forth, but in many cases a little practice in answering questions would seem desirable. The papers, as a whole, showed that the candidates have a fairly thorough knowledge of their own island, but their acquaintance with the general geography of the world could certainly be improved.


The questions in decimals and fractions were fairly well done, but very great weakness was shown in notation and simple multiplication. The solutions of the problems were very well done in many cases, but it cannot be considered satisfactory that so small a proportion of the candidates should have even attempted these simple questions. Attention must also be called to the slovenly way in which the work of many candidates was set down, and in which the solutions were crowded together without any regard to the ruled lines.


Great improvement was shown in this section, and many candidates obtained full marks. The English money still puzzles some.


Very good work was done. Factorizing showed considerable improvement. The problem was done correctly by only a comparatively small number. Some of the candidates (only a few) gave up very un

tidy papers.


The standard of attainment was low. In many cases, the candidates had not followed out the question, point by point, and built up the construction accordingly.


The papers were of fairly good quality, and were on the whole well arranged. Spelling was poor, but writing was in many instances excellent. Candidates should read the questions with greater care. It was not uncommon to find the answer given to be quite irrelevant to


Possibly because the Freehand example itself showed so obviously the first lines to be drawn, the structure of the drawings was less. frequently erratic than hitherto; thus, the general aspect in bulk appeared somewhat more satisfactory.

It is a constant source of surprise that large numbers of candidates omit to draw a central axis at commencement. Attention is directed to the carefully stated scheme which was given in one of the reports in 1911. If this mode of work were regularly inculcated from the beginning of a child's study, a firm basis would be laid for progress, which would give great satisfaction to the earnest and anxious teacher. Observers have remarked of pupils thus taught: "I thought that So-and-so and So-and-so could not draw at all, but recently they have made quite a jump." That is no infrequent phenomenon, and with average pupils is almost a matter of course.

There were hardly any drawings this year of exactly the same size as the original; but some few had to be penalized because the enlargement was so minute. The remarks about inking and "lining-in" must be repeated; but cases were, happily, less frequent than formerly. There was a fairly even gradation of value throughout.


Some of the candidates sent in good sensible patterns, and good specimens of a sew and fell seam, but many have not realized the proportions of the garment asked for by the Examiner, or the amount of material necessary to make it up. There are many modern textbooks on needlework and cutting-out which might prove useful to those who wish to enter for examination.



Two Aggregate Prizes.

1. James Trebble, Bishop Feild College


2. John A. Barron, St. Bonaventure's College...

Subject Prizes.

English.-J. A. Barron, St. Bonaventure's College (ineligible, Rule 71.) *J. H. Little, Methodist Superior School, Bonavista

J. Trebble, Bishop Feild College.

English Literature.— {J. A. Barron, St. Bonaventure's College

W. Pullins, Bishop Feild College.

History.-J. Trebble, Bishop Feild College (ineligible; won same

[blocks in formation]

Navigation.-W. Pullins, Bishop Feild College

French.-J. Trebble, Bishop Feild College (ineligible; won same prize

last year).

*Eleanor Mews, Methodist College

$25 00

20 00

8 00

4 00



4 00

[blocks in formation]

Latin.-J. A. Barron, St. Bonaventure's College (ineligible; won

same prize in 1911).

*D. Frazer, Methodist College...

J. Trebble, Bishop Feild College.

Mechanics.-J. Davis, Methodist College

Chemistry.-D. Frazer, Methodist College

Hygiene.-S. Russell, Scilly Cove (disqualified; over age).
Shorthand.-Almena Parsons, Convent, Burin.

*Bride O'Connor, Littledale

Theory and Practice of Education.


G. E. Hudson, Methodist, Little Bay Island

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One Jubilee Collegiate Scholarship of $100 00.
(Confined to Outport Schools.)

Louise M. Saunders, C. E. High School, Greenspond.

Six Open Scholarships of $25 00 each.
1. F. J. Devereux, St. Bonaventure's College.
2. Reeta Blackall, Bishop Spencer College.
3. (W. J. Browne, St. Bonaventure's College.
4. J. F. Edens, St. Bonaventure's College.
5. (H. S. Knight, St. Bonaventure's College.
6. B. P. Dewey, Methodist Superior, Greenspond.

Subject Prizes.

Scripture History.-F. W. I. Hollands, C. E. High School, Trinity .....




Lizzie M. Earle, C. E. High School, Change Islands
Maud Rowsell, Bishop Spencer College (disqualified ;

8 00

over age).

Maud Bailey, Bishop Spencer College

4 00



M. J. Bishop, Methodist Superior, Greenspond (dis-
qualified; over age),



W. C. Hawker, C. E. High School, Carbonear
*M. V. Costello, R. C. High School, Conception
F. J. Parsons, St. Bonaventure's College (over age).
(F. W. I. Hollands, C. E. High School, Trinity.
*Victoria Murphy, Littledale

4 00

4 00




E. M. T. Stick, Methodist College.


G. D. Flynn, St. Bonaventure's College.

Beatrice Brushett, Methodist Superior, Great Burin.
*E. M. Coughlan, St. Bonaventure's College

Book-keeping. Theresa M. Power, Presentation Convent, St. John's 4 00

A. Davis, Methodist Superior, Greenspond.

Mensuration.-*B. P. Dewey, Methodist Superior, Greenspond


F. P. Healey, St. Bonaventure's College. (G. D. Flynn, St. Bonaventure's College.



4 00

[blocks in formation]

8 00

8 00


*Margaret M. Flynn, Present. Convent, St. John's
Dorothy C. Newman, Meth. Superior, Twillingate
(*J. F. Edens, St. Bonaventure's College
F. J. Parsons, St. Bonaventure's College.
G. Moore, Methodist Superior School, Salem (dis-
qualified; over age).



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Mary Carter, C. E. High, Greenspond (over age).
(*Ethel Lee, Convent, St. Jacques



Bride O'Rourke, Littledale.

Practical Music.-Minnie Parsons, C. E. High School, Harbour Grace
Shorthand. Aileen Cooke, Mercy Convent, Military Road.
*Helen Curtin, Presentation Convent, St. John's
Monica Downey, Convent St. George's.

Margaret M. Flynn, Presentation Convent, St. John's.
Mercedes Whelan, Littledale.

Typewriting and Office Routine.—Mary F. Keating, Convent, Hr. Main.
School Management.-Heber J. Miles, C. E. High, Bonavista
Art Subjects.-M. I. Dewar, Presbyterian College


4 00

4 00


4 00


4 00

4 00


Two Jubilee Collegiate Scholarships of $100 00 each.

1. L. A. Kennedy, R. C. Academy, Harbour Grace.

2. A. Gill, Methodist School, Fogo.

Nine Open Scholarships of $20 00 each.

1. C. B. Fox, St. Bonaventure's College.

2. R. H. Le Messurier, Bishop Feild College.

3. Kathleen Power, Presentation Convent, St. John's.

4. F. A. Edens, St. Bonaventure's College.

5. Johanna Barker, R. C. School, Openhall.

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