The history of Poland ... 1795; to which is prefixed an accurate account of the geography and government of that country, and the customs and manners of its inhabitants [signed S.J.].

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Pagina 429 - ... enough to appear in public ; by which our own neighbouring provinces would be expofed to feveral dangers, by the confequences of the anarchy on our frontiers. " We have therefore, in conjunction with her...
Pagina 62 - ... confider it as an infringement of the laws. The members were thunderftruck at a proteft: of this nature, hitherto unknown. Warm debates took place about the propriety of continuing or diflblving the diet : at length, however, the venal and difcontented faction, who tupported the proteft, obtained the majority; and the afTembly broke up in great confufion.
Pagina 363 - II BY THE GRACE OF GOD AND THE WILL OF THE NATION KING OF ITALY In view of the law of March 17th, 1861, No.
Pagina 64 - ... the defcriptions which I have read of this ceremony abound with errors. The fpot, which is fettled by the conftitution for the place of election, is the plain of Vola, about three miles from the capital. In the midft of this plain are two enclofures of ground, one for the fenate, and the other for the nuntios. The former is of an oblong fhape, furrounded by a kind of rampart or ditch ; in the midft of which is erected at the time of election, a temporary building of wood, called Jz^pa, covered...
Pagina 2 - Looks beautiful, because it's nigh to heaven, But we ne'er think how sandy's the foundation, What storm will batter, and what tempest shake us ! Who's there?
Pagina 27 - In various parts of this spacious plain stand the huts of the miners and families, some single, and others in clusters like villages. They have very little communication with the world above ground ; and many hundreds of people are born and live all their lives here. Through the midst of this plain lies a road, which is always filled with carriages, loaded with...
Pagina 308 - There they found his peliffe, which he had " loft in the precipitation with which he was " hurried away : it was bloody, and pierced " with holes made by the balls or fabres. " This convinced them that he was no more. •-'' The king was ftill in the hands of the
Pagina 375 - We recommend to our bifhops to appoint one and the fame day of public thankfgiving to God Almighty in all churches over the kingdom ; alfo, we appoint a day, NN for the folemn celebrating, by us and our pofterity, of a commemoration anniverfary for the mercies of the Supreme Being fhewn to us after fo many public calamities.
Pagina 366 - ... for as long a term as may be agreed on ; with liberty to remain, or to remove, after having fulfilled the obligations he may have voluntarily entered into.

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