Public characters [Formerly British public characters] of 1798-9 - 1809-10, Volume 1


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Pagina 120 - Soon shall thy arm, unconquered steam, afar Drag the slow barge or drive the rapid car ; Or, on wide-waving wings expanded, bear The flying chariot through the fields of air...
Pagina 184 - Him then let us trust, where our only security can be found. I find there are many good men among us ; for my own part, I have had full confidence of all in this ship, and once more beg to express my approbation of your conduct.
Pagina 289 - Irifh bar, and for a few years attended the four courts with an .empty bag, and a mind too elaftic to be confined to the forms of pleading, and too liberal to be occupied by the purfuits of a mere lawyer. Difgufted...
Pagina 540 - by the intention of my parents, and my friends, I was deftined of a child, and in mine own refolutions, till coming to fome maturity of years, and perceiving what tyranny had invaded the church, that he who would take orders, muft fubfcribe...
Pagina 298 - Ireland, by corruption and influence, to the fame defpicable and miferable flate to which fhe had been reduced previoufly to the year 1783. From this period, we find Mr. G. an active leader of the country party in the Houfe of Commons ; loved by the people, and dreaded by the cabinet. His popularity, which had fo fuddenly funk, on his acceptance of the parliamentary boon, and his fupport of the fimple repeal, had now rifen to its former level ; and the nation found, that notwithftanding one difference...
Pagina 237 - The oration had its effect ; and many were a&ually led to ftudy the Arabic, who had before treated it as barren and unprofitable. He was at this time Fellow of his College, being elected in 1774. In 1778, Mr. White printed the Syriac Philoxenian Verfion of the four gofpels, the MS.
Pagina 212 - In 1755 he efpoufed a rich heirefs of the name of Nichols, by whom he got a very confiderable addition to his fortune, and in 1757 was chofen Recorder of Litchfield.
Pagina 295 - ... the true fecurity of the people would confift, not in an act of parliament, but in that patriotic energy which would enable them to defend, as it had already enabled them to...
Pagina 69 - Rockingham administration, which succeeded in 1765, he was both personally and politically odious, and he accordingly lost all his appointments; but in the course of the same year, he had one conferred on him by the king's mother, the late...
Pagina 185 - May God, who has thus far conducted you, continue to do so ; and may the British navy, the glory and support of our country, be restored to its wonted splendour, and be not only the bulwark of Britain, but the terror of the world. "But this can only be effected by a strict adherence to our duty and obedience ; and let us pray that the Almighty God may keep us in the right way of thinking.

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