Botanical Abstracts, Volume 12

Williams & Wilkins, 1923
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Pagina 741 - Gazette, vol. 74 ] [442 expected under this assumption, but it is preferred to use the theoretical value until further data on this point are available. It is assumed that the magnitude of the excess depression is a measure of the quantity of water held in such a way as to be unavailable for the solution of the sugar. The values obtained may be calculated to percentage "bound
Pagina 785 - BOTANICAL ABSTRACTS A monthly serial furnishing abstracts and citations of publications in the international field of botany in its broadest sense, beginning with the year 1918 PUBLISHED MONTHLY UNDER THE DIRECTION OP THE BOARD OF CONTROL OF BOTANICAL ABSTRACTS, INC.
Pagina 642 - Traité des arbres et arbustes qui se cultivent en France en pleine terre...
Pagina 769 - there is no evidence of the presence of soluble toxins in normally aerated soils sufficiently supplied with plant food and with calcium carbonate, but toxins may occur on 'sour* soils badly aerated and lacking in calcium carbonate, or on other exhausted soils.
Pagina 913 - Les dispositions de la loi du 28 janvier 1921 autorisant provisoirement le Gouvernement à s'opposer à l'exploitation excessive de certains bois et de certaines forêts appartenant à des particuliers...
Pagina 821 - Is the whole of Mendelism perhaps nothing but an establishment of very many chromosomical irregularities, disturbances or diseases of enormously practical and theoretical importance but without deeper value for an understanding of the "normal...
Pagina 666 - WALDRON, LR, 1921. — Inheritance of Rust Resistance in a Family Derived from a Cross Between Durum and Common Wheat.
Pagina 903 - Untersuchungen über Echtfärbung der Zellkerne mit künstlichen Beizenfarbstoffen und die Theorie des histologischen Färbeprozesses mit gelösten Lacken von Prof.
Pagina 635 - List of Serials Currently Received in the Library of the US Department of Agriculture: Exclusive of US Government Publications and Publications of the State Agricultural Colleges and Experiment Stations: Arranged by Title, by Subject, and by Region.
Pagina 1111 - BRITTON, NL and JN ROSE. The Cactaceae : Descriptions and illustrations of plants of the cactus family.

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