The British Admirals: With an Introductory View of the Naval History of England, Volume 3

Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman, 1834

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Pagina 91 - I found also in the same port twelve ships which had in them, by report, £200,000 in gold and silver, all which (being in my possession, with the King's island, as also the passengers before in my way thitherward stayed) I set at liberty, without the taking from them the weight of a groat...
Pagina 69 - And being, amongst other particulars, assured that Negroes were very good merchandise in Hispaniola; and that store of Negroes might easily be had upon the coast of Guinea...
Pagina 92 - I thought rather better to abide the jut of the uncertainty than the certainty. The uncertain doubt I account was th'eir treason, which by good policy I hoped might be prevented ; and therefore, as choosing the least mischief, I proceeded to conditions.
Pagina 139 - ... carrieth with it no small danger. The land on both sides is very huge and mountainous ; the lower mountains whereof, although they be monstrous and wonderful to look upon, for their height, yet there are others which in height exceed them in a strange manner, reaching themselves above their fellows so high, that between them did appear three regions of clouds.
Pagina 337 - Unto ours there remained no comfort at all, no hope, no supply either of ships, men or weapons; the...
Pagina 160 - ... skins, and other skins. After them followed the naked common sort of people, every one having his face painted, some with white, some with black, and other colours, and having in their hands one thing or another for a present. Not so much as their children, but they also brought their presents. In the meantime our General gathered his men together, and marched within his fenced place, making, against their approaching, a very warlike show.
Pagina 76 - If these men had come down in the evening, they had done us great displeasure, for that we were on shore filling water ; but God, who worketh all things for the best, would not have it so, and by Him we escaped without danger. His name be praised for it ! The 29.
Pagina 162 - But we used signs to them of disliking this, and stayed their hands from force, and directed them upwards to the living God, whom only they ought to worship.
Pagina 132 - ... the success of the voyage might greatly have been hazarded: whereupon the company was called together and made acquainted with the particulars of the cause, which were found partly by Master Doughty's own confession, and partly by the evidence of the fact, to be true.

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