Virginia Medical Monthly, Volume 8


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Pagina 775 - SURGERY (THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPAEDIA OF). A Systematic Treatise on the Theory and Practice of Surgery by Authors of various Nations. Edited by JOHN ASHHURST, jun., MD 6 vols.
Pagina 570 - Byford. Diseases of Women. The Practice of Medicine and Surgery, as applied to the Diseases and Accidents Incident to Women. By WH Byford, AM , MD, Professor of Gynaecology in Rush Medical College and of Obstetrics in the Woman's Medical College, etc., and Henry T.
Pagina 491 - Mind and Nervous System, etc. 12 D. Appleton cfc Co.'* Medical Publications. HAMMOND. A Treatise on Diseases of the Nervous System.
Pagina 326 - ... or other defective sight, by some competent person employed and paid by \ the railroad company, and has received a certificate that he is not disqualified for such position by color blindness or other defective sight.
Pagina 771 - Lectures on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Chest, Throat, and Nasal Cavities. By E. FLETCHER INGALS, AM, MD...
Pagina 226 - Always believe a young unmarried woman with abdominal tumor of high social position and unimpeachable virtue, if she has been watched over by a platonic and abstemious young cousin of the male persuasion, while the mother went out, to be pregnant.
Pagina 547 - The spinal cord and other contents of this portion of the spinal canal presented no abnormal appearances. The rest of the spinal cord was not examined. Beyond the first lumbar vertebra the bullet continued to go to the left, passing behind the pancreas to the point where it was found. Here it was enveloped in a firm cyst of connective tissue, which contained besides the ball a minute quantity of inspissated, somewhat cheesy pus, which formed a thin laver over a portion of the surface of the lead....
Pagina 182 - Charity, to distribute blank cards and circulars of ins' ruction to aid in this work, and it is probable that the National Board of Health will soon undertake a similar work on a larger scale. Dr. Bowditch said that it seemed probable that the accurate determination of the normal rate of growth in children will not only throw light upon the nature of the diseases to which childhood is subject, but will also guide us in the application of therapeutic measures.
Pagina 155 - Transactions, presented an elaborate and carefully prepared report upon the subject which closed with the proposal of the following resolution. Resolved, That the President be authorized to appoint a committee of five to digest and report in detail as soon as practicable upon the time, place, and terms of the publication of such a journal, to elect an editor, fix his salary, and to arrange all other necessary details.
Pagina 335 - Each essay must be designated by a device or motto, and must be accompanied by a sealed envelope, bearing the same device or motto, and containing the name and address of the author. The envelope belonging to the successful essay will be opened, and the name of the author announced, at the Annual Commencement of the College, in March, 1879.

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