I take this opportunity of adding, that when a work contains Plates illustrative of Zoology, Botany, or Geology, the abbreviations employed are the initials of the words expressing the branch of science illustrated by the Plate: e. g. if there be ten Zoological Plates, seven Botanical, and three Geological, the abbreviations will be as follow: 10 Z. 7 B. 3 G: and it is to be understood that Geology includes Mineralogy.

It would be disingenuous, and unjust to my predecessor, were I not to acknowledge in the most explicit manner both the copiousness and the value of the materials which he had prepared for the construction of a Catalogue of that Library, to the formation of which he so mainly contributed. In the memoranda which he has left, I have met with almost daily proofs of his industry, his discrimination, and his accuracy: and, had he lived to complete the projected Catalogue, he would have had little further trouble than to make a copy of the notes which he had accumulated. But, however safely I might have relied on those data, I should not have discharged my duty either towards the Trustees of the Library or myself, had I in any instance made use of them without the fullest personal examination of the books to which they refer. In making that examination indeed they have been of the greatest value: and whenever I have failed of obtaining satisfaction from an inspection of the book itself, as for instance in endeavouring to ascertain the author of an anonymous publication, I have securely relied on the testimony of Dr. Williams.

If on some occasions, as in describing the Museum of Petiver, or the remarkable work of the French Institute on Egypt, I have proceeded in a less technical way than others might have done, the description will not be the less intelligible to scientific persons; while the general inquirer will, I trust, be benefited

by the mode I have adopted: for to such, a popularly analytical description of a work is better calculated to convey at the same time a just notion of its contents, and of the existing state of that branch of science to which its subject belongs, than the usual technical mode of description.


Oxford, May 27, 1835.

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