De Inlandsche Kunstnijverheid in Nederlands Indie - Deel IV: De Goud- En Zilversmeedkunst

Sidestone Press, 24 aug. 2010 - 336 pagina's
Sidestone Press is currently working on the publication of facsimile-editions of the series De inlandsche kunstnijverheid in Nederlandsch Indie by J.E. Jasper and M. Pirngadie. This 5-book series describes the material culture of the former Dutch East Indies (present-day Indonesia) and was first published between 1912 and 1930. Part IV is the second volume to be republished and deals with the objects of gold and silver. The different types of body ornaments are described, as well as the techniques and tools used in the production of these objects. The book is richly illustrated, partly in colour. Original copies of all five books, provided by the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, are scanned and digitally edited. The drawings by Mas Pirngadi are reproduced in colour. Volume 1 will contain an elaborate introduction about the authors and the series De inlandsche kunstnijverheid in Nederlandsch Indie, written by dr. H.I.R. Hinzler. Entire series is Dutch text.

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Jasper is collaborator at the Monumenta Germaniae Historica in Munich.

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