Catalogue of Books

in Various Languages, relating to America
Printed since the year 1700

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Collections of Voyages and Travels
Compiled principally from the works themselves

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1701 to 1800.

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Library of Yale College Respcerfully prescured by 0. Rich


CIRCUMSTANCES having occurred which will interrupt for a while the continuation of this Work, it has been determined to publish that part of it which comprehends the whole of the last century by itself. With the continuation it is proposed to publish a Supplement, which will contain an account of numerous Works belonging to the last century, which have been met with since these sheets were sent to press. A general Alphabetical Index will be given at the end of the Work.

Mr. RICH will be happy to treat with any public Establishment for the whole of his Collection of Books relating to America, which contains many Works not to be found in any similar collection.

12, Red Lion Square;
December 1, 1834.

Bibliotheca Americana Nova.




Printed since the Year 1700.


1 A TWO YEARS' JOURNAL in New York: and part of its territories 1701. in America. By C. W. A. M.

12mo. pp. 104.


A very curious and uncommon little book; the author appears to have been
an English minister, who went to New York with Gov Andros in
1678. It commences with the following "address to the reader :".
"The materials of this Journal have laid by me several years, expecting
that some Landlooper or other in those parts would have done it more
methodically; but neither hearing nor reading of any such as yet, and I
being taken off from the proper studies and offices of my function, for
my unprofitableness, I concluded that when I could not do what I ought,
I ought to do what I could, which I shall further endeavour in a second
part in the meanwhile, adieu."

2 A FULL ACCOUNT of the Proceedings in relation to Capt. Kidd.
In two letters. Written by a person of quality to a kinsman
of the Earl of Bellomont in Ireland.

Small 4to. pp. 52.


Captain Kidd was employed by the Earl of Bellomont to go against the pirates which infested the coast of North America in 1696, but turned pirate himself. He was afterwards taken at Boston, sent to England, and hung with several others. There are many traditional stories of Kidd extant in New England, and a ballad, containing his last words and dying speech, commencing

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was to be had of the pedlars in New England not many years ago.

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