A New Portuguese Grammar in Four Parts, ...

J. Nourse, 1768 - 376 pagina's

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Pagina 329 - Seal it with my cipher or coat of arms. What wax shall I put to it? Put either red or black, no matter which. Have you put the date? I believe I have, but I have not signed it. What day of the...
Pagina 373 - E se, vencendo a Maura resistencia, A morte sabes dar com fogo e ferro , Sabe tambem dar vida com clemencia A quem para...
Pagina 254 - Stamp Acts, his lordship left the court, and was absent a quarter of an hour — half an hour — three quarters of an hour ; and at length returned.
Pagina 131 - There goes A Beggar, with A long Beard. The Man departs, and returns a week after. What do I say then? — There goes THE Beggar with THE long Beard The Article only is changed, the rest remains un-altered.
Pagina 326 - It is fine weather. It is bad weather. Is it cold? is it hot? It is not cold ; it is not hot. Does it rain? does it not rain ? I do not think it does.
Pagina 300 - East. E. by S. ESE SE by E. SE SE by S. SSE S. by E. South. S. by W. SSW SW by S. SW BonriiiK of Centre from Ship. (3.) NE NE by E. ENE E. by N. East.
Pagina 318 - This proverb is a severe satire against all unnecessary varieties and delicacies of food, and dictates the best way of living in the world, with an injunction of temperance, and frugality. "A lark is better than a kite.
Pagina 373 - Taes contra Ignez os brutos matadores No collo de alabastro, que sostinha As obras com que amor matou de amores Aquelle que depois...
Pagina 329 - There are some others. They are not made. Where is your penknife ? Can you make pens ? I make them my own way. This is not bad. While I finish this letter, do me the favour to make a packet of the rest.
Pagina 372 - Rei, ja movido a piedade; Mas o povo com falsas e ferozes Razões á morte crua o persuade. Ella com tristes e piedosas vozes...

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