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Can Confent that his


Be brought up contrary to the

Judgment of his own Conscience, in Matters of Faith and Religion.

IS certainly an unconteftable Principle with all who profefs Christianity, that the Duties of Honour and Obedience from Children to Parents, and of Gare and Education in the true Worship of God, from Parents to Children are mutual.


Hence St. Paul having inftructed Children in their Duty to Parents, proceeds immediately to Charge Parents with this Precept in regard to their Children: That they Educate 'em in Godly Difci

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Difcipline and Correction, Educate illos in Difciplina & Corre ftione Domini. And he declares fuch Parents as neglect this Obligation worse than Infidels, Si quis fuorum & maxime Domefticorum, curam non habet fidem negavit, & eft infideli deterior.

Of the Panifhment of this Neglect we have a dreadful Example in the Birft of Kings, according to the Proteftant Translation, C. 3. v. 11. the first of Samuel, in the Perfon of Heli the High Prieft. An Example, which according to the Text, will ring in the Ears of all, (pecially Parents) who fhall ever read or hear it. In Pu-· nifhment of this careless Father's Neglect in the Education of his two Sous Ophni and Phineas, an Army of God's People was routed, the Holy Ark fell into the Hands of Infidels, the two Indif ciplin'd Sons were Slain, and the Criminally remifs Father, by the juft Ordination of God, fell Dead from his Chair upon the.. fad Report..

Co. 3p. Un 12v

Eph. 6. 4.

1 Tim. 5. 8.

And whereas it might have been thought, that the perpetual Honour of High-Priesthood had been fettl'd upon Heli's Family, in Confideration of his worthy and zealous Ancestors Aaron and Eleazar; God Almighty juftly rejects and abhors fuch a Thought with a Nom far be it from me. But who Glorifies me, him will 1. C.3.0. 30. Glorify; and who Defpife me, thofe fhall become Ignoble.

II Thefe Confiderations are fufficient to move any Chriftian Parent to be Zealous in the Education of his Children, and to deter him from ever confenting that they be Brought up contrary to the Faith and Religion which he in his Soul and Confcience believes true: Which he values as the Evangelical Pearl, with « which Heaven is purchas'd, for which all Worldly Advantages are to be laid at Stake, and which he defires to leave in the Poffeffion of his Family, rather than the richest Inheritance.

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He may reasonably hope no Pious, or confiderate Friend will. Urge him in this Point, fince by yielding herein, he would incur the Contempt of God and Man, and expofe both himself and his Family to the greatest Misfortunes.

He would incur the Contempt of God, by tranfgreffing the Law of his Confcience, which his Maker has imprinted upon his Soul, as the glorious Reflection of his own Divine Countenance (Signatum eft fuper nos lumen vultus tui) and the immediate Rule Pf. 4. v. 7 of his Actions.

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He would incur the Contempt of Man, by bafely betraying. the dear Pledges of God's Love to him, in expofing them to Miferies which he dares not Face himself.

He would expofe himself, and his Family to the greatest Mif fortunes, by breaking the Reins of his Confcience, after which. (as many a Man before him has done) he might run into fuch


Disorders and Precipices as our corrupt Nature too furiously leads us to, and as may reasonably be fear'd, might become both his own, and his Pofterities Ruin.

But to fhew that his Soul's not deluded, nor his Confcience blind and misled, he ought always to be ready according to St. Peter's Advice, to give a fatisfactory Account of his Hope, (and of the Foundation of it, his Faith) to all fuch as fhall with a fair Intention feem to defire it. Parati femper ad fatisfactionem omni pofcenti vos rationem de ea que in vobis eft fpe. And it is to be acknowledg'd with fingular Refpect, and Gratitude by fuch as are Roman Catholicks, that the Intention of deliring fuch Account cannot in any Thing feem fairer, or more Charitable than in that to prevent Noife and Prejudice to them, its rather defir'd in Writ ing, than in a verbal Difpute.


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