Memoirs on Remains of Ancient Dwellings, in Holyhead Island: Mostly of Circular Form Called Cyttiau'r Gwyddelod, Explored in 1862, and 1868

Author, 1871 - 73 pagina's
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Pagina 7 - It was on Cromla's shaggy side that Dorglass had placed the deer, h the early fortune of the chase, before the heroes left the hill. A hundred youths collect the heath ; ten warriors wake the fire ; three hundred chuse the polished stones. The feast is smoking wide ! Cuthullin, chief of Erin's war, resumed his mighty soul.
Pagina 12 - In those nearest the mines lived the workmen who were employed to break the quartz into small fragments, the size of a bean, from whose hands the pounded stone passed to the persons who ground it in hand-mills, similar to those now used for corn in the valley of the Nile, made of...
Pagina 12 - The quartz thus reduced to powder was washed on inclined tables, furnished with two cisterns, all built of fragments of stone collected there ; and near these inclined planes are generally found little white mounds, the residue of the operation.
Pagina 22 - ... Europe. — Dr. Tyacke, Chichester. Several early antiquities of stone and of bronze, found in Sussex, especially a stone pestle, supposed to have been used for pounding food ; it might have served as a club, in close conflict. Length eleven inches and a half, diameter two inches. It was found in 1835, in digging gravel on Nutbourne Common, in the parish of Pulborough, Sussex, near certain tumuli and supposed sites of primitive habitations; and it lay in the mould, about eighteen inches deep,...
Pagina 13 - It may not be inappropriate to mention that in the museum Of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland there is preserved a caifa heart in which many pins have been inserted.
Pagina 18 - Zealand, and other Polynesian islands, that "the quantities of stones, evidently calcined, found buried in our own country, sometimes in the sites of ancient dwellings, give great probability to the inference which has been drawn from them, that they were used in cooking. It is true that their use may have been for baking in underground ovens, a practice found among races who are stone-boilers, and others who are not."1 By such a rude expedient it is certain that, when pottery or other vessels which...
Pagina 8 - ... fortune of the chase. Before the heroes left the hill, a hundred youths collect the heath ; ten heroes blow the fire ; three hundred chuse the polished stones." This passage is thus explained in a note by M'Pherson: — "The ancient manner of preparing feasts after hunting is handed down by tradition. A pit lined with smooth stones was made ; near it stood a heap of flat stones of the flint kind. The stones as well as the pit were properly heated with heather ; they then laid the venison at the...
Pagina 9 - If we suppose all those four villages to have been inhabited at the same time, giving five persons to a family or hut, and that there were 200 huts, we should have a large population for so small a district ; probably at that time proximity to the sea gave the means of subsistence, and the interior of Anglesey was dense...

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