Primary Certificate Examination.


Tuesday, June 18th, 1912.-Afternoon, 2.30 to 4.

Work neatly.

1. How can you tell whether a certain word in a given sentence is an adverb ? Underline the adverbs in the following sentence: "He can run very fast, so he soon came close to the remarkably fine ruin which is situated so beautifully on the left bank of that wide river." (14)

2. What is meant by a syllable? Divide the word accommodation into separate syllables. (10) 3. Name the parts of speech to which the words in the following sentence belong : "All boys that were in our playground shouted Hurrah!' very loudly when they heard the good news yesterday." (18)


4. Give reasons for the answers you have given respecting each of the first six words in Question 3. (12) 5. Write sentences (one for each word) showing the way in which the following words can be used:-bred and bread; sees and seas ; climb and clime. Name the part of speech in each case. (18

6. Point out the subject, the predicate, and, where possible, the object, in the following sentences:

(a) Come here quickly.

(b) The boys brought the ball with them.

(c) That statement is quite correct.

"And there a little girl I found."

Primary Certificate Examination.


Wednesday, June 19th, 1912.-Afternoon, 3 to 5.

Work neatly.


1. What kind of bridge was it that Horatius "kept"? Where was it situated? Who helped him to defend it? Against what enemy were they fighting? What did that enemy want to do?


2. Express in your own words the meaning of the following passages :(a) And in his hand he shakes the brand


Which none but he can wield.

The she-wolf's litter

Stand savagely at bay.

(c) And the pale augurs, muttering low,

Gaze on the blasted head.

(d) And on the tossing sea of steel

To and fro the standards reel.


3. Write out one of the following:-Either, the stanza which contains the line, "Then out spake brave Horatius"; or, that which contains the line, "Hew down the bridge, Sir Consul."


4. In the following passages, why is the flame called eternal, the entrance called ghastly, and the porch called white? What is meant by bark, and why is it called destroying? Why is the word tawny used? Say also where Ostia is.

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