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"Besides, we must remember that political economy is the only branch of political knowledge which is not empirical—the only one raised to a science. This alone is sufficient reason for carefully studying it."-Henry Thomas Buckle

This Catalogue of publications relating to political economy, and political and social science, is a priced list of a large stock of American and British works, which we have collected to meet the special wants of a very numerous, and rapidly growing class of people, in this country, who are interested in the investigation of various economic questions.

It embraces all the standard works, in this department, that are now in print, in the English language; also, many valuable works that are out of print and scarce.

The classification, according to subjects, will aid in readily finding works on special topics.

This stock is constantly changing; new books are added to it as issued, and scarce books are collected for it, from time to time. Of many of the out of print books we have only single copies.

We give special attention to lists of books wanted by public libraries and private collectors, which we fill with care and at reasonable prices. Letters of inquiry meet with prompt attention.

CINCINNATI, March, 1888.


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Constitution and Government of England (779-827),

Communism, Socialism, Trades Unions, Guilds (1132–1169),

Co-operation (1116-1131),

Constitution and Government of United States (689-778),

Crime, Punishment, Reformatories, (1367-1417),

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Labor and Capital, Wages, Arbitration (1023-1115),

Land Question (1341-1357),



Political Economy-General and Systematic Works (1-117),


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POLITICAL ECONOMY (General and Systematic Works).

1 ALDEN (J.) First Principles of Political Economy. 16mo. Syracuse, N. Y., 1879.


2 BAGHOT (Walter). Economic Studies. Edited by Richard H. Hutton. 8vo. pp. 215. London, 1880. 3 50 3 BAGHOT (Walter). The Postulates of English Political Economy. Student's edition, with a Preface by Alfred Marshall. 12mo. pp. 121. New York, 1885.

1 00 4 BASCOM (John). Political Economy. 12mo. Boston, 1874. 1 50 5 BASTIAT (Frederick). Essays on Political Economy. Edited, with an Introduction, by David A. Wells. 12mo. pp. 291. New York, 1877. 1 25 6 BLANQUI (J. A.) History of Political Economy in Europe. Translated from the Fourth French edition, by Emily J. Leonard, with Preface, by David A. Wells. 8vo. pp. 592. New York, 1880. 3 00 7 BOLLES (Albert S.) Chapters in Political Economy. 12mo. pp. 206. New York, 1874. 1 50 8 BOWEN (Francis). American Political Economy. Including Remarks on the Management of the Currency and the Finances since 1861, with a chapter showing the Fluctuation in the Price of Gold. 8vo. pp. 504. New York, 1870.


9 BOWKER (R. R.) Economics for the People. Being Plain Talks on Economics, especially for use in Business, in Schools, and in Women's Reading Classes. 16mo. pp. 285. New York, 1886.


A Summary of Economics.

10 BOWKER (R. R.) Work and Wealth. 12mo. pp. 48. Paper. New York, 1886. 11 BRODRICK (G. C.) Studies in Political Economy. 8vo. London 1879.


5 50


12 CAIRNES (J. E.) Some Leading Principles of Political Economy, newly expounded. 12mo. pp. 429. New York, 1874. 13 CAIRNES (J E.) The Character and Logical Method of Political Economy. New edition. 12mo. pp. 235. New York, 1875. 1 50 14 CAIRNES (J. E.) Essays in Political Economy. Theoretical and Practical. 8vo. London, 1873. 3 00 15 CHAMPLIN (J. T.) Lessons on Political Economy; designed as a Basis for Instruction in that Science. 12mo. pp. 219. New York, 1868. 1 25

16 CHAPIN (A. L.) First Principles of Political Economy, concisely presented. 16mo. pp. 213. New York, 1880.


17 CLARK (J. B.) The Philosophy of Wealth; Economic Principles Newly Formulated. 12mo. pp. 247. Boston, 1886.

1 10

18 CLARKE (C. B.) Speculations from Political Economy. 16mo. pp. 115. London, 1886.

1 00 19 COSSA (L.) Guide to the Study of Political Economy; translated from the second Italian edition, with a Preface by W. Stanley Jevons. 12mo. pp. 253. London, 1880.

1 25 20 CRUMP (A.) A New Departure in the Domain of Political Economy Part I. 8vo. London, 1879. 4.80

21 CUMMING (A. N.) The Value of Political Economy to Mankind, The Oxford Cobden Prize Essay for 1880. 12mo. Pa. Lon., 1881. 50 22 CUNNINGHAM (W.) Politics and Economics. An Essay on the nature of the Principles of Political Economy, together with a Survey of Recent Legislation. 12mo. pp. 291. London, 1885. 23 DANSON (J. T.) The Wealth of Households. 12mo. pp. 380. Oxford, 1886.

24 DAWSON (J. T.) of Daily Life.

25 DEVAS (C. S.)

26 DICK (A. H.) London, 1885.


1 25

Thirteen Short Lectures on the Political Economy 12mo. London, 1876.


Groundwork of Economics. 8vo. London, 1883. 6 40
Outlines of Political Economy. 12mo.

pp. 160. 40

27 DILLON (W.) The Dismal Science; or, Criticism on Modern Political Economy. 12mo. pp. 250. London, 1882. 2.00 28 ELDER (William). Conversations on the Principal Subjects of Political Economy. 8vo. pp. 316. Philadelphia, 1882. 250

29 ELY (R. T.) The Past and Present of Political Economy. 8vo. pp. 64. Paper. Baltimore, 1884.


30 ENDERLY (Charles). A Treatise on Capital, Money, and Riches. Showing the Erroneous Views of Political Economists in Confounding One with the Other. 12mo. pp. 289. London, 1872. 1 50 31 FAWCETT (Henry). A Manual of Political Economy. Sixth edition, revised and enlarged. Svo. pp. 536. London, 1883. 265 32 FAWCETT (M. G.) Political Economy for Beginners. Sixth edition. Revised and enlarged. 16mo. pp. 245. London, 1884.

75 33 FAWCETT (M. G.) Tales in Political Economy. 12mo. pp. 104. London, 1883.


34 GREGORY (John M.) A New Political Economy. 12mo. Cincinnati, 1883.

pp. 394. 1 50

35 JAMISON (Robert).

Political Economy for Business People. 12mo.

London, 1882.


37 JEVONS (W. S.) Political Economy. Pp. 134.

36 JEVONS (W. S.) The Theory of Political Economy. Second edition, revised and enlarged, with new Preface and Appendices. pp. 362. London, 1879.


3 00 (Science Primer.) 18mo.

New York, 1886.


38 JONES (Richard). An Essay on the Distribution of Wealth, and on the Sources of Taxation. Part I. Rent. 8vo. pp. 427. Boards. London, 1831.

2 00 39 JONES (Richard). An Introductory Lecture on Political Economy. To which is added a Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on the Wages of Labor. 8vo. Paper. pp. 64. London, 1833.


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