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A Prayer to St. Augustin 310

to St. Angela 312

to St. Ursula...... 313

to St. Aloysius... ib.

On the Choice of a State of



A Prayer for the Choice of

a State of Life ............ 315

A Prayer to implore the di-

vine Direction in any Un-



Renewal of Baptismal Vows ib.

A Prayer for deceased Pa



An Universal Prayer......... 319

The Rosary of Jesus..... 321

On the Rosary of the

Blessed Virgin


The Rosary of the B. Virgin 329

The Litany of the Life and

Passion of our Lord ...... 337

of the blessed Sa.

crament ....


for a happy Death 310

A Prayer for a happy Death 342

The thirty Days' Prayer . 313

A Method of honouring the

Mysteries of the Life and

Passion of our Lord 316

Devotions for the Sick ...... 348

Prayer before receiving the



Short Acts of Thanksgiving

after receiving the Viati-


Prayer before Extreme Unc-



Prayer after Extreme Unc-

tion ........


Preparation for Death ib.

Prayers for the Agonizing... 357

The Seven Penitential



Devotions to the Sacre

Heart of Jesus


An Act of Consecration to

the Sacred Heart of Je-



The Litany of the Sacred






An Act of Reparation to the

Sacred Heart...


Devotions to the Heart of



The Litany of the Heart of



The Dolours of the Blessed



The Litany of Loretto, in

English and Latin.. 377

of the Saints, in

English and Latin......... 379



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£. s. d. Divine Office for the Use of the Laity, in 2 vols. 18mo.

Vol. I. The Roman Missal : Vol. II. The Vespers,
Tenebræ, and Office of the Dead...

0 14 0 Roman Missal for the use of the Laity, containing the

Masses appointed to be said throughout the year, 6s. 6d.
Calf gilt, 8s. Morocco....

0 14 0 Pocket Missal for all the Sundays, Holidays, and Days of

Devotion throughout the Year, of a small size, 4s. Calf
gilt 58. 6d. Mor.

0 10 6 Vespers or Evening Office, 4s. Calf gilt 5s. 6d. Mor. 0 10 6 Ditto with the Ordinary of the Mass

0 4 6 Office of Holy Week, Plates...

0 6 0 Office and Masses for the Dead, Latin and English

0 2 0 Tenebræ; or the Evening Office of Holy Week. In Latin and English. 18mo. bound ...

0 2 0 The Holy BIBLE, translated from the Latin Vulgate, dili

gently compared with the Hebrew, Greek, and other
editions, in divers languages; the Old TESTAMENT,
first published by the English College at Doway, A.D.
1609: and the New TESTAMENT, first published by
the English College at Rheims, A.D. 1582. Demy
8vo. sheep lettered : new edition....

1 0 0 fine royal, bds. £1 5s. Calf gilt.

11 6 Testament only, new edition

0 4 6 Ditto ditto, fine royal paper, 12mo. calf..

0 80 Challoner's (Bp.) Garden of the Soul, with an Appendix

of Prayers before and after Mass, used in the Midland

District, 2s. Lettered 2s. 6d. Calf gilt 4s. 6d. Morocco 0 10 0 Ditto ditto, on a large letter, sheep

0 4 0 Christian's Guide to Heaven, or Manual of Catholic Piety, 3s. 6d. Calf gilt 5s. 6d. Morocco..

0 10 6 The Daily Companion enlarged

0 13 Daily Exercise for Children, with cuts..

0 1 3 Key of Heaven, or Posey of Prayers, an improved edito 0 1 6 Manual of Devout Prayers and other Christian Devotions,

2tmo. sh. Is. 6d. ; lettered 2s. 6d.; calf 4s. ; Mor... 0 7 6 Moyen efficace de sanctifier la Journée à l'Usage des Reli

gieux de la Trappe, mais tellement disposé qu'il peut

convenir à toutes les personnes du monde ... 0 5 0 Ardent Lover of Jesus; or, the Soul elevated to Jesus in the adorable Sacrament..

0 2 0 Boudon's Love of Jesus in the adorable Sacrament of the Altar. A new edition, 18mo. bound....

0 2 0 Devout Communicant; or pious Meditations and Aspira

tions for three days before and three days after receiv-
ing the H. Eucharist...

0 2 6 0 2 0

£. s. d. Devout Meditations, to serve as Preparation for and Thanks

giving after Communion. Drawn chiefly from the
Holy Scriptures, bound...

0 2 6 Soul united to Jesus in his adorable Sacrament; or, devout

Methods of hearing Mass before and after Communion 0 2 0 Teresa's (St.) Meditations after Communion. Translated by Bishop Milner

0 0 9 Bona Mors, or the Art of Dying happily, &c. &c.

0 0 10 Devotions to the three Hours of the Agony of Christ, as

practised every Good-Friday in the Church del Giesu
at Rome, from 12 to 3 o'clock...

0 1 0 Devotion and Office of the S. Heart of Jesus

0 3 6 Gother's Prayers for Families

0 3 6 second Method of hearing Mass

0 0 6 Preparation for Death

0 0 9 Short Office of the Immaculate Conception

0 0 8 Abridgment of Christian Doctrine (or 1st Catechism) re

vised, improved, and recommended by Authority, for
the use of the Faithful in the four Districts in England,
2d edit. stitched 2d, bound

0 0 0 Abstract of the Doway (or 2d) Catechism, revised, im

proved, and recommended by Authority, for the use of

the Faithful in the four Districts in England, sd. 4d. bd. 0 0 9 Clinton's Catechism, or Christian Doctrine (for those of

riper years); illustrated by the Sacred Text and Tra-
dition, revised and improved....

0 1 6 Fleury's short Historical Catechism, containing a Summary

of S. History and Christian Doctrine, 24mo... 0 1 0 Ditto with Questions and Answers only, 32mo...

0 0 6 Ditto ditto complete, 2 vols in 1, bound, 18mo.

0 3 6 Gother's Instructions for Confession and Communion 0 1 0 Catechism and Devotions for Confirmation

0 0 3 Poor Man's Catechism, or, the Christian Doctrine explained, with short Admonitions, bd.

0 4 0 Practical Catechism for the Sundays, Feasts, and Fasts of

the year; with Directions how to spend them accord-
ing to the Spirit of the Church, bd.

0 2 6 Baker's (Rev. P.) Lenten Monitor, or Moral Reflections,

&c. on the Gospels for every Day in Lent, bd. ...... 0 4 0 Christian Instructions for Youth; adapted to every age and

condition of Life; with impressive and edifying exam-
ples, from historical and other authentic sources. Trans.

from the French. 2d. edit. revised, sd, 3s. 6d. bd..... 0 4 6 Christian Student; or a Treatise on the Duties of a young

Man who desires to sanctify his Studies; with morning
and evening Prayers, Instructions and Prayers for Con-

fession and Communion, &c. From the Fr. of M. Collet 0 3 0 Gother's Instructions on the Epistles and Gospels of every Sunday and for every day in Lent, 3 vols. 12mo.....:: 0 12 0

Rules and Principles of the Gospel for all who desire to live Disciples of Jesus Christ...

£. s.

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d. Gother's Papist Misrepresented and Represented, or a twofold Character of Popery ; abridged by Bp. Challoner 0 0 10

Sincere Christian's Guide in the Choice of Religion 0 2 0

Inquiry, which, among the several Divisions of
Christians, takes the surest Way of knowing and

teaching the Truth of Christ and his Gospel, 18mo. ..0 l 6 Herbert (Mrs.) and the Villagers; or, a familiar Conversa

tion on the principal Duties of Christianity. 3d. edit. 0 5 0 Holy Desire of Death; or a Collection of Thoughts of the

Fathers of the Church ; shewing how Christians ought to despise Life and to desire Death. Trans. from the French of Fr. Lallement, sewed ...

... 0 2 0 Imitation of the B. Virgin, on the Plan of the Imitation of Christ. From the French. 2d edit.....

0 36 Pardbles, or Religious Tales of P. B. Girardeau, S. J... 0 2 0 Parson's ( Father) Christian Directory, 8vo.

0 7 0 Prerogatives, Power, and Protection of St. Joseph, &c. 24mo. 0 1 3 Sinner's Conversion, written originally in Spanish by Father Francis Salazar, S. J. 12mo.

0 2 6 Spiritual Combat—The Peace of the Soul— Thoughts on Death, &c.-and Maxims of St. Fr. de Sales

0 2 6 Stations or Devotions on the Passion, as made in Jerusalem.

With the Prayers of St. Bridget, &c. &c........ 0 I 3

The R. R. Dr. CHALLONER's Original Works, Trans. &c. Abridged History of the Bible, divided into three Parts 0 2 6 Catholic Christian instructed in the Sacraments, Sacrifice, Ceremonies, and Observances of the Church

0 4 0 Considerations upon Christian Truths and Christian Duties,

or Meditations for every Day in the year, 2 vols. 12mo. bd. 0 10 6 Following of Christ, digested into verses, after the most admir

ed edition in the original Latin, 2s. 6d. Calf gilt 4s. Mor. 0 7 0 God every where present : from the Fr. of M. l'Abbé Bou

don. With F. J. Chrysostome's Treatise on the me-
thod and advantages of withdrawing the Soul from
Creatures to occupy it on God alone, &c.

0 0 9
Grounds of the Catholic Doctrine contained in the Profes-
sion of Faith of Pope Pius IV....

0 0 9
of the Old Religion ; or some general Arguments
in favour of the Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman Ca-
munion, bound ..

0 36
Introduction to a devout Life (St. Fr. of Sales) with an ab-
stract of his life, 4s. Calf.

0 6 0 Roman Catholic's Reasons why he cannot conform to the Protestant Religion

0 0 3
Short History of the Protestant Religion, new edit. ... 0 0 9
Think well on't; or Reflections, &c. for every Day of the
Month; with Rules of a Christian Life.....

0 1 3
Touchstone of the New Religion ; to which are added, the
true Principles of a Catholic

0 0 4

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