The Rhetoric, Poetic, and Nicomachean Ethics ... Translated from the Greek, Volume 2

A.J. Valp, 1818

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Pagina 384 - By these no statutes and no rights are known, No council held, no monarch fills the throne ; But high on hills, or airy cliffs, they dwell, Or deep in caves whose entrance leads to hell. Each rules his race, his neighbour not his care, Heedless of others, to his own severe.
Pagina 371 - That too, which is called selfsufficiency, will especially subsist about the contemplative energy. For of the necessaries of life, the wise and the just man, and the rest of those who possess the moral virtues, are in want ; but even when they are sufficiently supplied with these, the just, man is in want of those towards whom, and together with whom, he may act justly; and in like manner the temperate and the brave man, and each of the rest. But the wise man when alone is able to contemplate ; and...
Pagina 183 - Thus having said, the gallant chiefs alight, Their hands they join, their mutual faith they plight ; Brave Glaucus then each narrow thought resign'd, (Jove warm'd his bosom, and enlarged his mind,) For Diomed's brass arms, of mean device, For which nine oxen paid, (a vulgar price,) He gave his own, of gold divinely wrought," A hundred beeves the shining purchase bought.
Pagina 21 - He who is not able by the exercise of his reasoning power to define the idea of the good, separating it from all other objects, and piercing, as in a battle, through every kind of argument ; endeavouring to confute, not according to opinion, but according to essence, and proceeding through all the dialectical energies with an, unshaken reason...
Pagina 100 - Methinks my suffering country's voice I hear, But most her worthless sons insult my ear, On my rash courage charge the chance of war, And blame those virtues which they cannot share.
Pagina 332 - Hence, it is necessary that a good man should be a lover of himself; for he himself is benefited by acting well, and he also benefits others. But it is not proper that a depraved man should be a lover of himself ; for he will hurt both himself and his neighbours, in consequence of being subservient to base passions. With the depraved man, therefore, there is a dissonance between what he ought to do, and what he does ; but with t/ie worthy man, those things it-kich he ought to do, he also does.
Pagina 101 - On rush'd bold Hector gloomy as the night; Forbids to plunder, animates the fight. Points to the fleet: "For by the gods, who flies, Who dares but linger, by this hand he dies; No weeping sister his cold eye shall close, No friendly hand his funeral pyre compose. Who stops to plunder at this signal hour, The birds shall tear him, and the dogs devour.
Pagina 265 - Timaeus, respecting the composition of the soul. For he there composes it from essence, sameness, and difference. To understand which, it is necessary to observe, that there are five genera of being, from which all things, after the first being, are composed ; viz. •essence, permanency, motion, sameness, and difference. For every thing must possess essence; must abide in its cause, . from which, also, it must proceed, and to which it must be...
Pagina 222 - They likewise know the natures prior to their own, and exercise a providential care over inferior concerns, without, at the same time, having that propensity to such concerns which is found in the bulk of mankind. But the souls which act erroneously, according to the energies of both these circles, or which, in other words, neither exhibit accurate specimens of practical or intellectual virtue — these differ in no respect from gregarious souls, or the herd of mankind, with whom the circle of sameness...
Pagina 185 - ... power. Similarly men suppose it requires no special wisdom to know what is just and what is unjust, because it is not difficult to understand the things about which the law pronounces. But the actions prescribed by law are only accidentally just actions. Horn an action must be performed, how a distribution must be made to be a just action or a just distribution — to know this is a harder task than to know what medical treatment will produce...

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