Theologia, et Hiftoria Ecclefiaftica.



IBLIA Hebraica fine punctis, Hebraicè, with filver clafps,
Amft. 1701


5572 Biblia Sacra Latina Vulgatæ Editionis Sixti quinti juffu recognita atque edita, elegantly bound in green morocco, gilt leaves, 11 55 Colon. Agrip. 1630

5573 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 2 vol. fine copy, very neat, gilt leaves, il Is Lut. ap. R. Steph. 1546 5574 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol. ruled, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, il 118 6d

Il 118 6d

ib. 1546

ib. 1546

5575 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol. ruled, not uniform, 9s 5576 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 2 vol. bound in morocco, ruled, il 1s Lut. ap. R. Steph. 1549 5577 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, ap. R. Steph. 1549 5578 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 2 vol. 158 Par. apud Hauitinum, 1549 5579 Aliud Exemplar, 2 vol. 12s 5580 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. cum duplici Interpretatione Erasmi et veteris Interpretis, 2 vol. fine copy, 11 75

ib. 1549

ap. R. Steph. 1551

5581 Aliud Exemplar, vol. 1, ruled, green morocco, gilt leaves, 10s 6d

5582 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 78 6d 5583 Aliud Exemplar, fine copy, ruled, gilt leaves, 18s

ap. R. Steph. 1551


Lut. ap. R. Steph. 1569 bound in red morocco, Lut. ap. R. Steph. 1569

5584 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt

leaves, il 11s od

L. Bat. ap. Elzev. 1624

5585 Aliud Exemplar, elegantly bound in 2 vol. in blue morocco, gilt leaves,

very fine copy, 21 25

ap. Elzev. 1624.

5586 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. elegantly bound in 2 vol. in blue mo

rocco, gilt leaves, il is

ap. eund. 1633 ap. eund. 1633

ap. eund. 1633

5587 Aliud Exemplar, in a cafe, gilt leaves, 128 5588 Aliud Exemplar, elegantly bound in blue morocco, gilt leaves, il is

5589 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. fine copy, gilt leaves, 18s

Argent. ap. Wolfium Cephalæum, 1524
Amft. ap. Bleau, 1633

5590 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 58
5591 Aliud Exemplar, elegantly bound in blue morocco, gilt leaves, 128 6d

5592 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. 25

ap. Bleau, 1633 Amft. 1638

5593 Novum Teftamentnm, Gr. curá Curcellæi, 2 vol. blue morocco,


Amft. Elzev. 1658

5594 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. red morocco,gilt leaves, 6s ap. Plantin. 1591 5595 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. accurante Reineccio, half bound, 58

Lipf. 1753 Lond. 1776

5596 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. edente Harwood, 2 vol. 8s
5597 Novum Teftamentum, Gr. & Lat. Leufdeni, new and neat, 58

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5598 Novum Teftamentum, 2 vol. in ancient and modern Greek, elegantly bound in blue morocco, gilt leaves, il 58 Hala Saxon. 1710 $599 Novum Teftamentum Latinum Vulgatæ editionis, 2 vol. ruled, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 148

Par.è Typogr. Reg. 1649 5600 Novum Teftamentum Latinum, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 10s 6d Par. ap. Martin, 1657 5601 Novum Teftament. Gr. Lond. ap. Bowyer, 1763-Conjectures on the New Tellantent, 1763-2 vol. in 1, 8s

5602 Pfalmorum Liber, Gr. ruled, 28 5603 Pfalmi, Gr. & Lat. 28

5604 Pfalterium, Arabicè, 3s 6d

Antv. ap. Plantin. 1584

ib. 1584

Par, ap. Turnebum, 1552

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Lond. 1741 ib. 1741

5005 Apollinarii Interpretatio Pfalmorum Verfibus Heroicis, Gr. gilt

leaves, 38 6d

5606 Pfalmorum Verfio Poetica, à Johnftono, IS 5607 Aliud Exemplar, is 6d

5608 Pfalmorum Paraphrafis Poetica, à Buchanano, Is 6d 5609 Metaphrafis Pfalmorum, Gr. & Lat. Duporti, is 6d 5610 Aliud Exemplar, Is

5611 Hebræa, Chaldæa, Græca et Latina Nomina Virorum, Urbium, &c. que in Bibliis leguntur, 38

5612 Horologium, in modern Greek, cuts, Is 6d 5613 Schlichtingius de Trinitate, 25 6d

Glafg. 1765 Lond. 1674 Oxon. 1712 Mulierum, Antv. 1565 Ven. 1641 1637

Ultraj. 17-5

5614 Relandos de Religione Mohammedica, Is 5615 Reifke, Conjecturæ in Jobum et Proverbia Salomonis, cum Oratione de Studio Arabicæ Linguæ, fewed, 38

Lipf. 1779

5616 Macarii Homiliæ, Gr. firfl edition, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, Ios 6d

Par. ap. Morel, 1559 5617 Macrini Hymni, red morocco, 58 Par. 1537 5618 Horæ ad Ufum Ecclefiæ Romanæ, printed on vellum, with illumi

nations, 6s

Par. ap. Harduinum,

5619 Thomas à Kempis de Imitatione Chrifti, cuts, is 6d Antv. 1664 5620 Grotius de Veritate Religionis Chriftianæ, 38 Haga-Com. 1734 5621 Aliud Exemplar, 25 Glafg. 1745 5622 Leufdeni Compendium Græcum Novi Teftamenti, Gr. & Lat. is L. Bat. 1688

5623 Ernefti Inftitutio Laterpretis Novi Teftamenti, very neat, 3s 6d

Lipf. 1761

5624 Fayi Defenfio Religionis necnon Mofis et Gentis Judaicæ contra

Tolandum, is

5625 Larroquani Adverfaria Sacra, is 6d

5626 Curcelli Differtationes Theologicæ, is 5627 Outramus de Sacrificiis, is 6ð

5028 Clerici Queftiones Sacræ, is

Ultraj. 1709

L. Bat. 1688 Amft. 1659 ib. 1678

ib. 1685

5629 Leufdeni Compendium Biblicum, Hebraicè et Latinè, 1s 6d


5630 S. Patris Athenagoræ Opera, Gr. & Lat. 1s
5631 Juelli Apologia Ecclefiae Anglicane, is 6d
5632 Clementis Alexandrini Liber, quis dives falutem
Gr. & Lat. Is

L Bat. 1635

Oxon. 1682 Lond. 1692

confequi poffit, Oxon. 1683

5633 Clementis

Oxon. 1677

ap. Daniel, 1652

5633 Clementis ad Corinthios Epiftola, Gr. & Lat. Is 5634 Pfalterium, Græcè, interleaved, Is 5635 Liber Job Græco Carmine redditus, Gr. & Lat. a Duporto, is 6ð

Cantab. 1637

5636 Solomonis Proverbia, Ecclefiaftes et Cantica, Græco Carmine, a Duporto, Gr. & Lat. Is

ib. 1646

Theology, and Ecclefiaflical History. DUODECIMO.


OLY Bible, elegantly bound in yellow morocco, gilt leaves,


5638 Holy Bible, very fine copy, printed by Field, 1658


5639 Burnet's Life of Lord Rochefter, Parfons's Sermon at his Funeral, and Johnfon's Account of his Life, new and neat, 3s 6d 1787 5640 Burnet's Life of Rochefter, Parfons's Sermon at his Funeral, and Johnfon's Account of his Life, 1782-Moral Demonftration of the Truth of Chriftianity, 1775-half bound, 28

5641 Barrow's Sermons, 6 vol. very neat, il 11s 6d

Edinb. 1751

5642 Beattie's Evidences of the Christian Religion, 2 vol. boards, 3s 1795 5643 Bertram on the Sacrament, Is 6d


5644 Bates's Sermon at the Funeral of Richard Baxter, with fome Ac

count of his Life, Is

1692 565 Bale's Image of Both Churches, elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 10s 6d imprinted by Daye. 5646 Barnes's Supplication to Henry the VIIIth, with the Declaration of his Articles, condemned for Herefy by the Bifhops, blue morocco, gilt leaves,_58 imprinted by Syngelion.

5647 Bee Hive of the Romish Church, 4s 1580 5648 Brice's Regifter, in Metre, of the Names and Sufferings of the Membres of Jefus Chrift fince the Death of King Edwarde, 7s 6d imprinted by Adams, 1559 5649 Book of Common Prayer, elegantly bound in green morocco, gilt

leaves, 10s 6d

1791 5650 Book of Common Prayer, elegantly bound in vellum, gilt leaves,

158 5651 Book of Common Prayer, red morocco, gilt leaves, 58

Paris, by Didot, 1791


5652 Clarke's Expofition of the Catechifm, 18 6d


5653 Courayer's Laft Sentiments on Religion, 1s 6d


5654 Collection of Religious Tracts published by the Society for pro

pagating the Chriftian Religion, 11 vol. il 48

5655 Cooper's Two Sermons, boards, 28


5656 Clarke's Naval Sermons, boards, 4s


5657 Dupin's Ecclefiattical History, 4 vol. 58


5658 Duncan's Prefervative against Infidelity, 28


5659 Dialogue conteyning the Examination of the Maffe and of the Priesthood ordeyned to faye Maffe, green morocco, 6s, imprinted

by Day

5660 Fulke's Comfortable Sermon of Fayth, 38

Dd 2


5661 Fleming's

5661 Fleming's Plant of Pleasure, or Holie Hymnes, green morocco, 6s


5662 Fleming's Foote Path to Felicitie, green morocco, 58 5663 Fleming's Swarme of Bees gathered out of the Garden of God's Word, green morocco, 6s

5664 Fleming's Schoole of Skill, green morocco, 58 5665 Fleming's Grove of Graces, green morooco, 58 5666 Fleming's Guide to Godlineffe, green morocco, 58 5667 Fordyce's Sermons to Young Women, 2 vol. 58 5668 Geffner's Death of Abel, new and very neat, 38 5669 Gilpin's Lectures on the Catechifm, 2 vol. 4s







5670 Gilpin's Lectures on the Catechifm, new and neat, 38 6d


5671 Genlis on Religion as the Basis of Happiness and Philosophy,

2 vol. 4s


5672 Garden of Spirituall Flowers, 58


leaves, 98

5673 Hervey's Meditations, new and elegantly bound in blue morocco, gilt

5674 Hales's Tracts, 18 6d


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5675 Hoper's Sermons, very neat, 38 6d


5676 Image of Both Churches, Hierufalem and Babel, 38 6d 1623 5677 Jenyns's (Soame) View of the Internal Evidence of the Chriftian

Religion, 28


5678 Jones's Rescue of the Refurrection from the Soldiers' Calumnies,

Served, Is


5679 Knox's Chriftian Philofophy, 2 vol. ferved, 6s


5680 Another Copy, 2 vol. new and very neat, 8s


5681 Le Clerc on the Caufes of Incredulity, is


5682 Lindfey's Catechift, is 6d


5683 Letters to the Apologift for the Religion of Nature, 38


5684 Leigh's Sermons, very neat, 28


5685 Moore's (Hannah) Eltimate of the Religion of the Fashionable World, boards, 28


5686 Nature, Extent, and Province of Human Reason confidered, very neat, 38 6d


5687 Ogilvie's Sermons, 1s 6d


5688 Priestley's Smaller Tracts, new and neat, 6s

bound, 4s 6d

5691 Patrick's (Bishop) Chriftian Sacrifice, is 6d

5690 Patrick's Metrical Version of the Pfalms, blue morocco, gilt leaves, Is 6d

5689 Prieftley's Inftitutes of Natural and Revealed Religion, 3 vol. half




5692 Percy's (Bifhop) Tranflation of the Song of Solomon, new and neat, 38 6d


5693 Rice's Invective againft Vices taken for Virtue, 5s



5694 Secker's Lectures on the Catechifm, new and neat, 35 6d 5695 Steele's Account of the State of the Roman Catholic Religion

throughout the World, is 6d

1716 1759

5696 Squire on Indifference for Religion, is 6d 5697 St. Auguftine's Manuell, or Little Book of the Contemplation of Chrift, with engraved borders round each page, 7s 6d 1586

5698 St,

5698 St. Auguftine's Introduction to the Love of God, turned into Englishe Meter by Fletcher, 10s 6d


5699 Solomon's Myftical Devife of the Spirituall and Godly Love between Chrift the Spouse and the Church, set forth in Verse by Smith, 38 6d


5700 Stockwood's fruitful and neceffary Sermon of the Destruction of Jerufalem, 2s 6d


5701 Scougal's Life of God in the Soul of Man, Is 6d

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5702 Sherlock's Prefervative againft, Popery, 1714-Steele's Chriftian

Hero, 1712-18 6d

5703 Scheme of Literal Prophecy confidered, 1s 6d 5704 Sellon's Abridgement of the Holy Scriptures, Is



5705 Tyndale's New Teftament, cuts, printed by Marten Emperour, imperfect, il 1s

5706 Another Edition, cuts, imperfect, 10s 6d

5707 Taylor's (Jer.) Rule and Exercises of Holy Living, 18 6d 1656 5708 Tillotfon's Sermon at the Funeral of the Rev. Thomas Gouge, portrait of Gauge, 28


5709 Toile for Two-legged Foxes, with the Duties of the Principal Hunters and Guardians of the Spiritual Vineyard, 5s


5710 Trimmer's (Mrs.) Companion to the Book of Common Prayer,

2 vol. very neat, ás

1791 5711 Trimmer's (Mrs.) Explanation of the Office for Public Baptifm and of the Order for Confirmation, 28 1791 5712 Timme's Silver Watch-bell, the Sound whereof is able to win the moft prophane Worldling to become a true Christian, 48 1610 5713 Watts's Doctrine of the Paffions, and on the Love of God, 2 vol. not uniform, 38

1751 5714 Watts's Hymns and Spiritual Songs, 1792-Watts's Verfion of the Pfalms, 1792-2 vol. in 1, fine paper, new and elegantly bound in red morocco, gilt leaves, 78 6d

5715 Wilberforce's Practical View of Chriftianity, boards, 38 6d


5716 Another Copy, new and neat, 4s 6d


5717 Watfon's (Bishop) Apology for the Bible, fewed, 48 5718 Willon's (Bishop) Sermons, 2 vol. 4s



5719 Wilfon's (Bishop) Introduction to the Lord's Supper, Is 6d 1796

5720 Walker's Virtuous Woman found, 28


$721 Wifhart's Difcourfes, is 6d

5722 Wheler's Account of the Churches of the Primitive Chriftians, cuts, 28



5723 Devoute Prayers of th' Actes of our Redemption, imprynted by Redman-Fruite of Redempcion, imprinted by Redman, 1521-The Pomander of Prayer, imprinted by Redman, 1531-Lytell Boke contayning Goftly Medycynes, imprynted by Redman-bound in ruffia, 98

5724 Norton's Warning against the dangerous Practifes of Papiftes, printed by Daye-Norton's Letter to the Queene's poore deceived Subjectes of the North Countrey drawen into Rebellion, 1569Bull graunted by the Pope to Doctor Harding to undermyne

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