The History of the French Revolution, Volume 3

R. Bentley, 1838
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Pagina 233 - Atheism is aristocratic. The idea of a great Being who watches over oppressed innocence and punishes triumphant crime is essentially the idea of the people.
Pagina 420 - Were you not servant to the ex-constituent Menou ? " — "Yes." — "Another." To Vely, "Were you not architect to Madame?" — "Yes; but I was dismissed in 1788." — "Another." To Gondrecourt, "Had you not your father-in-law at the Luxembourg?
Pagina 427 - Nous allons en Paradis." Innumerable instances of heroism occurred, especially among the female sufferers. Madame de Jourdain was led out to be drowned, with her three daughters : a soldier wished to save the youngest, who was very beautiful; she threw herself into the water to share the fate of her mother, but, falling on a heap of dead, could not sink. " Push me in," she exclaimed—" the water is not deep enough!
Pagina 106 - To the bleating of the disturbed flocks, and bellowing of the terrified cattle, was joined the deep hoarse notes of carrion crows, and the yells of wild animals coming from the recesses of the woods to prey on the carcasses of the slain. At length a distant column of fire, widening and increasing as I approached, served me as a beacon. It was the town of Mortagne in flames. When I arrived there, no living creatures were to be seen, save a few wretched women who were striving to save some remnants...
Pagina 196 - Oct., at half past four in the morning. " I write you, my sister, for the last time. I have been condemned, not to an ignominious death, that only awaits criminals, but to go and rejoin your brother. Innocent as he, I hope to show the same firmness as he did in these last moments. I grieve bitterly at leaving my poor children ; you know that I existed but for them and you — you who have by your friendship sacrificed all to be with...
Pagina 94 - The young men shall go to battle; the married men shall forge arms and transport provisions; the women shall make tents and...
Pagina 355 - ... affection — to filial piety — to infancy — to youth — to manhood — to old age — to misfortune — to agriculture — to industry — to our ancestors — to posterity — to happiness.
Pagina 352 - The idea of a Supreme Being and of the immortality of the soul is a continual call to justice ; it is therefore a social and republican principle.
Pagina 470 - National Guards appearing in all the avenues which led to the square. The moment was terrible. Ten pieces of the artillery of the Convention were placed in battery, while the cannoneers of the municipality, with their lighted matches in their hands, stood beside their guns on the opposite side. But the authority of the law prevailed : the decree of the legislature was read by torchlight, and the insurgent troops refused to resist it.
Pagina 382 - In an instant twelve hundred coffee and two hundred sugar plantations were in flames ; the buildings, the machinery, the farm-houses, were reduced to ashes ; and the unfortunate proprietors were hunted down, murdered, or thrown into the flames, by the infuriated negroes. The horrors of a servile war universally appeared. The unchained African signalized his ingenuity by the discovery of new and unheard-of modes of torture.

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