The Presence of the Lord in the Life of the Believer

AuthorHouse, 2005 - 156 pagina's
Christ said if I dwell in you and you dwell in me you may ask whatsoever you will and it will be done unto you. The book of 1 John tells us how we can be sure this is true in our personal life. Many Christian do not know the verses that teach the blessings of His presence because expositors have place some of those verses as proof texts in another doctrine. The other doctrine is a true doctrine of the Bible. However the verses this book discusses places these verses in other doctrines according to context and meaning of the original Greek words, determined by the root meaning of the words, as well as the context. The Greek words found in this book are transliterated. The book is written for English readers. For the benefit of those who read the Greek the Greek words are also placed beside the transliterated word for accuracy and ease of reading for those who want verify the statement. Both doctrines are held by fundamental theologians. All the scripture quotations in this book are form the King James Version.

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