Second Volume of McMaster's United States.



From the Revolution to the Civil War.





The second volume of McMaster's "History of the People of the United States' extends from 1790 to 1804, including the greater part of the administration of Washington, all of that of Adams, and the first term of Jefferson. It will be found to be a singularly vivid and stirring picture of the period, throwing not a little new light on many political questions, and affording an insight into the manners and social condition of the people not elsewhere to be found; while some of its portraits of leading men are likely to provoke considerable discussion.

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This publication is now in its sixth year, having gained in public favor since its commencement. It is invaluable to the Historian and Genealogist, covering a field not occupied by ordinary periodical literature, and is in every way an admirable table companion for the scholar and for all persons of literary and antiquarian tastes. It has met with general approval and already forms a storehouse of material not accessible in any other form.

With the July number (No. 1, Vol. 6), we shall continue the abstracts from the Jamestown, R. I., Records, and also the Records of Trinity Church and of the Society of Friends of Newport, R. I. Several interesting and valuable historical documents have been contributed for the next volume.

The first and second volumes of the Magazine have become so scarce that they can be supplied only as odd numbers can be picked up here and there. The publishers will receive orders for them, however, which they will endeavor to fill as rapidly as possible, and in the order in which they are received. Vols. three, four and five can be furnished on demand.

Subscribers for the next volume should send in their names at once, that we may know how large an edition to print. Send all orders and communications to

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HISTORICAL COLLECTIONS RELATING TO GWYNEDD, A Township of Montgomery County, Pa., Settled 1698, by Welsh Immigrants; with Some Data Referring to the Adjoining Township of Montgomery, also a Welsh Settlement. By Howard M. Jenkins, Member of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania (a native of Gwynedd). Octavo. 408 pages.

*With twelve Illustrations: Four Etchings by Miss Blanche Dillaye; five Phototypes by F. Gutekunst, of portraits, and of a pen drawing by Miss E. F. Bonsall; Plan of the Tracts taken up, 1698, by the original settlers, etc.

The above volume is now ready for delivery to subscribers. The edition is but 250 copies, and the type has been distributed. About 50 copies remain open to further subscriptions.




Additions and Corrections. List of Illustrations.

I. The Place: the Scope of Its History.

II. Remarks Upon the Geology of the Township.

III. Traces of the Indians.

IV. The Arrival of the Welsh Settlers.

V. Edward Foulke's Narrative of His Removal.

VI. The Origin of the Township's Name,

VII. Number of the First Settlers: Growth of Population.

VIII. The First Settlers' Homes: Personal Details.

IX. Establishment of the Friends' Meeting.

X. Details Concerning the Farly Friends.

XI. Narrative of John Humphrey, of Merion,

XII. Early Monthly Meeting Records of Marriages: Other Lists of Marriages and Deaths. (These Records give nearly 500 Marriages and over 150 Deaths.)

XIII. Evans Family Genealogy.

XIV. Roberts Family Genealogy.

[blocks in formation]

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Rev. Dr. and Mrs. C. H. GARDNER'S


No. 603 Fifth Avenue, New York, N. Y.

Thorough and extended courses of study in Mathematics, Science, Literature, and History.

Twenty-seventh year began September 24, 1884.


In their School at Lyme, Connecticut,

Are assisted by Miss G. B. FORD, who was educated at Mt. Holyoke Seminary. They teach Latin, French, German, the higher mathematics, with the ordinary school studies. They offer also special advantages for the piano, harp, guitar, mechanical and free-hand drawing, painting, art embroidery, etc. This School is recommended to young girls taking the ordinary course, to those who wish to pursue particuTerms moderate. lar studies, and to graduated young ladies desirous of higher attainments in special branches.

The very large, commodious, elegant old house is cool in summer, thoroughly warmed in winter, and very pleasantly and healthfully situated. With its refined influences, it is a charming home for young ladies of any age, especially for those who have no permanent home of their own.

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Mrs. Sylvanus Reed's Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies,

Nos. 6 and 8 East 53d Street (Central Park), between Madison and 5th Avenues.

The success and reputation of this school for twenty years is due, with God's blessing, to its own merits and to that "Eternal vigilance which is the price of safety." It is supported by that class of citizens who demand and appreciate the best educational advantages and fidelity to the true interest of their children.

Each year brings it nearer to the idea of its founder, and it has lately been relieved from the peril of depending for existence upon the tenure of a single life. The standard of the Collegiate Department for the coming year has been materially raised. The staff of instructors has been greatly reinforced by professional talent, men of distinction in the respective branches assigned to them. DR. LABBERTON will give class instruction in this school in the Departments of History and Historical Literature,

DR. WILLIAM H. CARPENTER, of Columbia College, will have charge of English Grammar, Rhetoric, Critical Literature, Composition and Philology.

Lectures in Popular Astronomy by PROFESSOR REES, of Columbia Observatory. Physics and Chemistry, PROFESSOR BOWEN, of School of Mines. Art, PROFESSOR GOODYEAR. Latin, French, German, Mathematics, Psychology and Logic will be in charge of the same able teachers as heretofore. Resident teachers speak the French and German languages with purity.

Pupils prepared for examinations of any class in Columbia or other colleges.

Special students are admitted to any or all of the courses without examination.

The Primary and Preparatory Departments will be continued under the same teachers. The twenty-first school year begins October 1, 1884.

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