Bulletin, Nummers 133-137

University of the State of New York, 1909

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Pagina 77 - ... by the Bureau of Entomology of the United States Department of Agriculture, as well as by numerous experiment-station entomologists, notably by Profs.
Pagina 9 - Catalogue of the Cabinet of Natural History of the State of New York and of the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
Pagina 2 - Attendance, JAMES D. SULLIVAN Educational Extension, WILLIAM R. EASTMAN MAMLS Examinations, CHARLES F. WHEELOCK B!S. LL.D. Inspections, FRANK H. WOOD MA Law, THOMAS E. FINEGAN MA School Libraries, CHARLES E.
Pagina 24 - STATE OF NEW YORK EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Regents of the University With years when terms expire 1913 WHITELAW REID MA LL.DDCL Chancellor - New York 1917 ST CLAIR McKELWAY MA LL.D. Vice Chancellor - Brooklyn 1919 DANIEL BEACH Ph.D. LL.D. Watkins 1914 PLINY T. SEXTON LL.B. LL.D. Palmyra 1912 T. GUILFORD SMITH MACE LL.D. ... Buffalo 1918 WILLIAM NOTTINGHAM MA Ph.D. LL.D. - - Syracuse 1910 CHARLES A.
Pagina 113 - Alleghany mountains no less than fifty times. He encountered all the privations of hunger, thirst, fatigue and exposure, month after month, and year after year, until his indomitable spirit had conquered every difficulty, and crowned his enterprise with success.
Pagina 2 - Legs mostly pale yellowish; claws long, slender, evenly curved, the pulvilli as long as the claws. Genitalia: basal clasp segment stout, truncate; terminal clasp segment rather stout, slightly tapering; dorsal plate short, deeply and triangularly emarginate.
Pagina 12 - It is possible for the fly to carry the typhoid bacillus in two ways. In the first place, fecal matter containing the typhoid germs may adhere to the fly and be mechanically transported. In the second place, it is possible that the typhoid bacillus may be carried in the digestive organs of the fly and may be deposited with its excrement.
Pagina 11 - Flies swarmed over infected fecal matter in the pits and then visited and fed upon the food prepared for the soldiers at the mess tents. In some instances where lime had recently been sprinkled over the contents of the pits, flies with their feet whitened with lime were seen walking over the food.
Pagina 9 - Emmons, Ebenezer. Agriculture of New York; comprising an account of the classification, composition and distribution of the soils and rocks and the natural waters of the different geological formntions, together with a condensed view of the meteorology and agricultural productions of the State.
Pagina 13 - Certain forms of diarrhoea and enteritis are undoubtedly due to specific germs. and there is no reason why the bacilli causing these infections may not be carried as easily and in the same way as those responsible for typhoid fever. The monthly bulletin of the New York State Department of Health for October 1908, states that during 1907 there were in New York State 37,370 deaths of infants under 2 years of age, 9213 being due to diarrhoea and enteritis.

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