Historical Catalogue of the Printed Editions of Holy Scripture in the Library of the British and Foreign Bible Society: English

Bible House, 1903
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Pagina 379 - SCRIPTURES, &c. The Cambridge Paragraph Bible of the Authorized English Version, with the Text revised by a Collation of its Early and other Principal Editions...
Pagina 139 - THE HOLY BIBLE, conteyning the Old ' Testament and the New : Newly Translated out of the ' Originall Tongues : and with the former Translations ' diligently compared and reuised, by his Maiesties ' speciall Commandement . Appointed to be read in
Pagina 148 - The Holy Bible : containing the Old Testament And The New : Newly translated out of the Original Tongues : and with the former translations diligently compared and revised: By his Majesties speciall commandment, ^f Appointed to be read in churches.
Pagina 133 - The Holy Bible, conteyning the Old Testament, and the New : Newly Translated out of the Originall tongues : & with the former Translations diligently compared and reuised by his Maiesties speciall Comandement. Appointed to be read in Churches.
Pagina 355 - The Sacred writings of the apostles and evangelists of Jesus Christ, commonly styled the New Testament; translated from the original Greek, by George Campbell, James Macknight, and Philip Doddridge, Doctors of the church of Scotland.
Pagina 336 - A New Literal Translation from the Original Greek of all the Apostolical Epistles with a Commentary and Notes, Philological, Critical, Explanatory and Practical.
Pagina 137 - Appointed to be read in Churches. | Imprinted at London by Robert \ Barker Printer to the Kings \ most Excellent Maiestie. | Anno Dom. 1612. | 4to. %* The title-page is engraved. The first quarto edition of the
Pagina 307 - A curious | Hieroglyphick Bible ; | or, | Select Passages | in the | Old and New Testaments, | Represented with | Emblematical Figures, | for the | Amusement of Youth : | Designed chiefly | To familiarize tender Age, in a pleasing and diverting | Manner, with early Ideas of the Holy Scripture.
Pagina 316 - In thirty books (based on the work of the learned Talbot), together with an Introduction setting forth the character of the work, and the immense facility this method affords for understanding the Word of God : also three different Tables of Contents prefixed, and a general Index subjoined, so...
Pagina 273 - THE HOLIE BIBLE, faithfully translated into English, out of the authentical Latin, diligently conferred with the Hebrew, Greeke, and other editions, in divers Languages.

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