The Duchess of Orleans: (Helen of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. A Memoir

W. Jeffs, 1859 - 192 pagina's
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Pagina 193 - Loses discountenanced, and like folly shows; Authority and reason on her wait, As one intended first, not after made Occasionally; and, to consummate all, Greatness of mind and nobleness their seat Build in her loveliest, and create an awe About her, as a guard angelic placed.
Pagina 12 - Weimar is the true model of a woman destined by nature to the most illustrious rank ; without pretension, as without weakness, she inspires in the same degree Confidence and respect ; and the heroism of the chivalrous ages has entered her soul without taking from it any thing of her sex's softness. The military talents of the duke are universally respected, and his lively and reflective...
Pagina 97 - Do not abdicate, Sire, do not abdicate !" she said, bursting into tears. The King, without replying, returned to his closet, whither all the Princesses foUowed him, and sat down deliberately to write the act of abdication, which he then read aloud in the following words : — " I abdicate the Crown, which I assumed in compliance with the will of the Nation, in favour of my grandson, the Comte de Paris. May he succeed in the great task which this day devolves upon him !" — " May he resemble his...
Pagina 102 - Vive le Comte de Paris!" She took her place near the tribune, and remained standing there, with her two children at her side; behind her stood the persons of her suite, using all their efforts to keep off the crowd that pressed around her.
Pagina 70 - In about another hour the courier told her that another carriage was coming in the direction of Paris. " ' Open the door,' cried the Princess, and she was with difficulty prevented from rushing out of the carriage. At that moment she saw two men advancing towards her, and recognized Monsieur Chomel, physician to the Royal Family.
Pagina 69 - " At length the lady-in-waiting summoned courage to break a portion of the truth to her. She stated that the Duke was dangerously ill at Paris. The telegraphic message was also shown her, but she detected the imposture. " ' This is not the usual form of telegraphic dispatches,' she said, a doubt flashing across her mind ; but it was soon dissipated by the prefect. She burst into tears ; then rising with firmness she said : ' I will set out this instant ; perhaps I may still be in time to nurse him.
Pagina 124 - If blood must flow, how thankful ought we to be that it was not shed in the name of one of our family ! The men now in power have saved France ; they are re-establishing order, and are taking wise and energetic measures ; but...
Pagina 63 - These words touched the Princess, who, no doubt, thought on her absent children, and her eyes filled with tears. The Prince smiled, and taking her hand, continued : ' Well then — no, it shall not be for a little child ; it may perhaps be for a man of thirty-two.' She raised her head directly, and looking him in the face, affectionately reproached him with trying to banish one sorrowful thought, by another infinitely sadder. But he soon succeeded in diverting her mind, and this last journey which...
Pagina 106 - ... which betrayed no emotion, " What do you advise me to do?" "Madam, the deputies are no longer here ; you must go to the President's house to collect the Chamber."

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