8vo. 6s.

A Selection of Fables by John Gay, revised by James Plumptre. Huntingdon.


Thirty-three original Designs from Gay's Fables. Drawn and etched in outline by the late C. Muss. Lond. 1825, 4to.


GAY, Joseph. The Confederates, a Farce. Lond. 1717. 8vo. 3s. 6d. A satire on a farce written by Pope, Gay, and Arbuthnot, entitled Three Hours after Marriage. An assumed name. The author was Captain John Durant Breval. Progress of a Rake; or, the Templar's Exit, in ten Cantos, in Hudibrastic Verse. Lond. 1732, 8vo.

The Lure of Venus, or a Harlot's Progress, an heroi-comical Poem. 1733, 5s. Founded upon Hogarth's six paintings. Some copies have plates. 15s. Baker, 739,

11. 5s.

GAYA, Louis de. The Marriage Ceremonies of all Nations. Lond. 1685. 8vo.

GAYTON, Edmund. Notes on the History nowned Don Quixotte.


the modern Translations of that celebrated Work. Lond. 1768, 12mo. 3s. 6d.

of the re

Lond. 1654.

Bindley, pt. i. 1875, 5s. Stanley, 729, 21. 3s. Nassau, pt. i. 1547, 8s. Strettell, 1468, 15s. Revised, with Corrections, Alterations, and Additions; and adapted to

Epulæ Oxonienses. 1636. A Song, with musical notes, in two parts.

called Play by the Booke. Printed 1645. Chartæ scriptæ, or a new Game at Cards

Reed, 6709, 17. 12s. Bindley, pt. iv. 728, 21. North, pt. iii. 782, morocco, 47.78. Heber, pt. iv. 11s. Skegg, 17. 78. Bright, 1. 4s. Bliss, fine, 17. 168.

Hymna de Febribus. Lond. (1655), 4to. Wil. Bagnal's Ghost; or the merry Devill of Gadmunton, in his Perambulations of the Prisons of London. Lond. 1655. 4to. Nassau, pt. i. 1696, 10s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1435, 37. 6s., pt. iv. 729, 17.18s. Perry, 27. 5s. Bliss, 17. 6s. Heber, pt. iv. 19s.

Charity Triumphant; or, the Virgin Show exhibited on the 29th of October, being the Lord Mayor's-Day. Lond. 1655. 4to. Bindley, pt. iv. 519, 17. Rhodes, 1134,

37. 18s.

The Art of Longevity Lond. 1659. 4to. PP. 110. Reed, 6756, 19s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 1697, 27. 1s, Bibl. Anglo-Poet. 918, 31. 3s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1434, 4l. 12s., pt. iii. 1871, title wanting, 7s. Nassau, pt. ii. 1557, 17. 13s. Perry, 21. Bliss, 18s. Skegg, 98. Heber, pt. iv. 18s.

Walk Knaves, Walk. By Hodge Turberville, Chaplain to the late Lord Hew

son. Lond. 1659.

Wit revived. Lond. 1660. 12mo. Published under the name of Asdryasdust Tossoffacan.

Meditations on the grand and lesser Fes-
The Religion of a Physician; or divine

tivals. Lond. 1663. 4to. Nassau, pt. i.

1698, 17. 9s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1625, 17. 5s. Heber, pt. i. 17., resold Bliss, 47. 6s. Skegg, 17. 118.

The glorious and living Cinque Ports of our fortunate Island, thrice happy in the Persons of his sacred Majestie. The illustrious and puissant Prince his royall Highnesse James, Duke of Yorke, &c. Oxon. 1666. 4to. Heber, pt. iv. 775, 4s.

An account of this author, who wrote trite things meerly to get bread to sustain him and his wife,' will be found in Wood's Athen. Oxon.

GAZETTES. - London Gazettes, Festivous from the commencement in 1665, to the present Time. Lond. fol.

GAZEUS, Angel. Pia hilaria, claris Iambis expressa. Londini, 1657. 12mo. 5s.

in 1852 at 300l., another, not quite perfect, A complete set was advertised for sale

at 1007. White Knights, 1769, from May to October, 1706, Campaign of the Duke of Marlborough, 37. 9s. Roxburghe, Supplement, 724, from 1665 to 1702, 8 vols. 67. 68, Towneley, pt. ii. 984, 1665-1750,

46 vols. 237. 10s. Duke of York, 2221, from Feb. 9, 1684, no. 2006 to 1825, no. 12950 (wanting from July 27, 1714, to Dec. 29, 1719, and from Jan. 1, 1764, to Dec. 29, 1765), 94 vols. 631. Besborough, 1848, 92 vols. 431.

GAZOPHYLACIUM Anglicanum: containing the Derivation of English Words, proper and common; each in an Alphabet distinct. Lond. 1689. 8vo,

Sir P. Thompson, 250, 10s. Nassau,
pt. i. 1249, 9s.
GAZUL, Clara. The Plays of
Clara Gazul, a Spanish Comedian.

8vo. 4s.

GEBER, the Arabian Philosopher, Works of, Englished by Richard Russell. Lond. 1678. 12mo. 3s. 6d. GED, Wm. See NICHOLS, J. Newcastle Reprints.

GEDDE, Walter. A Booke of sundry Draughtes for Glaziers, &c. with the Maner how to anneil in Glas. Lond. 1615. 4to.

A curious work, containing numerous and various specimens of windows in the gothic style. A copy is in the British Museum. Constable, 492, morocco, 27. 14s. Sir P. Thompson, 498, morocco, 27. 10s. White Knights, 1744, morocco, 21. 2s. Reedited by H. Shaw.

GEDDES, Alexander, LL.D. Memoirs of his Life and Writings, by J. M. Good. Lond. 1803. 8vo. 6s.

The Council of Trent plainly discovered not to have been a free Assembly. Lond. 1697. 8vo.-1714. 8vo. 3s. 6d. Several Tracts against Popery. Lond. 1715. 8vo. 3s. 6d.

William. Saints Recreation, third Part, upon the State of Grace (in Verse). Edinb. 1683.


Heath, 546, with Geddes' other works, forming together 7 vols. 21. 2s. First edition of the Misc. Tracts. 1702, 5, 6.


3 vols. 1714. 8vo. 3 vols.


Church History of Malabar. 1694. 8vo. Roxburghe, 656, 4s. 6d. Church History of Ethiopia. Lond. 1696. 8vo. 5s.

Dedicated to five Patronesses. Inglis, 579, 7s. 6d. Nassau, pt. i. 1700, 9s. Bindley, pt. ii. 1447, 11. 5s. Heber, 2 copies. 9s. and 7s. Bliss, 2s.

GEE, Edward, D.D. Steps of Ascension to God; or a Ladder to Heaven. Lond. 24mo.

'Printed at least 27 times, mostly in a

manual or in a vol. called twenty-fours: the 27th edit. came out in 1677.-Ant. à Wood.

John. The Foot out of the Snare, or Detection of Practises and Impostures of Priests and Jesuits in England, with a Catalogue of the Romish Priests and Jesuits about London. Lond. 1624. 4to.

In this work some valuable criticism on Geddes' writings occurs, as well as other interesting information to the Bib. lical student. Fonthill, 1, 12s. See BIBLE.

James. Essay on the Composition and Manner of Writing of the Ancients, particularly Plato. Glasg. 1748. 8vo. 5s.

A learned and entertaining essay, displaying some learning and ingenuity. LARGE PAPER. Williams, 758, morocco, 17s.

Michael, LL.D. Miscellane-York, 1842. 8vo. 30s. ous Tracts, Lond. 1730. 8vo. 3 vols. 10s. 6d.

'Printed four times in the said year 1624, because all the copies, or most of them, were bought by R. Catholics.'-Ant. à Wood. The second edition is reprinted in the third volume of the Somers Collection of Tracts, and a portion of the work, viz. the Catalogue of Popish Books,

and the Names of the resident Romish

Priests, &c., is reprinted in the fifth num

ber of Morgan's Phoenix Britannicus.

New Shreds of the old Snare. Lond. 1624. 4to. Bindley, pt. ii. 1619, 4s. 6d. Boswell, 965, 4s. 6d.

Joshua. The Trade and Commerce of Great Britain considered. Lond. 1767. 8vo. 4s.

An esteemed treatise. Former editions, Lond. 1729-1731. 8vo. Glasg. 1760. 8vo. 1767, 12mo.

GEISLLER, Ecclesiastical History, translated by F. Cunningham. New

GELL, Philip, M.A. Observations on the Idiom of the Hebrew Language respecting the Powers peculiar to the different Tenses of Verbs, and the Communication of Power from governing Verbs to Subordinates connected with them. Lond. 1821. 8vo.

[blocks in formation]

Sir William. The Topography of Troy and its Vicinity; illustrated and explained by Drawings and Descriptions. Lond. 1804. folio.

With 41 plates, some of which are coloured. Mr. Gell's Topography of Troy and Ithaca cannot fail to ensure the approbation of every man possessed of classical taste, as well for the information Mr. G. conveys to the mind of the reader, as for the ability and research the respect. ive works display.'-Lord Byron. Sir M. M. Sykes, pt. i. 1347, 47. 18s. Drury, 1817, morocco, 81. Gough, 1587, 67. 68. Fonthill, 1133, 41.-Lond. 1807. With 45 plates. Itinerary of the Morea. Lond. 1817. 8vo. map. Drury, 1537, 8s. Fonthill, 790,


Journey in the Morea. Lond. 1823. 8vo. with plates, wood cuts, &c. 15s.

Geography and Antiquities of Ithaca. Lond. 1807. 4to. Drury, 1793, russia, 21. 9s. Fonthill, 430, 17. 18s. Combe, 815, 17s.

Argolis; Itinerary of Greece, with a Commentary on Pausanias and Strabo, and an Account of the Monuments of Antiquity existing in that Country. Lond. 1810. 4to. Fonthill, 1915, 27. 3s. Combe, 816, 1. 18. Drury, 1794, russia, 27. 13s. Attica. 1817, folio. (published by the Dilettanti Society). North, pt. ii. 173, 6/ 12s. 6d.

Topography of Rome and its vicinity. New edition, revised by C. H. Bunbury. Lond. 1846, 8vo. 12s. With a large map of Rome mounted and in a case. 2 vols. 1. 1s. The map separately, 10s.

POMPEIANA; the topography, edifices and ornaments of Pompeii, by Sir Wm. Gell and J. P. Gandy. Lond. 1817-19, imp.

[blocks in formation]

This work was principally written by the celebrated mathematician Henry Briggs.

A Discourse mathematical of the Varia

tion of the magnetical Needle: together with its admirable Diminution lately dis

covered. Lond. 1635, 4to. This writer

first discovered the annual change in the compass, and states the variation at London in 1633 at only 4° 5' east.

Epitome of Navigation. Lond. 1674, &c. 8vo.

A notice of Gellibrand will be found in

Wood's Athen. Oxon.

GELLIUS, Aulus. The Attic Nights, translated into English by the Rev. William Beloe. Lond. 1795. 8vo. 3 vols. 18s.

An excellent translation, and the first

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