Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories, Volume 5


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Pagina 242 - Relation abrégée d'un voyage fait dans l'intérieur de l'Amérique Méridionale, depuis la côte de la Mer du Sud, jusqu'aux côtes du Brésil et de la Guyane, en descendant la rivière des Amazones.
Pagina 273 - La Plata: the Argentine Confederation and Paraguay. Being a Narrative of the Exploration of the Tributaries of the River La Plata and Adjacent Countries, during the Years 1853, '54, '55, and '56, under the orders of the United States Government. By THOMAS J. PAGE, USN, Commander of the Expedition. With Map and numerous Engravings.
Pagina 6 - ... during the latter part of June and the early part of July, but leaves the latter part of the summer poorly occupied.
Pagina 804 - COLUMBARIUM; or, The Pigeon-House : Being an Introduction to a Natural History of Tame Pigeons, giving an Account of the several Species known in England, with the Method of breeding them, their Distempers and Cures. The...
Pagina 719 - Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux de Paradis et des Rolliers, suivie de celle des Toucans et des Barbus.
Pagina 10 - Vi of an inch high, compressed and its sides wrinkled perpendicularly and its summit irregularly gashed and toothed ; of a paler green color than the "*The bibliography of this species very well illustrates the confusion that too often surrounds the proper determination, not only of insects of this family, but of all orders. It is due to three causes, not easily removed...
Pagina 2 - Pemphigince produce wingless and mouthless males and females, and that the female lays but one solitary impregnated egg. Continuing his observations, especially during the present summer, he has been able to trace the life-history of those species producing galls on our own elms, and to show that they all agree in this respect, and that the impregnated egg produced by the female is consigned to the sheltered portions of the trunk of the tree, and there hibernates — the issue from it being the stem-mother...
Pagina 183 - ' among the native species. Whatever may be said to the contrary notwithstanding, these sparrows do molest, harass, drive off, and otherwise maltreat and forcibly eject and attempt to destroy various kinds of native birds, which are thereby deprived of certain inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness after their own fashion.
Pagina 7 - ... apical sub-joint being normal, and in some cases sufficiently constricted to resemble an additional joint; joints 3, 4, and 5 rather distinctly annulated the constrictions being generally quite deep, and producing a moniliform aspect, there being on an average 22 such on joint 3. Tarsi with the basal joint distinctly separated into a lobe, the claws strong, and in length twice the diameter of the tarsus. Wings hyaline: front pair with the veins becoming obsolete at tips; stigma subhyaline, either...
Pagina 243 - An Essay on the Natural History of Guiana in South America. Containing a description of many curious productions in the animal and vegetable systems of that country, together with an account of the religion, manners, and customs of several tribes of its Indian inhabitants...

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