A Treatise on the Function of Digestion: Its Disorders, and Their Treatment

Henry C. Lea, 1869 - 246 pagina's

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Pagina 92 - If it were possible for a man's hand, for example, to be introduced into the stomach of a living animal, and kept there for some considerable time, it would be found, that the dissolvent powers of the stomach could have no effect upon it: but if the same hand were separated from the body, and introduced into the same stomach, we should then find, that the stomach would immediately act upon it.
Pagina 97 - On the Immunity enjoyed by the Stomach from being digested by its own Secretion during Life...
Pagina 75 - Drinks received are immediately absorbed, or otherwise disposed of, none remaining in the stomach ten minutes after being swallowed. Food taken in this condition of the stomach, remains undigested for twenty-four or fortyeight hours or more, increasing the derangement of the whole alimentary canal, and aggravating the general symptoms of disease...
Pagina 92 - But we find, on the contrary, that the stomach, which at one instant, that is, while possessed of the living principle, was capable of resisting the digestive powers which it contained, the next moment, viz., when deprived of the living principle, is itself capable of being digested, either by the digestive powers of other stomachs, or by the remains of that power which it had of digesting other things.
Pagina 152 - The first symptom is a pain at the pit of the stomach, with a sense of constriction, as if the stomach were drawn towards the back; the pain is increased by raising the body into an erect posture, and therefore the body is bended forward. This pain is often severe; and, after continuing for some time, brings on an eructation of a thin watery fluid in considerable quantity.
Pagina 81 - ... told that a play was acting there, they entered, and found in the tent a mountebank, who was entertaining the audience by pretending- to swallow clasp-knives. Having returned on board, and one of the party having related to the ship's company the story of the knives, Cummings, after drinking freely, boasted that he could swallow knives as well as the Frenchman. He was taken...
Pagina 83 - I believe the benefits of science will be better subserved by adhering to facts, and the deductions of experiments, than by the propagation of hypotheses founded on uncertain data. From numerous trials, I am persuaded that moderate exercise conduces considerably to healthy and rapid digestion. The discovery was the result of accident, and contrary to preconceived opinions.

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