The Law's Disposal of a Person's Estate who Dies Without Will Or Testament: Shewing in a Clear, Plain, Easy, and Familiar Manner, how a Man's Family Or Relations Will be Entitled to His Real and Personal Estate, by the Laws of England, and Customs of the City of London and Province of York ...

author, and sold, 1792 - 302 pagina's

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Pagina 293 - AB, or by reason of any matter, cause or thing whatsoever, from the beginning of the world to the day of the date hereof.
Pagina 97 - But if there be a donee in special tail who holds lands to him and the heirs of his body begotten on Jane his wife : though Jane may be endowed of these lands, yet if Jane dies, and he marries a second wife, that second wife shall never be endowed of the lands entailed; for no issue that she could have, could by any possibility inherit them.
Pagina 145 - ... fee-simple or fee-tail, and all his rights of entry on lands and tenements, which he had at the time of the offence committed...
Pagina 66 - One-third shall go to the widow of the intestate, and the residue in equal proportions to his children, or if dead, to their representatives; that is, their lineal descendants...
Pagina 64 - ... he or she shall respectively refund and pay back to the administrator his or her rateable part of that debt or debts, and of the costs of suit and charges of the administrator, by reason of such debt, out of the part and share so as aforesaid allotted to him or her thereby to enable the said administrator to pay and satisfy the said debt or debts so discovered after the distribution made as aforesaid.
Pagina 92 - VII. The seventh and last rule or canon is, that in collateral inheritances the male stocks shall be preferred to the female (that is, kindred derived from the blood of the male ancestors, however remote, shall be admitted before those from the blood of the female however near),- — unless where the lands have, in fact, descended from a female.
Pagina 195 - For the power of an executor is founded upon the special confidence and actual appointment of the deceased ; and such executor is therefore allowed to transmit that power to another in whom he has equal confidence...
Pagina 30 - The doctrine of emblements extends not only to corn fown, but to roots planted, or other annual artificial profit, but it is otherwife of fruit-trees, grafs, and the like ; which are not planted annually at the expence and labour of the tenant, but are either a permanent, or natural, profit of the earth...
Pagina 14 - ... shall deliver and pay unto such person or persons respectively, as the said judge or judges by his or their decree or sentence, pursuant to the true intent and meaning of this act. shall limit and appoint.
Pagina 176 - That no will in writing concerning any goods or chattels, or personal estate, shall be repealed, nor shall any clause, devise or bequest therein, be altered or changed by any words, or will by word of mouth only, except the same be in the life of the testator committed to writing, and after the writing thereof read unto the testator, and allowed by him, and proved to be so done by three witnesses at the least.

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